VTJP Palestine-Israel Newslinks 15 October 2013: Teenagers face 25 years imprisonment for allegedly throwing stones

15 October 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

UNICEF Publishes Report On Detained Palestinian Children
IMEMC – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reported that Israeli violations against detained Palestinian children are still ongoing, despite an alleged Israeli decision to improve their conditions, and the methods of interrogation. …

Israel Escalates Gaza Blockade, Following Discovery of Underground Tunnels
IMEMC – Israeli officials froze the delivery of construction materials into the Gaza Strip following the army’s discovery of a 1.7 km long tunnel connecting Gaza to Israel. …

Army Invades Village Near Hebron
IMEMC – Monday evening (October 14 2013], Palestinian sources have reported that several Israeli military jeeps invaded Beit Awwa town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, leading to clashes with local youths. …

Ma’an News

Israel army reforms child arrest methods
10/15/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel’s army has agreed to test alternative treatment for Palestinian children it arrests in the West Bank following international pressure to introduce reforms, the UN Children’s Fund said on Monday. UNICEF, which in a March 2013 report described mistreatment of children in Israeli prisons as “widespread,” said in a statement that Israel was taking steps towards addressing that report….

Russia denies issuing conclusions over Arafat’s death
10/15/2013 – MOSCOW (AFP) — The Russian agency involved in studying the remains of Yasser Arafat on Tuesday denied issuing any conclusions about the death of the late Palestinian leader, after a report cited its chief as saying he could not have died from polonium poisoning. Russia’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency was one of several international agencies involved in exhuming Arafat’s remains in November 2012….

Israel warns against nuclear compromise with Iran
10/15/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel on Tuesday urged the world to avoid a partial deal with Iran which could see a relaxing of sanctions, just hours before a new round of nuclear talks. Following a meeting late on Monday, the security cabinet warned the international community against any “partial agreement that would fail to bring about the full dismantling of the Iranian military nuclear program. . . (which) could….

Hamas, Fatah leaders in Eid phone call
10/15/2013 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — Leaders of rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas spoke via telephone on the eve of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, stressing the need for reconciliation, a Hamas official said Tuesday. Gaza prime minister Ismail Haniyeh spoke to President Mahmoud Abbas of the “need for a return to national unity and an end to division” during the late night conversation, a Hamas official….

In photos: Bethlehem prepares for Eid al-Adha
10/15/2013 – Eid al-Adha – the Feast of the Sacrifice – is one of the most important holidays in the Muslim calendar. Muslims sacrifice a domestic animal, such as a sheep or goat, as a symbol of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail. The meat is then divided into three parts for the family, friends and neighbors, and the poor. MaanImages / Alexa Stevens. [END]

Police: Hebron man hangs himself
10/15/2013 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — A 22-year-old from Beit Kahel village northwest of Hebron hanged himself on Monday evening, medics said. Iyad Ali Issa’s body was taken to al-Ahli hospital where public prosecution and police came and opened an investigation. Locals in the village said that Iyad hanged himself on Monday evening, two days after his fiance broke off an engagement. [END]

Bomb kills 27 in Syria as US steps up call for peace talks
10/15/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — At least 27 people died in a car bombing in rebel-held northwestern Syria as the United States stepped up its calls for a peace conference between the rebels and the Assad regime. Also Monday, suspected jihadists freed four out of seven aid workers kidnapped in the increasingly volatile region. The ICRC has not commented on the nationality of those abducted, though it has….

Egypt’s Muslims mark Eid but stay away from key squares
10/15/2013 – CAIRO (AFP) — Muslims across Egypt offered prayers at local mosques early Tuesday to mark Eid al-Adha, as security forces shut down key public squares that have seen mass protests, including Cairo’s Tahrir Square. In the east of the capital, interim president Adly Mansour and army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi led worshipers at an air force mosque, state television said. Elsewhere in Cairo….

Egypt detains Muslim Brotherhood members in Sinai
10/15/2013 – EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Egyptian security forces on Monday detained four leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Beir al-Abed in the northern Sinai, among them one Palestinian. The four are accused of robbing a police station during protests in August, a Ma’an reporter said. Egyptian security sources identified the detainees as municipal worker Suliman M. A. , 24, farmer Mahmoud A. A. , 29….

Libyan al-Qaeda suspect pleads not guilty
10/15/2013 – NEW YORK (AFP) — A Libyan al-Qaeda suspect arraigned in a New York court on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to charges related to the 1998 bombings of US embassies in East Africa. Anas al-Libi, whose given name is Nazih Abdul Hamed al-Raghie, appeared in court wearing a black sweater and grey jogging pants. He was captured in Libya on Oct. 5 by US commandos and brought….

‘No chemical sites under opposition control’
10/15/2013 – BEIRUT (AFP) — None of Syria’s chemical weapons sites are under rebel control, the key opposition National Coalition said on Tuesday. The assertion came after the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said one abandoned site was in a rebel-held area and that inspectors from a UN-OPCW team were hoping to visit it. In a statement, the Syrian National Coalition….

Syria’s Assad prays at Damascus mosque for Eid al-Adha
10/15/2013 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Syria’s President Bashar Assad attended prayers for the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday in a Damascus neighborhood on Tuesday, with mortar rounds landing in the area hours after his visit. State television broadcast images of the president entering the Hassiba mosque in the northwestern Dumar neighbourhood and waving to supporters before taking part in prayers. The prayers were led by Imam Mohamed….

Palestine News Network

Plans for Memorial to Palestinian Refugees Displayed in Scotland
Palestine News Network

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: Disruptions at Rafah Crossing highlight Israel’s duty to enable Gazans’ travel abroad
Relief Web 15 Oct 2013 – Source: Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories Country: occupied Palestinian territory In September 2005, Israel completed its Disengagement Plan from the Gaza Strip. Notwithstanding, Israel has retained control over all entry and exit points to and…

World: Global Emergency Overview Snapshot 08 – 15 October
Relief Web 15 Oct 2013 – Source: Assessment Capacities Project Country: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Colombia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lao…

Lebanon: UNRWA Commissioner-General visits Lebanon
Relief Web 15 Oct 2013 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic Beirut UNRWA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi visited Lebanon on 10-11 October. Mr. Grandi discussed the Syria regional humanitarian crisis in…

The National

Asma Al Assad pledges to stand by husband and stay in Syria with their children
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Syria’s first lady laughs off claims she has fled the war-hit country, saying she is standing by her embattled husband Bashar.

Debt deal on a knife edge as US politicians feud
The National 15 Oct 2013 – US seems to be edging towards financial default after feuding Republicans and Democrats fail to agree on budget deal. 

Iran says it can ‘close unnecessary crisis’ and end nuclear impasse
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Iran negotiators put forward what they call ‘a constructive proposal’ aimed at ending the impasse over the country’s nuclear programme. Michael Theodoulou reports

Somalis’ financial lifeline may be cut
The National 15 Oct 2013 – British bank Barclays is poised to sever its ties to Dahabshill, one of the Somali expatriate community’s biggest money transfer services. 

Flash freezing takes care of surplus meat from Haj sacrifice
The National 15 Oct 2013 – More than a million animals are expected to be sacrificed during the Haj, providing more lamb, beef and camel meat than the 1.5 million pilgrims who have journeyed to Mecca can possibly eat.

Syria first lady pledges to stand by husband 
The National 15 Oct 2013 – DAMASCUS, Oct 15, 2013 (AFP) – Syria’s first lady Asma al-Assad laughed off claims she has fled the war-hit country in footage broadcast on Tuesday, saying she was standing by her embattled husband President Bashar al-Assad…. 

Syria’s Assad prays at Damascus mosque for Eid Al Adha
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Syria’s president Bashar Al Assad attends prayers for Eid Al Adha in Damascus neighbourhood, with mortar rounds landing in the area just hours after his visit.

India’s poor face grim rebuilding task after cyclone
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Some 500,000 homes partially or completely destroyed in the hardest-hit district of Ganjam after Cyclone Phailin hits India’s Odisha.

Kurdish leader wants ‘meaningful negotiations’ with Turkey
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Abdullah Ocalan’s Kurdistan Workers’ Party seeks greater rights for Turkey’s Kurdish minority and criticises the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for failing to take steps towards granting Kurds greater freedoms.

Russia denies issuing conclusions over Arafat’s death
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Russian agency involved in studying the remains of Yasser Arafat has denied issuing any conclusions about the death of the Palestinian leader.

Suspensions for police, officials over India stampede that killed 115
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Indian police and government officials suspended over stampede near temple that killed at least 115 people as recriminations fly over the country’s latest religious festival disaster.

Philippines earthquake death toll rises to 93 as tourist islands rocked
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Dozens die as a major 7.1 magnitude earthquake tears down buildings across three islands that are among the Philippines’ most popular tourist attractions.

The deadliest natural disasters in the Philippines
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Deadly earthquake in the central Philippines highlights the Southeast Asian archipelago’s vulnerability to natural disasters.

Microphone bomb kills Afghan governor at Eid prayers
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Bomb hidden in a microphone kills Afghan provincial governor as he makes a speech after Eid prayers.

Bomb kills American guest in one of Myanmar’s best hotels
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Explosion that killed American guest in one of the ritziest hotels in Myanmar’s main city was caused by a homemade time bomb placed in her room.

London seeks to solidify its role as Europe’s Islamic finance hub
The National 15 Oct 2013 – The British capital hosts the World Islamic Forum, the first time the Islamic world’s Davos is held outside the Muslim world. Omar Karmi reports

Belgium traps Somali pirate chief with lure of stardom
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Notorious pirate asked to collaborate on a film project on maritime piracy nabbed when he headed to Belgium to sign contract.

In pictures: Eid Al Adha around the world
The National 15 Oct 2013 – Photographers capture Muslims around the world as they celebrate Eid Al Adha.

In pictures: Philippines earthquake rips through tourist islands
The National 15 Oct 2013 – A major 7.1 magnitude earthquake tore down buildings across three islands that are among the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations.


Israel wants West to let Iran sweat, but Netanyahu will compromise if needed
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Israeli court rules teen can’t be forced to go to yeshiva
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Stung by brash new competitor, Israeli cafe chains mull lower prices
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Fitch warns it may downgrade U.S. credit rating over debt ceiling
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

After his death, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef still starring in Shas’ campaign
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Berlin museum wants Holocaust survivor’s family to return ancient gold tablet
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

When the New York Times went to bat for the one-state solution
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Iran, world powers hint at progress in nuclear talks
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Egypt tightens security during Eid celebrations
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Protest erupts at funeral of Nazi war criminal
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Pentagon to manufacture Israeli-developed pilot helmet
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

To ward off hunger, Syrian clerics condone eating cats, dogs
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Jerusalem’s ex-top cop on sex harassment charges: Everybody does it
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Netanyahu: Israel has learned never to rule out preemptive strikes
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Israel’s turn to ask: Do all Jews need to live in Israel?
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

In Vancouver ad war, Israel fights Palestine for legitimacy
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

MKs pushing to have migrants detained, this time for 1.5 years
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Large swaths of Israel’s airspace closed due to military drill
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Israel: Only sanctions can ensure a genuine diplomatic solution with Iran
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Prosthetic-arm controller wins $1m Israeli ‘brain prize’
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Israel’s municipal elections spotlight environmental issues
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Half-measures with Iran will mean more isolation for Israel
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Israeli students develop first computerized system to diagnose Parkinson’s
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Mayors facing trial can run, but they can’t hide from High Court
Ha’aretz – 15 Oct 2013

Stolen to order: Israel’s car thieves are getting choosier
Ha’aretz – 14 Oct 2013

Animals may finally get the ministerial protection they deserve
Ha’aretz – 14 Oct 2013

Large-scale fraud halts land deals in West Bank settlement of Beit El
Ha’aretz – 14 Oct 2013

Iranian FM’s new charm offensive – on skeptical domestic audience
Ha’aretz – 14 Oct 2013

Israel seeks to delay illegal outpost eviction, says it may hurt diplomacy
Ha’aretz – 14 Oct 2013

No drain – Israel simply has too many brains
Ha’aretz – 14 Oct 2013

Jerusalem Post

Oslo Accords not root of terrorism, says Rabin son at memorial commemoration
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – 18th annual Ner Yitzhak (“Yitzhak’s Candle”) memorial ceremony held at Beit Hanassi. 

Court orders release of settler Boaz Albert’s, slams state for delayed indictment, discrimination
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Albert recently indicted for attacking a bus of female Palestinian students. 

Iran optimistic, West cautious following first session of Geneva nuclear talks
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – EU spokesperson say more time is needed to determine whether or not Iran’s nuclear program plans can be handled diplomatically; White House warns against expectations for an “overnight breakthrough.” 

Car bomb found in Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah had 50 kg. of explosives
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Explosive found in the Mamora neighborhood of southern Beirut two months after a car bomb killed 20 people in the area. 

Report: Gov’t fails to create viable blueprint to relocate offices to capital
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Despite official decree to transfer most units to Jerusalem by 2015, government has done little to facilitate move, State Comptroller Report states. 

State Comptroller report: Over 2,000 public housing apartments rented to non-eligible residents
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Eligibility measured according to person’s socio-economic situation, physical condition and salary potential. 

Israel approved just 4 refugee requests out of 2,593 in 2013
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Figure presented in Knesset Committee for foreign workers. 

Hamas tells Palestinians fleeing Syria to come to Gaza
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – PA says 32 refugees died after Libya coastguard fires on boat. 

Comptroller: Improper assessments led to cost overruns and delays in Tel Aviv light rail line
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Red line is estimated to run over budget by 3.7 b NIS. 

State Comptroller slams Israel’s big business for hoarding profits
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Calls on state to ensure natural gas benefits entire population. 

Report: Fatwa allows starving Syrians to eat cats and dogs
Jerusalem Post 15 Oct 2013 – Syrian clerics issue fatwa, or religious ruling, in appeal to the world for humanitarian aid. 

Inter Press Service

BOOKS: Containing Iran Is the “Least Bad Policy” for U.S.
IPS By Heather Hurlburt WASHINGTON, Oct 14 2013 (IPS) The day that the much-heralded new round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 world powers opens might seem like the wrong day to pick up Unthinkable , Kenneth Pollack’s new exploration of what to do if talks fail . After all,…


Guantanamo inmate: We will remain on hunger strike 
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – I write this after my return from the morning s force-feeding session here at Guantanamo Bay. I write in between bouts of violent vomiting and the sharp pains in my stomach and intestines caused by the…

Haitian Cholera Victims Sue for Redress
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – Long-suffering Haitians know adversity and anguish as well as anyone. Except briefly after their 1804 revolution and under Jean-Bertrand Aristide, they ve been denied legitimate governance, freedom, equity and justice. For over 500 years, they ve…

Push to investigate the assassination of Alex Odeh renewed
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – 28 years after the assassination of Alex Odeh on October 11, 1985 at the offices of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in Santa Ana, California, civil rights groups, along with members of Congress, are pressing the…

Dissidence, and Dissidents, that Even Hollywood Can Love
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – The most revolutionary and significant aspect of the promise that WikiLeaks offered the world was its radical method of disseminating information. Beginning in very early childhood, all of us are taught to rely on authority figures…

Olive farmers hard-pressed by Israel s wall
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – …The Israeli army often destroys olive trees near Israeli settlements and the separation wall, and groves are also subject to attacks by settlers. In the 60 percent of the West Bank under direct Israeli military and…

Video: 2500+ Killed by Drones in Pakistan, Names of Victims Now Available
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – Medea Benjamin: U.S. government claims drone victims are mostly militants, but about half identified victims thus far are civilians and children …

Edward Snowden s Brave Integrity
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – I ve had a couple of days to reflect after arriving back from Moscow where my whistleblower colleagues Coleen Rowley, Jesselyn Radack, Tom Drake and I formally presented former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden with…

Another U.S. Whistleblower Behind Bars? Investor Jailed After Exposing Corrupt Azerbaijani Oil Deal
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we look at the case of multimillionaire American businessman and philanthropist Rick Bourke, who blew the whistle on a fraudulent scheme by international criminals to gain control of the oil riches…

Siege puts holiday tradition beyond reach of many Gaza families
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 -Imad Affana looked out on his livestock yard. At this time of year, when Muslims all over the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha, the holiday marking the end of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, it ought…

U.S., Iranian diplomats hold face-to-face meeting as talks begin
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – Iranian and U.S. diplomats held a rare one-on-one meeting Tuesday as six-power talks got underway at a United Nations palace.In another sign of easing tensions between Washington and Tehran, a team led by U.S. Undersecretary of…

NSA Recognized It Was Collecting Too Much Data When Harvesting Millions of Contact Lists
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – Ocotber 15, 2013 – Millions of users from around the world have had their contact lists from their personal email and instant messaging accounts harvested by the National Security Agency, according to a report from The Washington Post s Barton…

Palestinian Olive Season Puts Focus on Israeli Settlements
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – … Palestinians consider the historic act of olive picking part of their nonviolent popular struggle. Many schools in areas with a large number of olive trees close, so that entire families can join in on this national…

Palestinian teenagers face 25 years imprisonment for allegedly throwing stones
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – Nema Shamlawi and her family were sleeping when over 15 armed and masked Israeli soldiers raided their home in the West Bank village of Hares, during the early hours of the morning. After searching the house…

I am Israeli Israel will not recognize an Israeli nationality while it seeks to maintain Jewishness at all costs 
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 -Israel is almost certainly the only country that deceives the global community every time one of its citizens crosses an international border. It does so because the passports it issues contain a fiction. When a border official…

Lawyers Seek Release from Guantánamo of Tariq Al-Sawah, an Egyptian Prisoner Who is Very Ill
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – Two weeks ago, when lawyers in the US Justice Department decided – for the first time – not to contest the habeas corpus petition of a prisoner in Guantánamo, it was a cause for celebration. The…

Sickening US hypocrisy
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013- Thursday s seizure by one militia group and subsequent release by another of Libya s stooge Prime Minister Ali Zidan shed light on the situation in the country. The fact that the Libyan leader had taken up…

Bomb targeting Eid worshippers kills 12 in Iraq
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – A bomb ripped through a crowd of worshippers as they left a Sunni mosque in Iraq Tuesday, killing 12 people, as they marked the start of the Eid al-Adha holiday. Three children, a policeman and an…

Dear President Obama, What have you fixed by meeting Malala?
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – ….A year ago on October 24th, two children-13-year-old Zubair and 9-year-old Nabila-were injured by a CIA drone strike. On October 26th of this year, these brave survivors are coming to DC to testify before Congress. Won…

Did US kidapping al-Libi help al Qaeda in Libya?
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013- …The raid was carried out on Libyan soil without the consent of the Libyan government. That makes it completely illegal by both international and Libyan law and a kidnapping. This is to be up held as an…

Palestinian youths face Israeli abuse: UNICEF report
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013 – The UN Children s Fund has said Israel s army and police force continue to mistreat Palestinian youths during arrests and detentions, despite agreeing to test alternative treatment following international pressure. Teh fund s progress report,…

Victims of U.S. chemical warfare in Iraq
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 15, 2013- A RECENTLY released report on birth defects as a result of the use of depleted uranium (DU) during the U.S. war on Iraq released by the UN s World Health Organization (WHO) attempts to rewrite history on…

UFree Network calls on international community to protect Palestinian refugees fleeing from Syria
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013-UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners and detainees expressed its deep concern over the tragic incident to dozens of Palestinian and Syrian refugees who were fleeing from the continued shelling against the refugee camps in…

Former Israeli Navy officer detained at Heathrow
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013 -Former Israeli naval commander, Major General Eli Marom, was detained this morning on his arrival at London s Heathrow airport. General Marom was the commander of the Israeli navy during Operation Cast Lead and during the Israeli…

Armed settlers attack mosque, burn cars in West Bank village
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013 – Israeli settlers raided Burqa, a village near the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, on 10 October. In addition to vandalizing the village mosque, three cars were also set ablaze in front of their owners homes….

Edward Snowden and Guardian witch-hunted by UK government, MI5 and media
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013 -The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition and Britain s intelligence chiefs have launched a counter-offensive against whistleblower Edward Snowden in an effort to legitimise and continue their spying on the UK population and much of the world.Last week, Britain…

Rendition of Libyan Terror Suspect: What If Abu Anas al-Liby Had Nothing to Do With the Embassy Bombings?
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013 – A Libyan terror suspect kidnapped from Libya in a raid by US special forces on October 5 was transferred from the naval ship, where he was being detained and interrogated, into “law enforcement custody” over the…

Syrian clerics plead for help after fatwa on eating dogs and cats
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013 -After issuing religious edicts permitting people to eat dogs and cats, Syrian clerics from southern Damascus have reiterated their plea for humanitarian help in a video aired on Al Arabiya News Channel on Monday.”How does the world…

When Whistleblowing Is Obedience and Tribute to the State
Uruknet 15 Oct 2013 – October 14, 2013- …Four months ago, when the NSA-surveillance stories had just begun to be published, I wrote a piece setting forth my strenuous objections to the methodology employed by Greenwald (and by the other journalists involved): “Fed Up with…

Daily Star

Lebanon held by Kuwait in Asia Cup qualifier
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 Lebanon recover from a torrid first half showing to earn a 1-1 draw with Kuwait in their Group B Asia Cup qualifier at Cite Sportive.

Brazil crime gang threatens ‘World Cup terror’
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 Brazil’s powerful PCC crime syndicate has threatened to launch terror-style attacks during the World Cup and presidential polls next year, the daily O Estado de Sao Paulo reports.

Pakistan police recover body of missing Singapore model
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 A model and beauty queen from Singapore who went missing in Pakistan has been found dead in a ditch on the edge of Islamabad, police say.

Beirut suburb car was rigged with 50 kg of explosives: Army
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 The Lebanese Army says a Jeep Grand Cherokee found in the Beirut southern suburb neighborhood of Maamoura a day earlier had been rigged with 50 kilograms of explosives.

U.S. open to further bilateral meeting with Iran in Geneva
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 The United States will welcome a further bilateral meeting with Iran on the sidelines of nuclear negotiations between Tehran and six major powers that began in Geneva, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman says.

Turkish pilots kidnapped in Lebanon appear in video
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 Two Turkish pilots held hostage in Lebanon appeared in good health on a video tape aired by a local television channel.

Israel army: Second tunnel from Gaza found, destroyed
Daily Star 15 Oct 2013 Israel’s military says it has found and destroyed a second tunnel dug from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israel.

YNet News

Iran’s foreign minister in pain at nuclear talks
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – ….

Obama says he believes fiscal impasse will be resolved 
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – ….

Fitch to review US ‘AAA’ credit rating for downgrade
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – ….

House to vote Tuesday night 
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – ….

Mexico searches for plane missing with 14 aboard
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – ….

Generation of illusions
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – Op-ed: We must realize promises we grew up on don’t fulfill themselves; it’s our responsibility to fulfill them ….

Modesty signs reach central Jerusalem
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – Poster hung outside women’s beauty parlor exposes religious coercion, threats against city’s store owners ….

Futile negotiations
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – Op-ed: Instead of suggesting bold alternative, Netanyahu loading ‘two states’ cart with irrational demands ….

Ukrainian cops accused of anti-Semitism
YNet News, 15 Oct 2013 – Young Jewish man says two officers assaulted him in Lviv police station, tried to extort money from him. ‘When they discovered I was Jewish they made me sit on the floor and urinated on me,’ he alleges ….

Palestinian Information Center

UNICEF: Israel violates Palestinian children’s rights in its jails
PIC – UNICEF states that the Israeli authorities continue to violate the rights of Palestinian children detained in the Israeli detention centers, and to breach international conventions in this regard.

UNRWA: Syria crisis devastates lives of tens of thousands of Palestinian refugee
PIC – The UN Works and Relief Agency deplores the violence in Dera’a refugee camp in southern Syria, and said the Syrian ongoing conflict has devastating impact on the refugees’ lives. 

Bahar: Resistance weapon will only be used against the occupation
PIC – Dr. Ahmed Bahar, First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, stressed that the Palestinian resistance weapons will only be used against the occupation, to liberate Palestine.

Occupations serves families in the JV with eviction notices on the eve of Eid
PIC – IOF soldiers stormed on Monday afternoon Wadi Maleh in the Northern Jordan Valley, and notified 9 Bedouin families to evacuate their homes on Tuesday, first day of Eid al-Adha.

Settlers attack Palestinians in Homesh, near Jenin
PIC – Jewish settlers attacked on Monday three Palestinian citizens from Y’abad town south of Jenin while they were near the evacuated settlement of Homesh, south of Jenin and smashed their vehicle.

British police question Israeli navy commander over Marmara massacre
PIC – The Israeli Navy former commander Eli Marom was held for questioning at around noon Monday at London’s Heathrow Airport upon his arrival in Britain, Yediot Ahronot Hebrew newspaper said.

Refugee Department calls for an investigation into Palestinian refugees’ sinking
PIC – The Department of Refugees’ Affairs in the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has held the Syrian regime and the Arab League responsible for the drowning of more than two hundred Palestinians.

Israeli settler stabs Palestinian woman in Jerusalem
PIC – An Israeli settler stabbed a Palestinian woman from Jerusalem on Monday near Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Damascus Gate, Israeli media sources said.

Racist flyers against Arabs near al-Asbat Gate in Jerusalem
PIC – Two Israeli female settlers have distributed on Monday racist flyers against Arabs and Palestinians with logo of the extremist Kahane group near al-Asbat Gate in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett calls Palestinian state ‘delusional’
PIC – Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett, who heads the right-wing Jewish Home party, on Monday called the creation of a Palestinian state a delusional act.


Fear of virus halves turnout of Muslim faithful for hajj pilgrimage
LA Times 15 Oct 2013 – The Islamic world’s annual pilgrimage to Mecca came to an orderly and peaceful conclusion Tuesday, with less than half as many Muslims taking part in the hajj this year due to fears that a Middle East-based respiratory illness could spread among the throngs of faithful….

Was Yasser Arafat poisoned? New turmoil over test results
LA Times 15 Oct 2013 – RAMALLAH, West Bank — Nearly a year after three international forensic institutions took samples of the remains of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, conflicting reports have resurfaced regarding the cause of his death.

Push to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons may extend Assad’s rule
LA Times 15 Oct 2013 – Syrian President Bashar Assad is now an essential partner in a process that will last until at least mid-2014. BEIRUT — For much of Syria’s civil war, President Bashar Assad has been a man in retreat. Rebels control vast stretches of his country. A little…

Israel: Easing pressure on Iran would be ‘historic mistake’
LA Times 15 Oct 2013 – JERUSALEM — With talks between Iran and six world powers set to resume in Geneva on Tuesday, Israeli leaders issued a stern warning to the so-called P5 Plus One diplomatic group: don’t ease pressure on Iran.

Iran Presents New Nuclear Proposal to Big Powers
New York Times 15 Oct 2013 – Speaking in English and using PowerPoint, the Iranian foreign minister outlined a proposal to the big powers aimed at ending the nuclear dispute. 

Israel Warns Against Partial Agreement With Iran
New York Times 15 Oct 2013 – Israel said on Tuesday that it would “embrace a genuine diplomatic solution” to dismantle Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but urged world powers not to ease sanctions prematurely. 

In New Nuclear Talks, Technological Gains by Iran Pose Challenges to the West
New York Times 14 Oct 2013 – An American official said the United States and its partners would wait for Iran to take concrete steps to constrain the pace and scope of its nuclear program before easing any sanctions. 

No Teva layoffs without Histadrut agreement
Globes Main News – Ofer Eini: I had a serious dialogue with Jeremy Levin and we agreed that for the time being that there will be no layoffs without our consent.

Push to investigate the assassination of Alex Odeh renewed
Mondoweiss – 28 years after the assassination of Alex Odeh on October 11, 1985 at the offices of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee ( ADC ) in Santa Ana, California, civil rights groups, along with members of Congress, are pressing the Justice Department to renew the investigate into Odeh’s murder. Alex…

Israel to develop unmanned submarines 
Globes Aerospace & Defense – The Ministry of Defense’s weapons development administration (Mafat) is targeting a global market worth $2 billion annually.

Magma partner: Onavo sold too soon
Globes Main News – Magma managing partner Yahal Zilka said about the sale to Facebook: I’m not complaining but they could have gone much further.

How Bill de Blasio learned to love Israel
Mondoweiss – Democratic candidate for mayor Bill de Blasio shakes hands with then-Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Photo: Bill de Blasio/Flickr) Bill de Blasio surrounds himself with hawkish supporters of Israel. The likely next mayor of New York City appeared with the Jewish Community Relations Council last month…

State Comptroller slams tax breaks 
Globes Macro Economics – The State Comptroller report confirms the findings by “Globes” in its campaign to reduce the huge tax breaks granted to Israel’s largest companies.

Alvarion granted Nasdaq listing extension
Globes Main News – Alvarion added that in order to comply with the terms of this exception, on or before January 13, 2014, the company must emerge from bankruptcy proceedings in Israel.

Evogene and DuPont Pioneer expand soybean collaboration
Globes Main News – The collaboration is for the development of soybean varieties displaying resistance to Asian Soybean Rust (ASR).

Tue: Tel Aviv 25 breaks through 1,300 barrier
Globes Main News – Oil Refineries continued its freefall, while Opko Health rose 16.8%.

Xtra Holding joins race to buy IDB
Globes Main News – Xtra Holding has decided to deposit $100 million in the trustee account.

Start-up investment hits 13-year high
Globes Main News – IVC: 162 companies raised $660 million from local and foreign investors in the third quarter, the highest quarterly amount since 2000.

Dear President Obama, What have you fixed by meeting Malala?
Mondoweiss – Dear President Obama, Thank you for your meeting with an impressive young lady from my country, and for showing concern over the citizens of Pakistan. In the picture from the White House, you are all smiling. This is almost heart-warming, and almost does not look like…

Rutgers roiled by fake eviction notices describing demolition of 25,000 Palestinian houses
Mondoweiss – Mock eviction notice, published in the Targum, courtesy of Syjil Ashraf One of the most creative actions that students who urge justice in Israel and Palestine have developed is putting mock eviction notices under dormitory doors so as to bring home to American students a daily…

Right-wing Israeli activists continue provocations, raise Israeli flag at Al-Aqsa mosque
Mondoweiss – Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Apartheid Israeli rightists raise flag in Aqsa compound BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 14 Oct — A group of Israeli right-wingers raised the Israeli flag while touring the Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Monday, locals said. Witnesses said that a group of 14…

The unasked question in the PEW poll on American Judaism
Mondoweiss – This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page . From Portnoy’s Complaint and the angst of bourgeois Jewish life to Isaiah’s Complaint and the rebirth of the Jewish prophetic is a road…

What Comes Next: Working without a political framework
Mondoweiss – This post is part of “What Comes Next?: A forum on the end of the two-state paradigm.” This series was initiated by Jewish Voice for Peace as an investigation into the current state of thinking about one state and two state solutions, and the collection has…

Shekel stable as US nears shutdown agreement
Globes Main News – Prico CEO Yossi Fraiman: at around NIS 3.50-3.53/$, we expect foreign currency demand to halt the appreciation of the shekel in the short term.

Teva-Tech workers leader: We’ll break the company 
Globes Energy & Water – Avraham Zohar tells “IDF Radio”: Teva’s CEO earns NIS 1.5 million a month while we get starvation wages. We won’t let them turn us into slaves.

Lapid sees $60b gas revenues over 20 years 
Globes Energy & Water – Finance Minister Yair Lapid slammed the opposition for stymying the hook-up of natural gas.

Iran Hacks Azerbaijan’s Israeli-Made Drone Fleet
Tikun Olam – The Israeli source who conveyed to me the crisis in Israel’s drone fleet has added that the Iranians have hacked Azerbaijan’s Israeli-made drone fleet as well: Using [a nearly identical drone] to the fallen Hermes 450, several months ago IAF…drones also failed in Azerbaijan. [They were]…

Abducted Turks in Lebanon video 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Two Turkish pilots kidnapped in Lebanon in August apparently in connection with the Syria conflict appear in a video on Lebanese television.

Libyan denies US embassy bombings 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Abu Anas al-Liby, who was seized this month in a US raid in Libya, pleads not guilty in a New York court to two deadly US embassy bombings in 1998.

Ghana thrash Egypt in 2014 play-off 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Ghana take a huge step towards reaching a third straight World Cup by beating Egypt 6-1 in the first leg of their play-off.

Radioactive Poisoning Ruled Out in Death of Yasser Arafat by Russian Forensics Team 
The Foward Breaking News 15 Oct 2013 – The head of a Russian forensics agency said on Tuesday that samples from the body of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had revealed no traces of radioactive polonium, a Russian news agency reported. Click here for the rest of the article…

Nazi War Criminal’s Son Blames Jews for Italy Burial Feud 
The Foward Breaking News 15 Oct 2013 – The son of convicted Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke said his father “can be buried in Israel so that they will be happy,” referring to Jews. Click here for the rest of the article…

Starving Syrians ‘can eat dogs’ 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – A group of Muslim clerics in Syria issue a religious ruling permitting people living in besieged suburbs of Damascus to eat cats, dogs and donkeys.

Iran Floats ‘Breakthrough’ Nuclear Plan at Talks With Big Powers 
The Foward Breaking News 15 Oct 2013 – Iran said it presented “logical” proposals in talks with six world powers on Tuesday aimed at achieving a breakthrough in a decade-old standoff over its disputed nuclear programme that has heightened the risk of a new Middle East war. Click here for the rest of the…

Egypt: Egyptian Consular Delegation Wraps Up Visits to Jordan, Iraq 
allAfrica.com 15 Oct 2013 – [Egypt Online]Egypt’s consular delegation, led by Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs and Egyptian Expatriates Ali el-Asheri, wrapped up visits to Jordan and Iraq.

Nigeria: BASA to Top President Jonathan’s Agenda in Israel 
allAfrica.com 15 Oct 2013 – [Vanguard]Abuja -The signing of a Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) with the State of Israel will top President Goodluck Jonathan’s agenda during his visit to Israel for the 2013 pilgrimage.

Nigeria: President Jonathan to Lead 30,000 Nigerian Christian Pilgrims to Israel 
allAfrica.com 15 Oct 2013 – [Premium Times]President Goodluck Jonathan will lead 30,000 Nigerian Christians on this year’s pilgrimage to Israel, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Abducted Turks in Lebanon video 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Two Turkish pilots kidnapped in Lebanon in August apparently in connection with the Syria conflict appear in a video on Lebanese television.

Upbeat mood at Iran nuclear talks 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Iran says its proposal to international nuclear talks being held in Geneva has the “capacity to make a breakthrough”.

Libyan denies US embassy bombings 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Abu Anas al-Liby, who was seized this month in a US raid in Libya, pleads not guilty in a New York court to two deadly US embassy bombings in 1998.

Ghana thrash Egypt in 2014 play-off 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Ghana take a huge step towards reaching a third straight World Cup by beating Egypt 6-1 in the first leg of their play-off.

Lebanese army defuses 50-kilogram car bomb in Beirut suburb 
Al-Akhbar News 15 Oct 2013 – The Lebanese army successfully defused a 50-kilogram bomb discovered Monday in a southern Beirut suburb, a military official said on Tuesday. A Jeep Grand Cherokee packed with explosives was discovered in the Maamoura neighborhood of Dahiyeh, which has been swarming with security forces since two car…

Starving Syrians ‘can eat dogs’ 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – A group of Muslim clerics in Syria issue a religious ruling permitting people living in besieged suburbs of Damascus to eat cats, dogs and donkeys.

Video surfaces of Turkish pilots abducted in Beirut 
Al-Akhbar News 15 Oct 2013 – Two Turkish pilots abducted in the southern suburbs of Beirut in August appeared in a video obtained by a Lebanese television station saying they were fine, but eager to return home. In the 32-second video released by LBCI on Tuesday, Murat Akpinar and Murat Agca stated…

‘Easier from Libya’ 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Why African migrants are once more heading to Tripoli

Iran hails “positive atmosphere” at Geneva nuclear talks 
Al-Akhbar News 15 Oct 2013 – An Iranian woman walks past a mural showing a gun painted with an interpretation of the American flag on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran on September 25, 2013. (Photo: AFP – Atta Kenare) Updated 6:15 pm: Iran said it presented a “logical”…

In pictures: Eid al-Adha around the world 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Muslims around the world celebrating Eid al-Adha

Who are British jihadists in Syria? 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – Are Britons fighting in Syria a threat to UK security?

Deadly blast hits Kirkuk mosque 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – A bomb targeting a Sunni mosque in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk kills at least 12 people, amid an upsurge in sectarian violence.

Children among 12 dead in Iraq mosque bombing 
Al-Akhbar News 15 Oct 2013 – Iraqis load bodies onto the back of a pick-up truck following a bomb that exploded as worshippers left a mosque on October 15, 2013. (Photo: AFP – Marwan Ibrahim) Updated 6:00 pm: A bomb ripped through a crowd of worshippers as they left a mosque in…

VIDEO: Key Iran nuclear talks in Geneva 
BBC 15 Oct 2013 – World powers are meeting in Geneva to hold their first formal negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme.


Teenagers face 25 years imprisonment for allegedly throwing stones 
Jessica Purkiss, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/14/2013
Nema Shamlawi and her family were sleeping when over 15 armed and masked Israeli soldiers raided their home in the West Bank village of Hares, during the early hours of the morning.
After searching the house and questioning her husband and sons they left, but not empty handed. Amidst Nema’s protests her youngest son Ali was blindfolded, handcuffed and instructed to kiss her and his sister goodbye.
Over six months on 16 year old Ali still remains inside an Israeli adult prison on charges of “stone throwing.”
“He still a child, he is 16 years old. What mind can understand that a child of just 16 years old can endure this much pain and suffering,” said his mother.
The day before Ali’s arrest, Israeli settler Adva Biton had been travelling with her three daughters back to her home in the settlement of Yakir, an internationally deemed illegal settlement, in occupied Palestine, when her car collided with a van on March 14th of this year, leaving one of her children severely injured.
While the driver of the van originally stated he pulled over to check what he believed to be a flat tyre, Biton reported to the police at the time of the accident that the crash had been caused by a group of Palestinian youths throwing stones at her car. The driver of the van later amended his statement to say he had noticed stones at the side of the road.
As a result the neighbouring villages of Hares and Kifl Hares faced a series of early morning raids led by Israeli soldiers in search of the alleged “culprits.” Over a matter of days 19 boys, one as young as 13, were arrested.
While most were released over the coming weeks, five remain behind bars in an Israeli military prison…. more.. e-mail

ACT: Gaza to run out of drinking water 
Thirsting for Justice, Alternative Information Center 10/15/2013
Gaza’s population of 1.6 million Palestinians are without clean drinking water. The only source of water they can access—the underground water aquifer—is being over-utilized and is now highly polluted with sea water and sewage intrusion. The UN warns that unless a solution is found to provide Gaza with safe and affordable water, Gaza’s aquifer will become unusable by 2016, and irreversibly damaged by 2020.[1]
Today, only 5% of the water Gazans extract from the Coastal aquifer is now safe to drink. Most families in Gaza are forced to buy drinking water from private companies at high cost, with some paying as much as a third of their income on water.
The portion of the Coastal aquifer running beneath Gaza represents only a small percentage of the total freshwater resources available to Israelis and Palestinians. Israel continues to exploit 90% of the available freshwater for exclusive Israeli use – particularly the underground Mountain aquifer in the occupied West Bank – while Palestinians have access to less than 10%. It does so in violation of international water law, which calls for these resources to be shared “equitably and reasonably” between Palestinians and Israelis.
There is a solution, and it starts with the implementation of Palestinian water rights. If Palestinians have access to their rightful share of the available water resources, and if Israel lifts its blockade over the Gaza Strip, which restricts water imports as well as the entry of materials and goods needed to upgrade and repair its deteriorating water infrastructure, many of Gaza’s water problems would be solved.
The Thirsting for Justice campaign for Palestinian water rights needs your help! If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, campaign ambassadors will lobby European governments and deliver them your signatures, and demand that they take concrete action. Don’t wait until Gaza’s aquifer collapses, sign this petition now, and help us to ensure water rights for Gaza! [END] — See also: Thirsting for Justice and Sign the petition e-mail

Despite the tunnel, Israel is far from being an innocent victim 
Motasem Dalloul, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) 10/14/2013
‘The Palestinians have good reason to believe that Israel has used depleted uranium in the Gaza Strip, but calls for an international investigation have been ignored’
Israel announced on Sunday that it has discovered a tunnel under its border with the Gaza Strip. The end of the tunnel is about 300m inside occupied Palestine. Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon immediately announced that the government had stopped delivery of all construction material to Gaza, claiming that it is used for hostile actions against the
occupying power. Israel has only just relaxed its ban on such imports following the closure of the Rafah Crossing by the Egyptians.

It was clear from Ya’alon’s remarks that he wants to get a clear message to the Palestinians in Gaza that, in his government’s opinion, they do not deserve to have such a facility if they are going to use the materials to build tunnels to attack Israelis. Like many things said by Israelis, however, this is a lie.
Such a tunnel would take months to build, but the Israelis only relaxed the border control 3 weeks ago. To use the existence of the tunnel as an excuse to close the border again is just that: an excuse, not a reason.
In any case, the construction materials allowed into the Gaza Strip do not meet even one-quarter of the demand. Remember, Israel caused massive destruction during its two wars on the people of Gaza in 2008/9 and 2012. The government’s claim that it somehow lifted the siege by allowing some materials across the border is false. Gaza needs at least 400 truckloads of gravel, 200 truckloads of cement and 100 truckloads of steel every day just to rebuild what was destroyed by the Israel “Defence” Forces, never mind for new developments. Israel had “eased the blockade” to allow 70 trucks carrying a mixture of materials to enter Gaza. What kind of generous “facility” is that? more.. e-mail

Israeli Factor in Syrian Conflict 
Nicola Nasser, CounterPunch 10/15/2013
Finally Unveiled
More than two and a half years on, Israel’s purported neutrality in the Syrian conflict and the United State’s fanfare rhetoric urging a “regime change” in Damascus were abruptly cut short to unveil that the Israeli factor has been all throughout the conflict the main concern of both countries.
All their media and political focus on “democracy versus dictatorship” and on the intervention of the international community on the basis of a “responsibility to protect” to avert the exacerbating “humanitarian crisis” in Syria was merely a focus intended to divert the attention of the world public opinion away from their real goal, i.e. to safeguard the security of Israel.
Their “Plan A” was to enforce a change in the Syrian regime as their “big prize” and replace it by another less threatening and more willing to strike a “peace deal” with Israel and in case of failure, which is the case as developed now, their “Plan B” was to pursue a “lesser prize” by disarming Syria of its chemical weapons to deprive it of its strategic defensive deterrence against the Israeli overwhelming arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Their “Plan A” proved a failure, but their “Plan B” was a success.
However, the fact that the Syrian humanitarian crisis continues unabated with the raging non – stop fighting while the United States is gradually coming to terms with Syria’s major allies in Russia and Iran as a prelude to recognizing the “legitimacy” of the status quo in Syria is a fact that shutters whatever remains of U.S. credibility in the conflict.
President Barak Obama, addressing the UN General Assembly on last September 24, had this justification: “Let us remember that this is not a zero-sum endeavor. We are no longer in a Cold War….” more.. e-mail

Armed settlers attack mosque, burn cars in West Bank village
Electronic Intifada: 14 Oct 2013 – Israeli police take no action despite repeated acts of violence.more

Siege puts holiday tradition beyond reach of many Gaza families
Electronic Intifada: 15 Oct 2013 – Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha spoiled by Israeli-Egyptian siege on the coastal strip.more

“I am Israeli”
Dissident Voice: 15 Oct 2013 – Israel is almost certainly the only country that deceives the global community every time one of its citizens crosses an international border. It does so because the passports it issues contain a fiction. When a border official opens an Israeli passport for inspection, he or she sees the passport holder’s nationality stated as “Israeli.” And yet inside Israel, no state official, government agency or court recognizes the existence of an “Israeli” national. This month the highest court in the land, Israel’s Supreme Court, explicitly affirmed that it could not uphold an Israeli nationality. Instead, the judges ruled, citizenship and nationality in Israel should be considered entirely separate categories, as they have been since Israel’s founding in 1948. All Israelis have Israeli citizenship, but none enjoys Israeli nationality. This fiction of Israeli nationality, contained in Israeli passports and presented to the international community, is not simply a piece of legal eccentricity…more

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