A new beginning By William Bowles

30 January 2016

Well not exactly, initially it’s a consolidation of my writing into one location and, in one format, a time-consuming operation to conduct on the five hundred or so files that I’ve yet to process and add to the site’s database. Since returning to the UK in 2002, my online work has gone through three phases: my original hand-crafted site (2003-2010), then the self-hosted WordPress site (2010-ongoing) and now this one, dedicated solely to my own writing.

For those readers who know my writing from my original site, I am engaged in a rather tedious process of going through about 1000 essays I’ve penned since 2003 and hopefully, out of this mass I’ll be able to assemble the best of it and produce an anthology covering the years from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the present and publish it in print format.

I’m not very good at self-promotion but I need to add my other creative endeavours here, stories, scripts and a bibliography of my published work that exists online and in print, but is scattered around the proverbial place and in different formats. I’m also hoping that this move will inspire me to start writing again on a more regular basis the way I used to do.