New at Strategic Culture Foundation 27 December 2015 – 2 January 2016

2 January 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Democracy or Entertainment for the Masses?

02.01.2016 | 00:00 | Matthew JAMISON

I have always found American politics far more exciting, consequential and charismatic than British politics. This is in part due to the status of the United States among the democracies of the world as the leading Superpower. The world has for almost 70 years turned on the American axis. Yet, it is more than just power with a capital P. The United States – politically, aesthetically and culturally – is a far more vibrant and glamorous country than Britain, and thanks to the creative power and influence of the American entertainment industry with its citadel of Hollywood, churns out American politicos who run political campaigns as if they were producing blockbuster movies…

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Best of CounterSpin 2015

1 January 2016 — FAIR

Best of CounterSpin 2015

Janine Jackson

All year long, CounterSpin  brings you a look, as we say, behind the headlines of the mainstream news—that’s both to shine a light on aspects of emerging stories that might be marginalized (or off the page entirely) in corporate media, and to remind us to be generally mindful of the practices and policies of elite news media that make it an unlikely arena for a full, vital debate on issues that matter—in which those outside of social and economic power can have their voices and their ideas heard.

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