ICH Headlines 9 March 2017

9 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Disgraceful : U.S. Support for War Crimes in Yemen Continues

By Daniel Larison

Trump has approved a resumption of weapons sales that critics have linked to Saudi Arabia’s bombing of civilians in Yemen.

Only the Israeli Dead Matter: Israel’s Failure at Investigating Its Bloody Wars

By Ramzy Baroud

Israel’s appetite for war is, in fact, at an all-time high.

Oh, That Traitorous WikiTrump

By Pepe Escobar

The massive WikiLeaks Vault 7 release is an extremely important public service.

Big Brother Spying by America

By Stephen Lendman

The massive WikiLeaks Vault 7 release is an extremely important public service.

The Future of Freedom

By NSA Whistleblower William Binney

Binney voices his call to action for the billions of individuals whose rights are currently being violated.

8,000 Documents Detail CIA Crimes – But US Media Won’t Touch Them

By Paul Kaiser

Western media consistently performs well below our already extremely low expectations.

Banks Spent a Staggering $2B on Lobbying for 2016 US Election

By teleSUR / mh-RT-mk

Banks and other financial companies expecting to make more than US$200 billion from anticipated deregulation laws.

Steve Bannon’s Apocalyptic ‘Unravelling’

By Alastair Crooke

Steve Bannon sees apocalyptic days ahead, a harsh winter before society’s renewal.

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