Update – May 25, 2017

25 May 2017 — Freedom Info is a one-stop portal that describes best practices, consolidates lessons learned, explains campaign strategies and tactics, and links the efforts of freedom of information advocates around the world. It contains crucial information on freedom of information laws and how they were drafted and implemented, including how various provisions have worked in practice.

Measuring RTI Implementation: A methodology is proposed for civil society groups to measure the implementation of RTI laws – one target in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

FOI Notes: Afghanistan, Mexico, OGP, India, Brazil, Zambia, Pakistan, Malaysia, US, UK, EU, More.

Open Data: “The number of global truly open datasets remains at a standstill,” according to World Wide Web Foundation‘s Open Data Barometer..

The Philippines: Lea Roque questions why Bureau of Internal Revenue rulings are no longer published..

India: The online request system has several major flaws, according to Sanjeev Singh..

EVENTS CALENDAR: New additions here weekly:

FOI Practical Training—Essential Knowledge, June 26, 2017; London, Manchester, Leeds, and Belfast, UK

FOI and Data Protection—How They Work Together, June 28, 2017; London, Manchester, Leeds, and Belfast, UK

Information and Knowledge for All: Towards an Inclusive Innovation, July 3-4, 2017; Paris, France

Open Dialogue Between Journalists and Security Forces, July 18-20; Ramallah, Palestine

Whistleblower Protection Conference, September 28, 2017; Dublin, Ireland

Visit the Carter Center calendar page to see a full list of upcoming events, with links, and to submit entries.

FOI Videos: See an archive of videos promoting freedom of information.

FOI Success: Read a collection of FOI success stories, on many topics. Contributions welcomed.

Blog Roll: Visit the Blog Roll for links to dozens of transparency news sites.

FOI Quotes: Dozens of quotations about the value of information.

FOI Tally:’s list of the 115 nations with FOI regimes.

OGP: Read all articles about the OGP since its founding in 2011.

Intergovernmental Organizations: reports on intergovernmental organizations

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