Netflix To Launch WikiLeaks Smear Job Three Days Before Assange Court Date

14 October 2021 — Caitlin Johnson

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Netflix will begin streaming a brazen hatchet job on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for its American subscribers on October 24th, just three days prior to a significant court date in Assange’s fight against extradition from the UK to the United States on October 27th.

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COP26: will Police Scotland keep their promises?

12 October, 2021 — NetPol

Police Scotland invite the press to witness their ongoing public order training at Craigiehall Camp at South Queensferry. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live NewsPolice Scotland invite the press to witness their ongoing public order training at Craigiehall Camp at South Queensferry. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News

With plans for 10,000 police officers on duty every day during the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow next month, a concerted public relations campaign from Police Scotland has promised a “human rights-based approach” to the policing of protests.

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Identity in a “Phygital” World: Vaccine “Passports” and Machine-Readable Humans

17 August 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Elizabeth M. Renieris

shutterstock_748732714.jpgEighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, a palpable restlessness has set in as people everywhere are desperate to re-enter the world and resume their lives. But in this new reality, even old and familiar activities have a new digital dimension. Fancy a European holiday? Be prepared to present a mobile app or quick response (QR) code as requested while travelling. Hoping to catch a Broadway show in New York City or dinner in L.A.? Planning to return to campus this fall? Odds are that you may have to present proof of vaccination through a mobile app or by other digital means to travel, enjoy theatre, dine out or even attend lectures — in fact, New York City will require proof of vaccination for most indoor activities. While few question the legitimacy of the public health measures, there are rightful concerns about the technologies employed in the process, including digital identity-related tools.

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What’s Really at Stake with Vaccine Passports

7 October 2021 — Wrong Kind of Green

Centre for International Governance Innovation

April 5, 2021 By Elizabeth M. Renieris

In February, 2021, ID2020 launched Good Health Pass

Elizabeth M. Renieris is a technology and human rights fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, a fellow at Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab and an affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. In May 2020, Renieris, an adviser to the ID2020 Alliance, which aims to bring digital identities to billions of people, resigned over the organization’s direction on digital immunity passes and COVID-19. In her resignation Renieris cited ID2020’s opacity, “techno-solutionism” and corporate influence along with the risks of applying blockchain to immunity passes. [Source: CoinDesk]

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Covid passports – illiberal, intrusive, and counterproductive

6 October 2021 — Manifesto Club

The government has published plans for Covid passports to be possibly introduced over the winter.

Here below is the Manifesto Club response, showing how these plans are illiberal, intrusive, and counter-productive.

If you would like to respond to the consultation (before 11 October) you can do so here.

All the best,
Josie Appleton

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Guidance for responding (in 2 minutes!) to the Government’s new consultation on Covid passports

1 October 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Big Brother Watch Team

This week, the Government released another consultation into Covid passports – this time, on how a mandatory Covid passport scheme should work.

This comes despite the Government’s claims that they are not going to impose Covid IDs and they are merely a ‘Plan B’ reserve policy.

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Report On CIA Plans To Kidnap Assange Shows Clearest Evidence Yet Of Improper Pressure On Prosecutors

29 September 2021 — The Dissenter

PompaoScreen shot from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) event, where CIA Director Mike Pompeo singled out WikiLeaks. | Fair use for news commentary.

Though District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled against the United States’ extradition request, she rejected the argument from the legal team for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that hostility within U.S. intelligence agencies “translated into improper pressure on federal prosecutors to bring charges.”

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CIA & White House Sketched Plans to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange!

27 September 2021 — Assange Defense

Julian Assange is trending again, and this time it’s because a major media outlet has exposed the CIA’s shocking ideas for how to silence him.

Yahoo! News interviewed more than 30 former U.S. officials and reported that the CIA and White House discussed various options for kidnapping or killing Julian Assange in London. We have a full breakdown of the story and reactions here.

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Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale In Carceral Limbo While US Generals Shirk Responsibility For Deadly Strikes

24 September 2021 — The Dissenter


Daniel Hale (Photo: Bob Hayes)

Around two months ago, drone whistleblower Daniel Hale was sentenced to 45 months in prison  after he stood before a federal judge and delivered a statement that demonstrated he was a person of conscience.

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