Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 12

18 September 2020 — Craig Murray

A less dramatic day, but marked by a brazen and persistent display of this US Government’s insistence that it has the right to prosecute any journalist and publication, anywhere in the world, for publication of US classified information. This explicitly underlay the entire line of questioning in the afternoon session.

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Assange’s Extradition Trial: Court Hears About History Of Political Prosecutions Under Espionage Act

17 September 2020 — The Dissenter

“I never thought based on history we’d see an indictment that looked like this,” attorney Carey Shenkman testified.

President Woodrow Wilson used the Espionage Act to repress opposition to World War I. (Photo: Library of Congress)

“There has never, in the century-long history of the Espionage Act, been an indictment of a U.S. publisher under the law for the publication of secrets,” declared Carey Shenkman, an attorney who has co-authored a first-of-its-kind peer-reviewed book on the Espionage Act.

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WikiLeaks Revealed 15,000 Civilian Casualties

17 September 2020 — Assange Defense

It was another day of explosive testimony in Julian’s extradition hearing, with two witnesses taking the stand. Journalist John Slobada explained to the court the important journalistic contributions of WikiLeaks in revealing civilian casualties, while legal scholar Carey Shenkman stressed how the U.S. indictment of Julian is for a “political offense” and that Julian’s human rights are being violated.

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Spontaneous Initiative that Unites Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers and Free Citizens from All over the World

17 September, 2020 — International Free Choice

By Antonietta Gatti, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and Luc Montagnier

The independent studies of various scientists have highlighted several issues on the virus. Many inconsistencies have emerged from many points of view which are summarized in these two letters. The reflections start from two complementary approaches and ask for explanations by offering new approaches and protocols.

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Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 11

17 September 2020 — Craig Murray

Yet another shocking example of abuse of court procedure unfolded on Wednesday. James Lewis QC for the prosecution had been permitted gratuitously to read to two previous witnesses with zero connection to this claim, an extract from a book by Luke Harding and David Leigh in which Harding claims that at a dinner at El Moro Restaurant Julian Assange had stated he did not care if US informants were killed, because they were traitors who deserved what was coming to them.

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Good Ellsberg, Bad Assange: At Extradition Trial, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Dismantles False Narrative

17 September 2020 — The Dissenter

Ellsberg also said “Julian Assange could not get a remotely fair trial” in the United States.

Kevin Gosztola

 Opponents of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange often hold up Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg as an example of someone who was responsible for a good leak. They insist WikiLeaks is not like the Pentagon Papers because supposedly Assange was reckless with sensitive documents.

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Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Gives Powerful Defense of Assange

16 September 2020 — Assange Defense

Julian’s extradition hearing in London today included powerful testimony from two key witnesses.The highlight of the day was the appearance of famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Dr. Daniel EllsbergYou can read our full report on the day here, but here’s a brief recap:

Reporter John Goetz: WikiLeaks Had “Rigorous Redaction Process” — Disclosures Harmed No One

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Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 10

16 September 2020 — Craig Murray

The gloves were off on Tuesday as the US Government explicitly argued that all journalists are liable to prosecution under the Espionage Act (1917) for publishing classified information, citing the Rosen case. Counsel for the US government also argued that the famous Pentagon Papers supreme court judgement on the New York Times only referred to pre-publication injunction and specifically did not preclude prosecution under the Espionage Act. The US Government even surmised in court that such an Espionage Act prosecution of the New York Times may have been successful.

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Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 9

15 September 2020 — Craig Murray

Things became not merely dramatic in the Assange courtroom today, but spiteful and nasty. There were two real issues, the evidence and the procedure. On the evidence, there were stark details of the dreadful regime Assange will face in US jails if extradited. On the procedure, we saw behaviour from the prosecution QC that went well beyond normal cross examination and was a real attempt to denigrate and even humiliate the witness. I hope to prove that to you by a straightforward exposition of what happened today in court, after which I shall add further comment.

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At Assange Extradition Trial, Prosecution Downplays Abusive Supermax Prison Conditions

15 September 2020 — The Dissenter

Lead prosecutor James Lewis focused on a prior ruling by European Court of Human Rights on supermax prisons that clearly sided with the U.S. government.

 The legal team for Julian Assange strongly believes if the WikiLeaks founder is extradited to the United States he will be detained in harsh and abusive conditions, and if convicted, he will be incarcerated in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, in conditions that amount to solitary confinement.

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