Media: Declining to Label Lies, NPR Picks Diplomacy Over Reality

6 May 2017 — FAIR

After much back and forth, National Public Radio finally clarified its editorial stance on when it is and isn’t appropriate to call a lie a lie. Wrote NPR’s Richard Gonzales (1/25/16):

Now many listeners want to know why [NPR correspondent Mary Louise] Kelly didn’t just call the president a liar.

On Morning Edition, Kelly explains why. She says she went to the Oxford English Dictionary seeking the definition of “lie.”

“A false statement made with intent to deceive,” Kelly says. “Intent being the key word there. Without the ability to peer into Donald Trump’s head, I can’t tell you what his intent was. I can tell you what he said and how that squares, or doesn’t, with facts.”

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Selected Articles: An Era of Global Warfare

6 May 2017 — Global Research

“The holding of mass demonstrations and antiwar protests is not enough. What is required is the development of a broad and well organized grassroots antiwar network which challenges the structures of power and authority.” (Prof. Michel Chossudovsky)

“This extreme danger is the new global reality. If the elimination of the threat does not come from the U.S. White House, the culmination of the threat will — regardless of which side strikes first. The decision — either to invade Russia, or else to cancel and condemn America’s decade-plus preparation to do so — can be made only by the U.S. President.” (Eric Zuesse)

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