ICH Headlines 29 May 2017

29 May 2017 — Information Clearing House

Russia Calls House Bill an “Act of War.”

By Gar Smith

The bill presumes to grant the US “inspection authorities” over shipping ports (and major airports) specifically, ports in China, Russia, Syria, and Iran.

Trump: Dancing with Wolves on the Titanic

By The Saker

Far from being a superpower, the US has basically become irrelevant, especially in the Middle East.

Independent Journalists Reveal America’s Sinister War in Syria

By Tony Cartalucci

JFK fell while serving the causes of peace and nuclear disarmament.

The Rhetoric of Regime Change

By Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri

What drives this imperialism is the quest for a global imperium, regardless of costs to others.

Gaslighting: State Mind Control and Abusive Narcissism

By Vanessa Beeley

We are inundated with propaganda that challenges our sense of reality but only after being “tenderized” by the fear factor.

Little Big Man

By Tom Engelhardt

Think of him as a messenger from the gods, the deities of empire gone astray.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Condemns New U.S. Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Press Release

There is a significant likelihood these weapons will be used against innocent civilians.

JFK at 100

By Paul Craig Roberts

His assassination removed the constraints on Israel’s illegal activities.

Ending Violence in a Nonviolent Way

By Kristin Y. Christman

As long as the U.S. perceives enemies the way exterminators perceive cockroaches, national security will be elusive.

Let Us Bomb Violence With Mercy

3 Minute Video

Anti-terrorist Ramadan video goes viral.

Macron and Putin Joint Press Conference in Versailles


Both leaders talk on relevant topics in the international agenda, namely the ongoing situations in Syria and Ukraine.

President Emmanuel Macron: Reversing Five Decades of Working-Class Power

By James Petras

Media lies have a purpose that goes beyond Macron’s election.

Memorial DAZE!

By Phillip Farruggio

Memorial Day will be an endless bunch of hogwash celebrations to honor men and women who followed orders while never questioning the evil ones who controlled them.

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