ColdType November 2020 (Issue 215) is now online

22 October 2020 — ColdType


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  • WELCOME TO THE CULT – We’ve got another packed issue of ColdType for you this month. Cover story is C.J. Hopkins’ look at the Covidian Cult, with a strong suggestion that brushing up on recent history is always a good thing when the government starts trampling on the freedoms we take for granted.Other top features include Steve Fraser’s examination of the United States of Paranoia, in which the author looks at USA witchhunts, past and present; while, from the UK, Matthew Alfred, Tom Sykes and Stephen Harper urge us to take note of the fake news that we should really fear.We’ve also got Joe Allen’s tale of rock climbing and nature as he ingthinks deep thoughts while climbing the peaks of Montana’s Glacier National Park; and John Pilger relates the suffering of Julian Assange at the hands of the UK’s ‘justice’ system.

    In this issue’s Insights section, we feature Alyce Mahoney on the Marquis de Sade, Sam Pizzigati on Ivanka Trump and US taxpayers, George Monbiot on the BBC’s self-inflicted misery, and Laurie Macfarlane on student battles with their landlords.

    In our photo stories, Joshua K. Jackson cures his insomnia on
    the streets of London’s Soho, and William Eggleston takes a trip along the road to the White House. Plus, you won’t want to miss the latest from Linh Dinh, Trevor Grundy and Andrew S. Fischer.


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