When Confronted by Us Hungry Bellies, the Imperialists Reach for Their Guns: The Forty-First Newsletter (2020)

8 October 2020 — Tricontinental

Judy Seidman Imperialism stops here South AfricaJudy Seidman, Imperialism Stops Here, 2020.

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In 1965, Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah published a bold book, Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism. In this book, Nkrumah documented in great detail the way in which European and North American multinational firms – in close collaboration with their governments – continued to smother the aspirations of the new nations of Africa. As an example, Nkrumah took up his own country, Ghana, which had been known by the colonial name ‘the Gold Coast’ until 1957. Continue reading

Why America’s economic war on China is failing

7 October 2020 — MROnline


This article was produced by Globetrotter.

U.S. President Donald Trump—supported by most of the U.S. establishment—deepened the U.S. government’s assault on the Chinese economy. The “trade war” seemed to play well with Trump’s political base, who somehow hoped that an economic attack on China would miraculously create economic prosperity for them. In 2018, Trump slapped tariffs on more than $200 billion worth of various Chinese goods. Then, Trump’s administration went after Chinese high-tech firms such as Huawei, ZTE, ByteDance (the owners of TikTok), and WeChat. Continue reading