The March 2023 issue of ColdType is now online

Thursday, 23 February 2023 — ColdType

CRAZY WORLD. This month ColdType finds all manner of chaos, much of it misreported by the mainstream media, as it becomes increasingly subservient to government and big business. In our top stories, Jonathan Cook explores the western media’s culpability in the Julian Assange/ Wikileaks saga, David Edwards & David Cromwell delve into one paper’s handling of the 20th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, and Chris Hedges shows how the war in Ukraine is not following plans set out by Nato to degrade Russia’s military and kick out Vladimir Putin.

Kenny Stencil offers new insights on the toxic rail crash in Ohio, Caitlin Johnstone looks at the shooting down of weather and toy balloons, and Brett Wilkins tells how America’s biggest sporting event, the Super Bowl, hijacked the Pat Tillman story.

We’ve also got a photo-story by Thomas S. Harrington, Steve Fraser on the USA’s eternal  fear of Communism. Plus Edward Curtin, Ralph Nader, Joe Allen, and Linda McQuaig. And more. Enjoy!


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