Ukraine News Links 26-27 February 2023

Monday, 27 February 2023 — The New Dark Age

No2NATO: Former UK MP Chris Williamson on New Efforts To Free Britain From NATO

Behind the Self-Defeating Approach toward the National Protest against the US War on Russia in Ukraine

Calling the Overthrow of Yanukovych a U.S. Coup is True

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Quoth the Vultures “Evermore”

Monday, 27 February 2023 — Ed Curtin

PHOTO: frame:BOYS WHO SAID NO  /  helicopter:MIKE HASTIE

On the short roof outside the bedroom window, two black vultures sit, staring in.  They have come to remind me of something.  I put my book down and peer back  at these strange looking creatures. The book: Our War: What We Did in Vietnam And What It Did to Us by David Harris.  I had read it when it was first published in 1996 and it has stuck with me, as has the utterly savage U.S. war against Vietnam that killed so many millions, what the Vietnamese call The American War.

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Behind the Self-Defeating Approach Toward the National Protest against the US War on Russia in Ukraine


Stansfield Smith

Those who brought us Rage Against the War Machine recognized if we are to defeat the non-stop imperial war machine that rules over our lives, we must work with all people possible under its boot. Until we all do, we defeat ourselves.

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