Privatising Propaganda By William Bowles

6 March 2005

Is the pen mightier than the sword? Yes, when it’s engineering ‘regime change’ – by PR company

So do we now have yet another US-engineered ‘velvet revolution’ underway in Lebanon aka Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia and other points east?

The use of PR companies and ‘NGOs’ by the US government to ‘sell’ its foreign policy goes back a long way but it was the invasion of Grenada under Reagan when we witnessed a ‘test run’ of the idea and the technique really came into its own during Gulf War 2 in 1991 when the US DoD employed PR companies to ‘sell’ US intervention. Importantly, the DoD started to use PR companies to issue releases on the ‘progress’ of the war rather than internally-generated releases that was the beginning of a much closer relationship between the state and the PR business.

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First stop Damascus – next stop Tehran? al-Hariri assassination followed by character assassination

17 February 2005

“Whatever happens, the reaction will be against the Syrians. It’s obvious … Being obvious is the name of the game these days,” a Lebanese observer told on the condition of anonymity

Recent utterances by the Bush administration about Syria have a predictably ominous ring to them that when coupled to the massive car bomb that killed the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, fit a pattern that prepares the ground for more aggressive actions, more than likely to be carried out by its proxy in the region, Israel. Continue reading