Upping the anté & wishy-washy liberalism By William Bowles

2 January 2004

Upping the anté
Richard Perle’s latest book “An end to evil: What’s next in the war on terrorism?” might well be described as the handbook for the imperium’s agenda for 2004 with its call for an invasion of Syria and Iran and a Cuba-style blockade of North Korea. The question to be asked of this quasi-fascist’s quest for power is; will he be listened to or is it merely the last gasp of the ‘neo-con’ agenda following the miserable failure of the ‘war on terror’ 2003? I would like to have brought you more ‘Perle’s of wisdom’ but the book isn’t available in the UK yet so I’m relying on reports from those who have had the ‘benefit’ of reading the latest rants from the current ‘prince of darkness’.

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