Information Clearing House Archive 20-25 March 2004 Part 4

March 2004 — Information Clearing House

Digest March 20-25 2004 Part 4
Date: 26 Mar 2004



Three children among eight civilians killed in Iraq:

U.S. forces fought running battles with insurgents in the Iraqi town of Falluja on Friday and a television cameraman and eight civilians, including three children, were killed, a hospital official said.

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Whose culture is it anyhow? By William Bowles

26 March 2004

Despite a background and involvement in the arts for most of my life, I rarely, if ever write about such things here on I’n’I (although for another side of me, check out the now defunct MusicSA). Well that’s about to change not only because the arts and especially music, are a part of my life but because as the American empire extends its reach, it gobbles up everything in its path (what I call gobbleisation), transforms it into a pale reflection of its origins, spews it out, dumps it and moves on, picking its way through the cultures of our planet like some automaton searching through our lives and leaving behind a vast garbage heap.

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