Media Lens: Alert: Bringing Hell to Haiti – Part 1

1 March 2004 — Media Lens


Introduction – Anyone Here Feeling Stupid?

Have you noticed how stupid you feel when you watch the news? Hands up anybody who understands what’s going on in Haiti?

The media is good at repeatedly broadcasting footage of armed gangs roaming in trucks, and of quoting senior officials. But the absence of meaningful context and informed analysis – and above all the unwillingness to question the official version of events – means that it is often literally impossible for viewers to make sense of what is happening. For all their satellite communications and computer-generated studios, the news media often do not give us news at all — they give us noise.

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HAITI: ‘Textbook’ Imperialism By William Bowles

1 March 2004

The tragedy that is Haiti unfolds once more in this, the 35th? coup since the world’s first black republic was founded in 1804 and once more the US role in the removal of Jean Bertrand Aristide is patently obvious to anyone who cares to dig deeper than the headlines that have flooded out of ‘propaganda central’ (see “BRINGING HELL TO HAITI – PART 1“).

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