They Shoot Journalists, Don’t They? By Norman Solomon

11 March 2004

To encourage restraint in war coverage, governments don’t need to shoot journalists — though sometimes that’s helpful.

Thirteen journalists were killed while covering the war and occupation in Iraq last year, says a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists. The deaths were a subset of 36 on-the-job fatalities related to journalistic work across the globe in 2003.

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‘News’ Central By William Bowles

11 March 2004 — William Bowles

Might is right as they say, except when it’s wrong that is, but of course who is to gainsay the powerful? With the media and the education system as the main vehicles for maintaining the status quo, piercing the veil of propaganda is more than just the production of counter-propaganda, it requires a mind-shift in those we aim to reach. Not so easy to do for not only does it require a deal of courage, it quite often requires some serious critical thinking, and critical thinking is not something that is generally encouraged by the ruling elite.

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