The Power of the Press – to reorder reality By William Bowles

8 April 2004

“[The] CIA’s report to top officials on day two of the crisis identified the “Presidential Guard, gendarmerie, and military” as killers of “several government officials-including the Prime Minister”; State Department intelligence informed policymakers the morning after the shoot-down of the plane that “rogue Hutu elements of the military-possibly the elite presidential guard” were probable culprits; The U.S. defense attaché in Rwanda, who reported to State Department, defense intelligence and U.S. European Command officials, on the second day forwarded “reports that the Presidential Guard is “out of control” on the streets of Kigali while all other military units remain in their barracks”” – William Ferroggiaro, National Security Archive

Well you wouldn’t know it from all the tributes to the tenth anniversary in the media, that within two days of the Rwandan tragedy, the US knew not only what was going on but who did it and where and when they did it.

The report from the invaluable National Security Archive released via a Freedom of Information request belies all the bullshit and crocodile tears we’ve been reading about Rwanda over the past couple of weeks.

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