What’s Left (of the Left) or the politics of desperation By William Bowles

26 April 2004

In a column entitled “What’s Left” by Stephen Gowans, Gowans advocates voting for Bush in order to keep Kerry out. His reasoning goes as follows:

“There are, then, two choices this November. You can vote, or not vote. If you don’t vote, there’s a chance the militarist, war criminal, Hitler-like Kerry will become President. Or you can be realistic, and vote for the one candidate who has a chance of stopping him: Bush.

“And with Bush in the White House, his new Leftist constituency can mobilize and agitate to make clear the militarist, bold exercise of US power proposed by the other guy won’t be tolerated. If it’s possible to bore within the Democratic Party, to push it to the Left, why not with the Republicans? Give it a try!”

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