Information Clearing House Archive Part 3 June 12-16 2005

16 June 2005 — Information Clearing House

[I’ve been archiving ICH digests since early 2003. Unfortunately, an unknown number of the links are now dead, so I can’t guarantee that the link will take you where you want to go. WB]

Information Clearing House
Digest June 12-16 2005
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005

Charge Him or Release Him
Jose Padilla : U.S. Citizen Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 3 Years and 39 Days


More Damning than Downing Street

Why aren’t we talking about this?

by Paul Rogat Loeb

As the Downing Street memo confirms, they had so little evidence of real threats that they knew from the start that they were going to have manufacture excuses to go to war. What’s more damning still is that they effectively began this war even before the congressional vote. Continue reading