Statewatch News Online, 15 June 2005 (23/05)

15 June 2005 — Statewatch

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1. EU: Updated documents on EU Terrorism Action Plans
2. EU-UK: European Union Committee, House of Lords: Evidence by Commissioner Frattini
3. UK: Violent Crime Reduction Bill
4. Italy/Spain: Big Brother Awards
5. Denmark: Greenpeace verdict introduces collective punishment into law
6. CoE: Report by CPT Committee on Belmarsh and Woodhill detainees
7. European Commission against Racism and Intolerance – report on UK
8. Statewatch’s ASBOwatch updated
9. New publication: The glass consumer: Life in a surveillance society
10. EU: Forsenic DNA databasing: A European Perspective
11. USA: Justice Department report on FBI role prior to 11 September 2001
12. Lord Steyn: On Belmarsh and Guantánamo detentions
13. Norway: Update on the Krekar case

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