Crunch time in ‘old’ Europe By William Bowles

24 June 2005

Euro BlairApropos my last piece (’Premature Burial’), although not my favourite commentator, Boris Kargarlitsky, enfant terrible of the late Soviet period has a piece, ‘The EU’s Crisis at the Top’ in the Moscow Times (23/6/05) that points to a very interesting phenomenon (but one largely confined to continental Europe more’s the pity) in which he says in regard to the French and Dutch rejection of the proposed EU ‘constitution’,

“In their initial reaction, the ruling elite seemed to takes [sic] their cues from the immortal words of Bertolt Brecht: Because the people proved unworthy of the government’s confidence, the government was forced to dissolve the people and elect a new one. Even before the results of the referendums in France and the Netherlands were known, the business media were abuzz with articles by the cream of the ideologue crop, stating that important matters should not be trusted to popular votes.

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