Evil ideology + young Muslims + DIY Bombs = Terror By William Bowles with Edward Teague

21 July 2005

Britain’s enemy within
Headline in the The Scotsman, 17 July, 2005

Talking of which, my pal Edward Teague who is, as they say from ‘oop North’, has been making extensive inquiries, talking to Asians (or at least British of Asian extraction) trying to find out what they make of it all, especially what they think of the idea of how four young and apparently quite normal working class people could be involved in something so outrageous and complex as the London bombings. The general impression is one of incredulity and disbelief but above all, one of fear that they are now the target of a dreadful hate campaign being conducted by the government in order to justify its global ‘war on terror’. A war, which ‘conveniently’ has now been brought home by 7/7. Continue reading