Statewatch News Online, 13 July 2005 (27/05)

13 July 2005 — Statewatch

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1. EU: UK Presidency proposes that all ID cards have biometrics
2. UK-EU: Call for mandatory data retention of all telecommunications
3. EU policy “putsch”: Data protection handed to the DG for “law, order and security”
4. EU: UK Presidency programme on asylum and immigration
5. European Parliament rejects the EU-Canada agreement on transfer of personal data
6. EU: UK House of Lords report on: The Constitutional Treaty: Role of the ECJ

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Bush and Blair’s ‘Prime Evil’ By William Bowles

13 July 2005

UK Presidency proposes that all ID cards have biometrics – everyone to be fingerprinted.

“This proposal, with others, means that everyone living in the EU is going to be finger-printed and their details held on an EU-wide database. At a time of great tragedy it is all the more important that we act with care and do not bequeath to future generations a society where every movement and every communication is under surveillance. Whether a democratic way of life could survive in such a climate is doubtful.”

This is a moment to seize. The Kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us – Tony Blair, Labour Party Conference, October 2nd 2001

In the light of the increasingly orchestrated hysteria surrounding the slaughter in London last week, it’s worth taking a deep breath and a step back and look at the history of the ‘war on terror’ and how the concept came to be and its inevitable and horrific consequences, consequences that rarely, if ever target the ‘terrorist’ but civilians.

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