Virtual Fascism or the State of Terror By William Bowles

10 July 2005

A letter from a reader:

For a good period of time I had gone along, starting my practice in neuropsychology (I worked in hospitals for a long time and the venture into private practice consumed me) and paying little attention to the neocon threat. I hated Bush et. al. but had little time to look at what he/they were doing. I had believed the govt. line on 9/11. But a very few months ago, I came across a reference to ‘Peak Oil’ on the web. My exploration of that, and then of 9/11, and then on the PNAC and Wolfowitz’s agenda, so to speak. My awareness of the role Iraq plays in the ‘plan’. My awareness of the psychological manipulation of the people in Britain and the US (I am a psychologist, after all).
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