From the personal to the political-and back again By William Bowles

12 June 2009

The last few months have not been pleasant for me, wrestling with my own inner demons. Yeah, we Brits are not meant to be open about our inner selves, stiff upper lip and all that crap, and, in the scheme of things there are more than enough demons stalking the planet without me adding to them.

That said, what the fuck! Where do you think our demons come from in the first place! So in the midst of all the mayhem around us, here I am struggling to write, something that has up until now anyway, been the most natural thing in the world for me to do.

That such an innate act, that of creating should be denied to me, came as a shock. Denied my own voice, I felt imprisoned inside my own skull. But even writing about such things feels like an indulgence, after all who wants to read about my personal problems when the world is going to hell in a hand-basket?

The phrase ‘from the personal the political’ comes to mind, or am I just fishing for a hook? But this is at least a step forward, I mean actually committing pen to paper and assuming it actually ends up online.

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In Memorium: Lord Patel

12 June 2009

Edward Teague, better known to his readers as Lord Patel, died this past Tuesday after a short illness.

I first met Edward back in 2003 and we became good friends. His biting Northern humour, irreverence and tremendous knowledge are pretty much legendary. And he took no shit from anyone and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it came to our corrupt and inept, political class.

Craig Murray has a very good tribute to ‘Postie’ on his site, describing how Edward became Craig’s election agent when Murray stood against the appalling (and undoubtedly intellectually-challenged) Jack Straw in Blackburn. In fact I was with Edward when we went to Blackburn and experienced first-hand how the Establishment locked Murray out of the ‘democratic’ process.

Before he started up his own Blog, I used to post his excellent essays here on InI and they covered an amazing range of topics and all written in his unique, sarcastic and totally unforgiving style.

You are sorely missed Postie but your ideas live on.