Deepa Kumar, “Obama’s Cairo Speech: A Rhetorical Shift in US Imperialism”

12 June, 2009 – MRZine – Monthly Review

Barack Obama’s Cairo speech heralds a shift from the Islamophobic rhetoric of the Bush regime, but not from the long-term aims of the U.S. empire.

Predictably, Barak Obama’s speech in Cairo came under hysterical criticism from the right. Sean Hannity screamed that Obama gave ‘sympathizers of 9/11’ a voice on the world stage, Charles Krauthammer derided the apologetic tone, and Sen. James Inhofe called it ‘un-American.’ At the same time, Bill O’Reilly called the speech a ‘big success,’ and David Horowitz wrote that conservatives should support Obama on this.

What explains this strange schizophrenia among conservatives?

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The blood pours: UN soldiers shoot at Haitian mourners outside church funeral of Father Jean Juste in Haiti by Marguerite “Ezili Danto” Laurent

19 June, 2009 – San Francisco BayView

shoot-1.jpg“According to witnesses, UN troops on the scene began shooting indiscriminately at the crowd killing a young man identified only as ‘Junior’ from the neighborhood of Solino,” reports Kevin Pina for The Dominion. – Photo: © 2009 Haiti Information Project

Today, June 18, U.N. soldiers gunned down Haitian mourners outside the church, Port au Prince Cathedral in Haiti, the largest church in the country, during the funeral for Father Gerard Jean Juste.

But undeterred by U.N. guns, Haitians continue to run towards the darkness, using their bodies, breath and soul to light the world – liberty or death!

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