Boris Johnson’s Fake Radicalism

2 August 2019 — Craig Murray

We hear much about Johnson coming to power as an iconoclastic figure willing to cut a swathe through the ranks of the Establishment and especially the Civil Service, aided by blue skies thinker Dominic Cummings.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth. There has never been a Prime Minister more entrenched in and deferential to the London Establishment than Boris Johnson.

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Anglo-Persian Confrontation. Britain’s Impounding of Iran’s Grace Supertanker. Former UK Foreign Minister on Britain’s “Mistreatment of Iran”

22 July 2019 — Global Research

By Stephen Lendman

On Sunday, former Labor Foreign Secretary Jack Straw wrote a London Daily Mail op-ed  on why Iranians will never trust Brits. 

The same goes for their US counterparts Straw didn’t address in his opinion piece. More on this below.


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The Spirit of Christmas: George W. Bush and Tony Blair banned from the Birthplace of Jesus Christ By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

24 December, 2012Global Research

War criminals George W. Bush and Tony Blair were banned for life in April 2003 from the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, widely believed to be the birth-place of Jesus Christ. The ban was announced at the height of the illegal US-allied bombing and invasion of Iraq.

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What did PM tell Murdoch about the BSkyB takeover? By Andrew Grice and Oliver Wright

21 July 2011 — The Independent

Cameron admits he may have discussed controversial deal

David Cameron admitted that he may have discussed the bid by News Corp for full control of BSkyB during his 27 meetings with Murdoch executives since last year’s election. Downing Street had previously insisted that the £8bn takeover was not mentioned.

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New Evidence: Jack Straw Guilty On Torture – A Smoking Gun By Craig Murray

16 November, 2009 — Craig Murray

Finally I have indisputable documentary evidence that the British government had a positive policy of using intelligence from torture in the War on Terror, and that the policy was personally directed by Jack Straw.

Here are the minutes of the meeting at which I was told this:

Download file

All references to the CIA and MI6 have been literally cut out, but the meaning is still perfectly unmistakable particularly given the heading of the minute.

And here is the absolute smoking gun of Jack Straw’s involvement:

Download file

Straw has been lying about this for five years. He dismissed my evidence on this to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights as “Entirely untrue”.

Straw ruined my career over my opposition to torture intelligence, after I had been appointed Ambassador by his predecessor, Robin Cook, who was rather more well disposed towards human rights. It is wonderful that it is Robin Cook’s Freedom of Information Act which I have used to finally prove beyond any doubt that slippery Straw was up to his neck in approving intelligence from torture.

Minutes available as a JPEG here:

In Memorium: Lord Patel

12 June 2009

Edward Teague, better known to his readers as Lord Patel, died this past Tuesday after a short illness.

I first met Edward back in 2003 and we became good friends. His biting Northern humour, irreverence and tremendous knowledge are pretty much legendary. And he took no shit from anyone and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it came to our corrupt and inept, political class.

Craig Murray has a very good tribute to ‘Postie’ on his site, describing how Edward became Craig’s election agent when Murray stood against the appalling (and undoubtedly intellectually-challenged) Jack Straw in Blackburn. In fact I was with Edward when we went to Blackburn and experienced first-hand how the Establishment locked Murray out of the ‘democratic’ process.

Before he started up his own Blog, I used to post his excellent essays here on InI and they covered an amazing range of topics and all written in his unique, sarcastic and totally unforgiving style.

You are sorely missed Postie but your ideas live on.


Media Lens: The Left-Wing Media Fallacy Jeremy Bowen, The BBC, And Other National Treasures

8 May, 2009 – May 8, 2009, MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

It is a mistake to imagine that media corporations are impervious to all complaints and criticism. In fact, senior editors and managers are only too happy to accept that their journalists tend to be ‘anti-American,’ ‘anti-Israel,’ ‘anti-Western,’ indeed utterly rotten with left-wing bias.

In June 2007, an internal BBC report revealed that Auntie Beeb had long been perpetrating high media crimes, including: “institutional left-wing bias” and “being anti-American”. (’Lambasting for the “trendy Left-wing bias” of BBC bosses,’ Daily Mail, June 18, 2007)

Former BBC political editor, Andrew Marr, applied his forensic journalistic skills, noting that the BBC was comprised of “an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay people, compared with the population at large”. This, he deduced, “creates an innate liberal bias”. (Nicole Martin, ‘BBC viewers angered by its “innate liberal bias”,’ Daily Telegraph, June 19, 2007)
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Trying Again to Stop Torture: My Formal Statement for the Joint Committee on Human Rights By Craig Murray

13 March, 2009


My name is Craig Murray. I was British Ambassador in Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004.

I had joined the Diplomatic Service in 1984 and became a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Senior Management Structure in 1998. I had held a variety of posts including Deputy High Commissioner, Accra (1998 to 2001) and First Secretary Political and Economic, Warsaw (1994 to 1997).

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Craig Murray – Your Help Needed – Reveal Torture to Stop It

4 March, 2009
Your Help Needed – Reveal Torture to Stop It

On Tuesday 10 March the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights will discuss whether or not to hear my evidence on the UK government’s policy of using intelligence from torture. They discussed whether to hear my evidence on 3 March but failed to reach a conclusion.

The government is lobbying hard for my exclusion. I need everybody to send an email to to urge that I should be allowed to give evidence. Just a one-liner would be fine. If you are able to add some comment on the import of my evidence, or indicate that you have heard me speak or read my work, that may help. Please copy your email to

Please also pass on this plea to anyone you can and urge them to act. Help from other bloggers in posting this appeal would be much appreciated.

The evidence I am trying to give the parliamentary committee is this:

I wish to offer myself as a witness before the Joint Commission on Human Rights on the subject of the UK government’s policy on intelligence cooperation with torture abroad.

I appeared as a witness in person before both the European Parliament and European Council’s enquiries into extraordinary rendition. My evidence was described by the European Council’s Rapporteur, Senator Dick Marty, as ‘Compelling and valuable’.

The key points I wish to make are these:

  • I was British Ambassador in Uzbekistan from 2002 to 2004.
  • I learned and confirmed that I was regularly seeing intelligence from detainees in the Uzbek torture chambers, sent me by the CIA via MI6.
  • British Ministers and officials were seeing the same torture material.
  • In October/November 2002 and January/Februray 2003 I sent two Top Secret telegrams to London specifically on the subject of our receipt of intelligence gained under torture. I argued this was illegal, immoral and impractical. The telegrams were specifically marked for the Secretary of State.
  • I was formally summoned back to the FCO for a meeting held on 7 or 8 March 2003 specifically and solely on the subject of intelligence gained under torture. Present were Linda Duffield, Director Wider Europe, FCO, Sir Michael Wood, Chief Legal Adviser, FCO, and Matthew Kydd, Head of Permanent Under-Secretary’s Department, FCO.
  • This meeting was minuted. I have seen the record, which is classified Top Secret and was sent to Jack Straw. On the top copy are extensive hand-written marginalia giving Jack Straw’s views.
  • I was told at this meeting that it is not illegal for us to obtain intelligence gained by torture, provided that we did not do the torture ourselves. I was told that it had been decided that as a matter of War on Terror policy we should now obtain intelligence from torture, following discussion between Jack Straw and Richard Dearlove. I was told that we could not exclude receipt of specific material from the CIA without driving a coach and horses through the universality principle of the UK/US intelligence sharing agreement, which would be detrimental to UK interests.
  • Sir Michael Wood’s legal advice that it was not illegal to receive intelligence got by torture was sent on to me in Tashkent (copy attached).

On 22 July 2004 I sent one further telegram on intelligence got by torture, with a lower classification, following FCO communications on the subject. Copy attached.
It was my final communication before being dismissed as Ambassador.

In conclusion, I can testify that beyond any doubt the British government has for at least six years a considered but secret policy of cooperation with torture abroad. This policy legally cleared by government legal advisers and approved by Jack Straw as Secretary of State.

Craig Murray
2 March 2009

Source: Craig Murray

Breaking News – UK Govt hurls BBC into alternate universe! By William Bowles

5 April 2006

Condi & StrawCondi ‘not nice’ Rice was given extensive and extremely favourable coverage by the BBC when she visited foreign minister Jack ‘the lights are on but nobody’s home’ Straw’s constituency in Blackburn Lancashire, last week.

And the Beeb PR pieces tracked Ms. Rice to Liverpool, then onto Baghad where they did some arm-twisting of the ‘prime minister’ of ‘independent’ Iraq.

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Prime (Time) Evil By William Bowles

12 January 2006

Iran’s relations with its erstwhile partners in Europe seem to be hurtling downhill like a snowball out of control.– Bridget Kendall, BBC diplomatic correspondent, 27 October 2005

No prizes awarded for what inspired this classic piece of state propaganda but it speaks reams about the relationship between the state and the corporate media. After all, what is it based on? Nothing more than the US and UK’s assertion concerning Iran’s ‘intentions’, in other words, Ms. Kendall’s words are essentially the propaganda equivalent of a pre-emptive strike. Continue reading

Blair’s ‘Morality’ gone mad By William Bowles

12 March 2005

Terrorist Related Activist

StrawArticle 1 of the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment states that: “For the purposes of this Convention, the term ‘torture’ means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.”

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