ColdType November 2009 Issue

9 November, 2009 — ColdType

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1. The ColdType Reader – Issue 41

Want to know why the world’s most expensive army can’t beat a few angry tribesmen? We have the answer. Plus: Why conservatives fear Big Government; excerpts from new books by Amy Goodman and Ramzy Baroud; did US politicians read the Goldstone Report before rejecting it?; the wars on postal workers and on Twitter; a British torture cover-up; broken capitalism; five hidden facts about cannabis; waging war, winning the Nobel Peace Prize; and much, much more. Contributors this month are Paul Armentano, Joe Bageant, Paul J. Balles, Ramzy Baroud, William Blum, Jo Comerford, Shamus Cooke, Amy Goodman, David Michael Green, Mark Hurwitt, Dave Lindorff, Ray McGovern, George Monbiot, Michael I. Niman, Greg Palast, John Pilger, Fred Reed, Sherwood Ross, Norman Solomon, Stephen Zunes

2. The Reader Extra

The Madoff Moment, an excerpt from Danny Schechter’s new book, The Crime Of Our Time.


3. Sick And Sicker: The US and Canada – Different forms of medical rationing, by Susan Rosenthal
4. War of the Worlds: London 1898, Kabul 2009, by Tom Engelhardt
5. The Construction of the Iran ‘Threat’, by Edward S. Herman & David Peterson
6. Gaza Gad: A new play – stranded in a bus at a Gaza border crossing, by Ahmed Masoud
7. The Goldstone Report: The full report of the UN Fact-finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, by Susan Rosenthal

Tony Sutton (Editor)

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