Global Warfare USA: The World is the Pentagon’s Oyster By Rick Rozoff

16 November, 2009 — Global Research

US military operations in all major regions of the World

“Not only does one country account for the overwhelming plurality of world military expenditures, but that nation also has troops and bases on all six habitable continents (as well as a 54-year military mission in Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze) and eleven aircraft carrier strike groups and six navy fleets that roam the world’s oceans and seas at will. It is also expanding a global interceptor missile system on land, on sea, in the air and into space that will leave it invulnerable to retaliation.”

On January 20, a changing of the guard occurred in the United States White House with two-term president George W. Bush being replaced by former freshman senator Barack Obama.

Bush had continued the policies of his predecessor Bill Clinton in relation to the Balkans, Iraq and Latin America – with troops and a massive military base in Kosovo, regular bombings of Iraq and a monumental expansion of military aid to Colombia – and in addition launched two wars of his own, those against Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq two years later.

Obama, so thoroughly does U.S. polity predetermine individual administrations’ policies, entered office by intensifying the deadly drone missile attacks in Pakistan begun by Bush in late 2008 and announced that he was doubling the number of American troops in Afghanistan.

Already presiding over the world’s largest military budget, officially 41.5% of world expenditures in 2008 and far larger with non-Defense Department spending factored in, in April the new president requested from Congress an additional $85 billion in supplemental funding for the war in Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq.

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New Evidence: Jack Straw Guilty On Torture – A Smoking Gun By Craig Murray

16 November, 2009 — Craig Murray

Finally I have indisputable documentary evidence that the British government had a positive policy of using intelligence from torture in the War on Terror, and that the policy was personally directed by Jack Straw.

Here are the minutes of the meeting at which I was told this:

Download file

All references to the CIA and MI6 have been literally cut out, but the meaning is still perfectly unmistakable particularly given the heading of the minute.

And here is the absolute smoking gun of Jack Straw’s involvement:

Download file

Straw has been lying about this for five years. He dismissed my evidence on this to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights as “Entirely untrue”.

Straw ruined my career over my opposition to torture intelligence, after I had been appointed Ambassador by his predecessor, Robin Cook, who was rather more well disposed towards human rights. It is wonderful that it is Robin Cook’s Freedom of Information Act which I have used to finally prove beyond any doubt that slippery Straw was up to his neck in approving intelligence from torture.

Minutes available as a JPEG here:

Public meeting: David Ben Gurion, 1948 and the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

SOAS Palestine Society invites you to this fascinating talk, the only public event in our history seminars ‘Readings in the History of Palestine/Israel’:

Speaker: Prof. Ilan Pappe

Tuesday, 24th November 2009
5pm, Room V211
SOAS, Vernon Square Campus

Ilan Pappe is a leading historian of the Middle East, currently the chair of the Department of History at the University of Exeter and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. His many publications include: Britain and the Arab-Israeli conflict (1988), The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1992), The Modern History of Palestine: One Land Two Peoples (2003), The Modern Middle East (2005), The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006), and The Israel/Palestine Question: A Reader (2007).

**PLEASE NOTE: The meeting is in SOAS VERNON SQUARE CAMPUS, Penton Rise,
London WC1X 9EW**

About Patria, Pageants and Poppies By William Bowles

17 November, 2009

“Britain’s last surviving World War I veteran shunned Remembrance Day commemorations Wednesday because he was against the glorification of war” — ‘Britain’s last WWI veteran shuns Remembrance Day’

After eight years and tens of thousands of Afghan casualties, the occupiers are settling down to a war of unknown duration. And contrary to Brown’s earlier declarations that ‘al-Qu’eda’ was operating out of Afghanistan, Brown, all-dressed up for the Lord Mayor’s banquet told the assorted ‘dignitaries’:

“Mr Brown has acknowledged that al-Qaeda is not operating in Afghanistan but cautioned that it continued to recruit and train.

“Al-Qaeda rely on a permissive environment in the tribal areas of Pakistan and – if they can re-establish one – in Afghanistan,” Mr Brown warned.

“He said there were “several hundred” foreign fighters still based in the tribal areas of northern Pakistan, attending training camps to learn bomb-making and weapons skills.”” — ‘Brown plans Afghan handover talks’, BBC News Website, 17 November, 2009

But the real thrust of Brown’s attempt to resuscitate the British Empire is revealed by the following:

“At every point in our history where we have looked outwards, we have become stronger.

“And now, more than ever, there is no future in what was once called ‘splendid isolation’.”

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U.S. Army Underreporting Suicides, Says GI Advocacy Group By Dahr Jamail

16 November, 2009 — Inter Press Service

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Nov 16 (IPS) – According to a soldiers’ advocacy group at Fort Hood, the U.S. base where an army psychiatrist has been charged with killing 13 people and wounding 30 in a Nov. 5 rampage, the official suicide figures provided by the Army are “definitely” too low.

Chuck Luther served 12 years in the military and is a veteran of two deployments to Iraq, where he was a reconnaissance scout in the 1st Cavalry Division. The former sergeant was based at Fort Hood, where he lives today.

“I see the ugly,” Luther told IPS. “I see soldiers beating their wives and trying to kill themselves all the time, and most folks don’t want to look at this, including the military.”

Luther, who in 2007 became the founder and director of the Soldier’s Advocacy Group of Disposable Warriors, knows about these types of internal problems in the military because he has been through many of them himself.

Luther told IPS that he believes the real number of soldiers at Fort Hood committing suicide is being dramatically underreported by the military.

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Unsettling Revelations Regarding U.S. Lease of Colombian Military Bases By COHA Research Associate Christina Esquivel

16 November, 2009 – Council on Hemispheric Affairs

U.S. Air Force Reveals Another Possible Explanation Behind Bilateral Defense Cooperation Agreement

On Friday, October 30, U.S. and Colombian officials signed the controversial Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA), granting the U.S. armed forces access to seven Colombian military bases for the next ten years. The deal has been the subject of anxious speculation and heated debate since talks were first confirmed over the summer, as many policymakers throughout the hemisphere are now grappling with the reality of a heightened U.S. military presence in South America.

Though details were not released to the public prior to the signing of the agreement, official statements from both governments have continuously affirmed that the leased facilities would be exclusively used to support counternarcotic and counterinsurgency initiatives within Colombia. However, a recently publicized U.S. Air Force document presents a far more ominous explanation for massive congressional funding for the forthcoming military construction at the Colombian bases. It emphasizes the ‘opportunity for conducting full spectrum operations throughout South America’ against threats not only from drug trafficking and guerrilla movements, but also from ‘anti-U.S. governments’ in the region.

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Video: The Warning

17 November, 2009 — PBS Frontline

FRONTLINE has produced a remarkable documentary titled “The Warning” which has aired on PBS Television across the nation and which will now force major changes in the Obama administration. It documents how Lawrence Summers, Greenspan and Ruben attacked and blocked Mrs. Brooksley Born, who was in charge of the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) when she warned of the derivatives danger in the mid 90s and heroically fought to regulate them.

more about “The Warning | FRONTLINE | PBS Video“, posted with vodpod

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