CCR: Tell Congress It Can’t Be Judge, Jury and Executioner

12 November, 2009 — Center for Constitutional Rights

Dear CCR Supporter Take Action!:
Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit against the United States government in an effort to derail a a right wing campaign to target, attack and crush progressive organizations. ACORN v. USA challenges the legality of the actions of Congress in passing a resolution barring government funding of ACORN and all of its affiliated and allied organizations.

Their actions constitute a bill of attainder – effectively permitting Congress to act as judge, jury and executioner without a trial or judicial hearing. Despite existing regulations and mechanisms to address legal concerns involving federal grantees, this resolution was passed solely for the purpose of singling out ACORN and its affiliates for de-funding and punishment.

The right wing has used the media and its influence to target progressive organizations and individuals in order to silence voices on the left which, like CCR, work tirelessly for open democracy, social change and a just society. Now, Congress has entered this politically motivated campaign by illegally using its power to punish those it doesn’t like. By singling out ACORN without so much as a single hearing, Congress has initiated an unconstitutional attack on poor people, on working people and on democracy itself.

This resolution expires on December 18, 2009. Please take action by contacting your representative today to tell them that Congress can’t be the judge, jury and executioner. Urge your representative to vote against any attempts to de-fund ACORN or any other organization without due process. Everyone has the right to due process. Join CCR in challenging this effort by the right to yet again disregard the Constitution and destroy the forces working for positive change.

Vincent Warren
Executive Director

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