Housmans Radical Books, London – Events Newsletter, December 2009


1. Best wishes from everyone at Housmans
2. End of the decade sale!

3. ‘Change in Putin’s Russia’ with Simon Pirani.
4. Savage Messiah Zine Launch Party
5. ‘Arabs, Muslims and the Poverty of Liberal Thought’ with Steven Salaita.
6. ‘As Far as The Eye Can Sing’ with Frankie Armstrong.
7. ‘Bending The Bars’ with John Barker.
8.  Future Events

9. ‘The Beats: A Graphic History’ y Harvey Pekar and others.
10. ‘Che – A Graphic Biography’ by Spain Rodriguez.


1. Best wishes from everyone at Housmans
Housmans would like to thank you all for your support and custom during 2009, and wish you a very happy and peaceful festive season and new year.

Please don’t forget that if you are planning to buy gifts, Housmans has the best range or radical and political books, t-shirts, cards, games, and lots more beside.  For those of you unable to get to our shop in King’s Cross, orders placed now on our website (www.housmans.com) are sure to arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. If you haven’t tried out our webshop yet please do – if it’s in print we should have it.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you in 2010!

2. End of the decade sale!
Most people have their sales in January, but we thought we’d get in there early! We’ve got lots of new books on sale for 50% off or more – a good opportunity to pick up a nice present, either for yourself or a loved one. Also, don’t forget that we have a basement full of second-hand books, all at £1 each. Come by the shop and have a browse…

Full listings information can be found at www.housmans.com/events.php

3. ‘Change in Putin’s Russia’ with Simon Pirani
Wednesday 2nd December – 7pm to 8.30pm

Launching his new book on the subject, Simon Pirani discusses the interaction of power, money and people in Russia during the presidencies of Putin and his successor Dmitry Medvedev, and looks at the social movements that are working against an increasingly authoritarian government to change Russia for the better.

4. Savage Messiah Zine Launch Party
Saturday 5th December – 6.30 pm

Join artist Laura Oldfield Ford for a glass of something to celebrate the launch of the latest edition of her cult zine ‘Savage Messiah’. This issue is an exploration of the post-war clearing of Tower Hamlets to suburban ‘New Towns’, as well as the social problems currently facing the borough.

5. ‘Arabs, Muslims and the Poverty of Liberal Thought’ with Steven Salaita
Wednesday 9th  December – 7pm to 8.30pm

Professor Salaita, on a rare visit from the USA, discusses anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia, and the inadequacy of critical thought amongst the ‘chattering classes’, showing how racism continues to exist in the places where we would least expect it.

6. ‘As Far as The Eye Can Sing’ with Frankie Armstrong
Saturday 12th December – 5pm to 6.30pm

Celebrating the re-launch of her autobiography, folk musician and voice teacher Frankie Armstrong reminisces about forty years in the folk, women’s and peace movements, with anecdotes and songs.

7. ‘Bending The Bars’ with John Barker
Wednesday 16th December – 7pm to 8.30pm

John Barker, one-time member of militant libertarian group The Angry Brigade, discusses his experience of seven years imprisonment, and answers questions on the Brigade’s outlook and actions.

8. Future Events
For information on events forthcoming in 2010 please visit http://www.housmans.com/events.php

Don’t forget to check out our new online bookshop at http://www.housmans.com, with over 500,000 titles available!

9. ‘The Beats: A Graphic History’, by Harvey Pekar and others

Following his iconic ‘American Splendor’ series, veteran graphic novelist Harvey Pekar explores the Beat culture of the 1950s, telling the tales of Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg, as well as the movement’s political roots, its demands for women’s rights, and influence on art and music. Buy online at:

10. ‘Che – A Graphic Biography’ by Spain Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s simply yet powerfully drawn, painstakingly researched biography of the Argentinean-born Marxist revolutionary and guerrilla leader represents a step away from the ‘cut-out-and-keep’ Che of much popular culture. Rather, it proves an eminently informative and entertaining introduction to the man, his life and politics, without shying away from his flaws and complexities. Included is a short, academic yet readable, appendix discussing the idealisation of Guevara and the worldwide dissemination of ‘Che’ imagery. Buy online at:

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