Changing Haiti's Paradigm: Haitians must rebuild Haiti not the failed Internationals

4 March, 2010 — Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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Changing Haiti’s Paradigm HLLN 14-points to Return Haiti’s Sovereignty and Mobilize For Conscious Relief and Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity

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– Panelists: Haitians must rebuild Haiti | Final Call | By James G. Muhammad -Contributing Editor- | Mar 3, 2010 –

Link: For a Return of Haiti’s Sovereignty and for Disaster relief, Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity

National News, Final Call Panelists: Haitians must rebuild Haiti By James G. Muhammad -Contributing Editor- | Last updated: Mar 3, 2010 – 8:37:14 AM

( – A domestic Marshall Plan must be initiated to rebuild the Haitian capital devastated by a Jan. 12 earthquake, but this plan must come without the colonial mischief that has been used to undermine and destabilize the Western hemisphere’s first independent Black republic. That was the message from panelists at a Feb. 27 Saviours’ Day 2010 workshop on “Haiti sovereignty, disaster relief & rebuilding with dignity.”

The panelists reviewed the history of Haiti and explained why Western powers have not allowed the island nation to escape their oppressive grip to truly be independent and self sufficient. Panelists also recounted scenes of total destruction, illness and death that many witnessed in tours of the country since the earthquake struck.

Echoing throughout their remarks was the demand that Haitians at the grassroots level be involved in the reconstruction of their country.

“The fight is for the empowerment of the people,” said attorney Lionel Jean Baptiste of the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti. “We must make direct alliances with the folks at the bottom” and implement a program that focuses on people instead of a program that generates money for Haiti’s enemies, he said.

Former Haitian Consul General Harry Fouche agreed. “We appreciated the response,” he said of the aid directed toward his country, “but as the weeks went by we had a fear that the response was turning into an industry and that aid may not reach our people. We must speak out that the money raised for Haiti must be spent for Haiti.”

Panelists noted that Haiti’s 13-year struggle for independence—from 1791 until 1804—sparked a spirit of revolution among Black people in the Caribbean and South America. Western powers have not forgiven Haiti for that and have imposed embargoes and crippled the country with billions of dollars of debt that still exists today.

The persecution continued when Haiti’s first democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, spoke against colonial injustice and called for reparations for Haiti and the return of money it was forced to pay France when Haiti won its independence, panelists said. President Aristide was set upon by the U.S. government and ultimately forced into exile in 2004 when the U.S. military literally took him from office, they noted.

Even the administration of President Barack Obama appointed a “career diplomat with ties to the C.I.A.” as ambassador to Haiti while appointing donors as ambassadors to Trinidad, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands, attorney Baptiste said.

Responding to a question from moderator Ramonski Luv, a popular Chicago radio personality, attorney Marguerite Laurent of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) said Haiti’s crisis is man-made if you consider that Haiti’s poverty is man-made.

“U.S. policy wants (Haiti) to not subsidize public health or any social justice when we have subsidized (the U.S.) for 300 years. Haiti has subsidized Iowa farmers who have dumped their rice in Haiti. The U.S. told Haitian people, ‘we will give you factory jobs so get off your land’. You told Haiti not to invest in its people,” she said.

In a power point presentation, Nation of Islam Minister of Health Abdul Alim Muhammad added another dimension to the question of Haiti’s crisis being man-made. He noted reports of evidence that the earthquake was a result of U.S. military activities using high frequencies to cause shifting of earthquake fault lines. The reports note that oil has been discovered off the coast of Haiti and critics of U.S. policy speculate that the earthquake was caused so foreign militaries would be allowed into the country under the guise of humanitarian assistance.

With 20,000 U.S. troops in Haiti, one would think they would be distributing food, Dr. Muhammad said. “The only troops I saw were protecting Citibank,” he said.

Ron Daniels of the Haiti Support Project said the earthquake was “an equal opportunity destroyer,” but the silver lining is the devastation could bring people together.

“The Haitian people must be at the center of designing a plan, not just the political class, but the voices of those in the tent cities,” he said. “This is an opportunity to bridge some of the divides that traditionally have been part of the fracturing of Haitian society.”

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Ezili HLLN’s 14-Points for the Voiceless in Haiti: For a Return of Haiti’s Sovereignty and for Disaster relief, Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity

1. Haiti needs emergency humanitarian aid – rescue, recovery, relief and rebuilding, not military occupation. End UN/US/Canada/France occupation of Haiti.

2. End indirect aid to Haiti. Foreign Aid should go to Haiti not the churches and NGOs. The Obama administration must support an international response that respect Haitian sovereignty, not boost NGO profits and power in Haiti

3. Support the institutionalization of the rule of law

a. Return former president Aristide to Haiti so he may assist Haiti’s majority at this agonizing time and help in the relief and rebuilding of the nation.

b. Support community organizing, community policing, transparency and participatory democracy. Allow the largest political party in Haiti to duly participate in elections.

4. Value life – Value life over political and economic interests. Value the lives of the survivors not the “security” interests of the US and the international community.

5. Respect Haitian human rights and dignity. Stop criminalizing the poor in Haiti. UN/International community’s Haitian victims in Haiti since the 2004 US/UN/Canada/France regime change.

The UN has enacted Guiding Principles for Internally Displaced People. Make them required reading for every official and non-governmental person and organization. Non-governmental organizations like charities and international aid groups are extremely powerful in Haiti – they too must respect the human dignity and human rights of all people.

6. Value Family – Help reunite displaced families The Obama administration must support an international response to the tragic Haiti earthquake that values family and is sensitive to the human agony of family lost and separated in Haiti.

Extend the Temporary Protective Status cutoff date from January 12, 2010 to December 31, 2010, allowing patients and those who are accompanying their USC children post January 12 to enjoy said benefit. Provide humanitarian parole and equal application of TPS.

7. Rebuilt Haiti The Obama administration must support an international response that use its power to uphold Haitian-led, Haiti-capacity building relief and rebuilding efforts that sustains human rights, healing and dignity.

Support the launching by Haiti of national public works projects to rebuild infrastructure, sanitation systems, communication, public schools, literacy programs, public health hospitals and clinics, reinforce outback village units with affordable housing, firehouses, health clinics, legal offices, clerks offices, art & job training, communication, sanitation systems, access to safe drinking water units. Expand Haiti’s national handicraft industry, folkloric music training and education on Vodun, Haitian history of struggle and resistance, Kreyòl, traditional dance movements and significance, basic sacred drumming, vèvè writing and psychology/philosophy, basic herbal healing.

8. Relief, rebuilding and redevelopment should be designed by Haitians and their collaborators, not USAID, the UN or the “international community.”

Stop the stranglehold of USAID, its other international counterparts and the over 10,000 NGOs over Haiti. Their grip must be loosened if a new paradigm is to be installed for the people of Haiti that promotes Haitian self-reliance not Haitian dependency

USAID has a history of mistreating the Haitian majority, feeding dependency, starving democracy and should not be the US agency overseeing the US relief effort. And if they are, oversight and accountability are needed.

a. Oversight and accountability.

b. Support Haitians and to rebuild Haiti

c. Promote Haitian self-reliance, self-respect, self-determination, not dependency, injustice and indignities

9. Prioritize jobs and skills transfer to Haitian nationals

10. Debt Cancellation

a. Immediately cancel all debts owed by Haiti to the multilateral financial institutions (IMF, WB and IDB);

b. Suspends all debt service payments to these institutions until the debts are completely canceled; and,

c. Provides that all additional funds to Haiti for the rescue, relief, rebuilding and redevelopment are to be given in the form of grants, not loan debts.

11. All international adoptions or evacuations of “disaster orphans” must stop.

12. Encourage maximum leveraging of Diaspora remittances

a. Release all Haitians in US jails who are not accused of any crimes so that they may apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS.)

b. Support with tax-incentives direct capital investment/Haitian remittances in Haiti; and,

c. Ending the militarization of aid and the US/UN occupation shall protected and not diminish the value and use of Diaspora remittances because their shall be less violence, less demonstrations against the occupation and more normalcy so the people may invest the remittances in school fees, education, small business enterprises, and not funerals and lawyers to incarcerated relatives..

13. End free trade, began fair trade. Support domestic food production, indigenous Haiti manufacturing and job creation. Stop IFIs policies that limit social spending, require that Haiti remove tariffs on food and other imports, privatize public enterprises, exempt foreign investors from taxes on their profits. Support grassroots, indigenous Haiti capacity building organizations.

Protect workers rights and provide a living wage, especially in the export assembly industry.

Haiti needs food sovereignty, domestic manufacturing, local entrepreneurship, fair wage jobs, affordable and clean energy.

Support Haiti in subsidizing domestic food production, domestic manufacturing, organic food market from Haiti, local job creation, valid reforestation, fair wages not free trade wages, public works projects, sustainable development and a good working culture that values workers’ rights and health. Support Haiti entrepreneurship, Konbit culture and equitable distribution and profit sharing from the assets of the country. Support Haiti’s fuel sovereignty, clean alternative fuel and valid reforestation alternatives suited to Haiti’s reality. After the emergency relief stage of the earthquake emergency, calibrate food aid so to assist and not further destroy Haiti’s food production.

14. Raise funds to support the work of Ezili Dantò/HLLN Nou La!- We are Here – earthquake relief efforts

Ezili HLLN’s 14-Points with talking points (for more info, check the and our website –

A National Mobilization for Haitian Relief and a Call to Unite to Help Haiti

Farrakhan offers guidance, warns America of the need to change course

View archived webcast @

Changing Haiti’s Paradigm HLLN 14-points to Return Haiti’s Sovereignty and Mobilize For Conscious Relief and Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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