Leaked ACTA draft reveals plans for internet clampdown By Paul Meller

21 February, 2010 — Computerworld

ISPs must snoop on subscribers or face being sued by content owners

The US, Europe and other countries including New Zealand are secretly drawing up rules designed to crack down on copyright abuse on the internet, in part by making ISPs liable for illegal content, according to a copy of part of the confidential draft agreement that was seen by the IDG News Service.

It is the latest in a series of leaks from the anticounterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) talks that have been going on for the past two years. Other leaks over the past three months have consisted of confidential internal memos about the negotiations between European lawmakers.

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The chapter on the internet from the draft treaty was shown to the IDG News Service by a source close to people directly involved in the talks, who asked to remain anonymous. Although it was drawn up last October, it is the most recent negotiating text available, according to the source.

It proposes making ISPs (internet service providers) liable under civil law for the content their subscribers upload or download using their networks.

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Statewatch News Online, 3 March 2010 (04/10)

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Statewatch European Documentation Centre (SEMDOC): www.statewatch.org/semdoc/
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ColdType MARCH 2010 Issue

The ColdType Reader – Issue 44


Wars & Words: Essays on Government, the Military & Big Business – Frida Berrigan, Sherwood Ross, Fred Reed, Andy Worthington and Barry Lando report on the global arms trade, military dictatorships, war-time generals, missing detainees, and the forgotten link between recently-hanged Chemical Ali and the US.

The Reader also features excerpts from three new books: R.W. Johnson on the ANC and South Africa, Lisa Dodson on the way some managers treat low-wage employees; and Dale Maharidge on Katie, the Teenage Anarchist.

Other Contributors include Joe Bageant, Chris Hedges, Tito Valdez, Michael I. Niman and George Monbiot


ICH 1 March, 2010: Can Obama Assassinate Americans?

Can Obama Assassinate Americans?
By Nat Hentoff
The executive branch alone decides who shall die instantly. And there are no defense attorneys to raise objections, even when an American citizen is marked for oblivion.

The Picture
By David Glenn Cox
I want you to look very closely at this picture and try and keep it in your minds eye. This was a perfectly healthy twenty two-year-old young man who in the service of his country got half of his head blown off. I think that’s important, I think that’s newsworthy.

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama
By Chris Hedges
We owe Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney an apology. They were right about Barack Obama. They were right about the corporate state. They had the courage of their convictions and they stood fast despite wholesale defections and ridicule by liberals and progressives.

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