Mass protests against endemic poverty, government corruption convulse Haiti By Richard Dufour

9 October 2019 — WSWS

Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince and several other major cities have been virtually shut down for the past three weeks in a continuation of mass anti-government protests that have erupted at regular intervals since July of last year. Impoverished youth from working-class neighborhoods have come out by the tens of thousands to denounce their hellish conditions of life.

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Shooting at Haitian Parliament surprises few as anti-Government protests continue by Jane Regan

26 September 2019 — NACLA

Hundreds of photos of burning barricades in the streets have been circulating on WhatsApp

An Associated Press photographer and a security guard were both injured when a Haitian senator pulled out a gun and started firing outside the parliament this week. Suddenly news outlets around the world remembered Haiti. The “if it bleeds it leads” adage was proven right once again.

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Haiti News Links 2 October 2019

2 October 2019 – The New Dark Age

Coverage of events in Haiti simply don’t exist in the so-called mainstream media, unless there’s an earthquake or a hurricane or when they get cheap oil from Venezuela. I’d like to be able to publish more useful stories on courageous Haiti, but as you can see from the links below, sources are thin on the ground.

As proof, here’s the opening para of ‘Haiti: The International Front Positions Itself’

‘The so-called “international community”, so far silent on the serious Haitian crisis, has just made its move. On September 30, a meeting took place between allies of the ruling party, sectors of the political opposition specifically called for their extreme moderation (if we can use the oxymoron) and the self-proclaimed “group of friends of Haiti,” better known as the Core Group. The entity is as irregular in its institutionality as it is decisive in the internal affairs of the Haitian nation, deprived of the most elementary exercise of political sovereignty. Its name, “Core Group“, leaves no doubt as to its importance. The Core Group is a para-supra-state body, a type of committee of colonial administrators that brings together representatives of the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the European Union and the ambassadors of the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Spain and an out of tune continental guest: Brazil.’

These links from Ezili Danto’s newsletter, virtually the only regular source of independent news on Haiti:

Haiti Targeted by Economic Hitmen & UN Front for Deep State Enrichment

American Celebrities Useful Idiots Haiti Part 2

Haiti on Brink of Revolution to Overthrow US-Backed Regime

28 September 2019 — AMW

Haiti rev1

Revolutionaries destroyed police headquarters, attacked residences of government officials, and burned a jail and courts to the ground in different parts of Haiti on Friday.

Insurgents are fighting to overthrow the corrupt right-wing regime of Jovenel Moise, who is backed by the US. Four people died in clashes in recent days, with many reports of injuries.

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Haiti: The Epic of a Great Popular Uprising By Carlos Aznarez

17 June 2019 — Internationalist 360°

For almost two weeks now, the people of Haiti have been the protagonists of a large-scale insurrection. Two weeks, if not two months, two years or two centuries. But despite this, the world continues to ignore the bravery of these women and men who, as Haitian wrestler Henry Boisrolin rightly says, “have nothing left to lose because even their lives have been taken away”.

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Haiti Facing Worst Crisis Since 1986? By Nancy Roc

10 April 2019 — Global Research

While Haiti’s failure is reaching a peak, the international community’s behavior needs to change to allow Haitians to turn things around themselves.

“Here we go again in #Haiti. Another messy morning in #PAP where getting gas has become a matter of who you know because pumps are only delivering on a privilege basis. This station at Bois-Patate says it’s only giving diesel to intl organizations”. This tweet from Miami Herald’s Caribbean correspondent, Jacqueline Charles, on April 2, 2019, captures the mood of what Haitians face on a daily basis..  And not just for fuel.

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American Mercenaries Arrested in Haiti Were Part of a Half-Baked Scheme to Move $80 Million on Behalf of Embattled President

22 March 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Matthew Cole and Kim Ives

The Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire (DCPJ) in Port-au-Prince, where American mercenaries who were arrested were detained on Feb. 17, 2019. Credit: Hector Retamal/ AFP/Getty Images

Most of the Americans arrived in Port-au-Prince from the U.S. by private jet early on the morning of Feb. 16. They’d packed the eight-passenger charter plane with a stockpile of semi-automatic rifles, handguns, Kevlar bullet-proof vests, and knives. Most had been paid already: $10,000 each up front, with another $20,000 promised to each man after they finished the job.

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Ghosts of Massacre in Haiti Haunt Bolsonaro Government Generals By Leonardo Fernandes

18 March 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Atuação no exterior teria formado uma "casta" dentro das Forças Armadas brasileiras, segundo especialistas - Créditos: Hector Retamal/AFP

Working abroad would have created a “caste” within the Brazilian Armed Forces, according to experts / Hector Retamal/AFP

Generals who have been at the forefront of controversial actions by the Peace Mission in Haiti hold strategic positions in government

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