Iran Newslinks 4 May, 2010: Top Media Lies About Iran

Let’s expand nuke technology to your enemies, US tells nutty Iran President …
New York Daily News
Iran will never do anything really stupid. Ahmadinejad has called for the
spread of nuclear know-how and technology. So President Obama and Secretary
of …

Iran to hold naval exercises in Gulf: State TV
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s navy will on Wednesday start eight days of war
games in the Gulf and the Sea of Oman, state television said, less than two
weeks …

FIFA compromise in hijab row over Iran women’s team
CNN International
The decision came under heavy criticism, particularly in Iran, but in a
statement issued on Monday, FIFA said the football federation of the
Islamic …

Usama Bin Laden Is Living Comfortably in Iran, Documentary Asserts
His eyewitness accounts adds to a growing body of evidence that the world’s
most wanted is living comfortably in Iran. Usama bin Laden gets up each
morning …

Iran invites North Korea’s Kim to visit – official
Reuters India
TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran has invited North Korean’s leader Kim Jong-il to
visit the Islamic republic to further economic ties, a foreign ministry
spokesman …

What Kind of Mother’s Day? A Question for Iran’s President
Huffington Post (blog)
Or why Swiss diplomats who represent US interests in Iran have been granted
consular access only three times. On the last occasion on April 22, …

Iran ex-minister severely injured in knife attack
TEHRAN (Reuters) – A reformist former government minister was severely
wounded in a knife attack at his office in a Tehran university on Monday,

Putin Welcomes Gift Leopard From Iran
ABC News (blog)
The rare Persian leopard is one of two that Iran recently gifted to Russia
in exchange for two Amur, or Siberian, Tigers. Putin was on hand to open an

Kuwait says detains several in security probe
Washington Post
Iran has denied the reports. Asked about reports in the Kuwaiti press on
the case, spokesman Mohammad al-Busairi told reporters in parliament:
“There are …

Report: Russian pilots ordered out of Iran
By the CNN Wire Staff Dozens were killed when this Soviet-era Russian-made
plane crashed in Iran in January. (CNN) — Iran’s transportation minister
says …

US discloses its nuclear arsenal at UN conference
National Post
Word about the size of the US arsenal came on a day of heated rhetoric
between the US and Iran over Tehran’s refusal to abandon its
uranium-enrichment …

Iran moves to challenge US in Mideast: Gates
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iran is challenging US naval power in the Middle
East with an array of offensive and defensive weapons, US Defense Secretary
Robert …

Why Is Iran Allowed Seat on UN Women’s Rights Commission?
JUAN WILLIAMS, GUEST HOST: In the “Personal Story” segment tonight: another
outrage, courtesy of our friends at the UN Iran has just been selected to
sit on …,2933,592045,00.html

Iran, Azerbaijan sign MoU on fighting against smuggling
TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iran and Azerbaijan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on
fighting against organized crimes, smuggling of goods and drugs and
security and …

UN looks to Iran for advice on women’s rights
National Post (blog)
The latest example is the election last week of Iran asa member of the
Commission on the Status of Women, part of the UN’s economic and social
council. …

Iran to launch two satellites with Russia in 2010
Iran is working on a plan to launch two communication satellites with
Russia by the end of this year. During the Moscow visit of Iran’s Minister
of …

Pakistan desires strengthened economic ties with Iran: Gilani
Daily Times
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has expressed his government’s
desire to strengthen relations with Iran and to cement ties that will lead
to …

FACTBOX-Political risks to watch in the United Arab Emirates
Added to that are some lingering worries about an escalation of Iran’s
nuclear dispute with Western powers, a long-running territorial row with
Iran and …

Iran works on anti-cruise system
Iran started work in 2009 on stealth technology and cruise-interceptor
missiles. Iranian air force officials in February said they tested their
first …

Who Didn’t Walk Out on Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s U.N. Speech and Why?
President Ahmadinejad spoke about Iran’s nuclear program at the UN today.
And by our count, at least nine nations walked out in protest. …,2933,592103,00.html

Electricity import talks held with Iran team
—Online Photo/Tariq Aziz ISLAMABAD: Iran has sought about 90 per cent
increase in tariff for the 39MW of electricity it currently sells to
Pakistan and the …

Iran: Holding Nothing Back
Yeshiva World News
In an official statement, Iran’s Embassy in Tehran released a formal
statement calling Clinton’s remarks “baseless”. The Arab media also
carried the former …

Iran to hold naval exercises in Gulf
Iran’s navy will on Wednesday start eight days of war games in the Gulf and
the Sea of Oman, state television said, less than two weeks after the
country’s …,7340,L-3884624,00.html

Iran slams PG distortion in sport events
Press TV
The Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has urged the Asian
Football Confederation to look into any distortion of the Persian Gulf’s
name at …

13 Brands Of Imported Rice To Iran Laced With Arsenic And Lead
TEHRAN, May 4 (Bernama) – High levels of arsenic and lead have been found
in 13 brands of imported rice to Iran, MP Anushiravan Mohseni Bandpei
announced, …

No need to sanction Iran
China Daily
By MD Nalapat ( However, despite the US-led sanctions on
technology and finance that have been in place against Iran since 1979 —
when …

Hillary where are you? Obama administration silent as UN elects Iran to …
Madame Secretary needs to get out in front of the human rights blow that
occurred today, when the UN named Iran to its council on women’s rights.

Iran doubles natural gas exports
Tehran Times
A senior Iranian energy official has announced that Iran’s natural gas
exports have doubled since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March
21). …

Iran issues bonds for South Pars gas field
Several international companies have reconsidered energy ties to Iran as
sanctions pressure mounts. Tehran said sanctions would create an incentive
to push …

Filmmakers Unite To Free Jailed Director In Iran
Look To The Stars
Panahi was arrested for his vocal support of Iran’s opposition leader
Mirhossein Mousavi. The petition reads: “We… stand in solidarity with a
fellow …

Iran fails to offer “necessary cooperation” with IAEA: chief
People’s Daily Online
UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano
said here Monday that Iran fails to provide “necessary cooperation” with
the UN …

Iran faculty under pressure to tow the line (blog)
By Physics Today on May 3, 2010 2:20 PM | No Comments | No TrackBacks
According to Iranian human-rights activists, reports Science magazine,
Iran’s …

IRAN: Girls soccer team must trade ihijabs/i for hats to …
By latme
An Iranian girls soccer team has reason to celebrate after the sport’s
world regulatory body amended its earlier ban on Islamic headscarves, which
would have prevented them from competing in the first-ever Youth Olympic
Games in …

PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts “ Bolton and a Nuclear Iran
By Steven L. Taylor
I have been of the opinion for some time that a nuclear, or near-nuclear,
Iran is an inevitability for some time. This does not make me happy, but
then again the world does not exist to make me (or anyone else) happy. …

The Latest from Iran (4 May): Beyond the “Main Event” | Enduring …
By Scott Lucas
0745 GMT: Tuesday Funnies. Fox News gives us a present of one of the worst
— and thus funniest — pieces of investigative reporting we’ve seen

Iran’s girls’ soccer team back in Youth Olympics : …
By admin
“This decision was taken after both the Iran Football Federation as well
as the Iran National Olympic Committee confirmed in writing that they will
accept a solution whereby the players will not wear their Islamic Hijab
during the …

Redford, Scorsese, De Niro, Coppola Call on Iran to Free …
Redford, Scorsese, De Niro, Coppola Call on Iran to Free Imprisoned
Filmmaker – With the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Manhattan
today at the United Nations, a group of leading filmmakers have risen to
the defense of one of …

Riehl World View: Iran And The American Revolution
By Dan
John Bolton offers up his take on Iran and nuclear weapons via the WSJ. It
is hard to conclude anything except that the Obama administration is
resigned to Iran possessing nuclear weapons. While US policy makers will
not welcome that…

NewsDaily: Clinton says Iran puts world at nuclear risk
By Andrew Quinn
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday said that Iran’s nuclear
ambitions put the world at risk and called on nations to rally around US
efforts to finally hold Tehran to account.

Iran center stage at nuclear treaty conference | The Daily Caller …
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seized center
stage at the opening of a monthlong debate at the United Nations on how to
stop the.

Commentary “ Blog Archive “ Gulf States and a Nuclear Iran
By Max Boot
Bolton suggests that sanctions have no chance of working and that, absent
military action, Iran will go nuclear. That certainly is in line with the
general view in the Gulf, where they can see up close how porous all
attempts to …

Canada rejects Iran’s appointment to UN women’s rights panel …
Canadian officials are outraged that Iran has been elected to a United
Nations panel on women’s rights. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon
said he was “extremely troubled” about the Middle East nation’s
human-rights record.

Top Media Lies About Iran
By politicaltheatrics
Not surprisingly, very few members of the corporate owned media have
bothered to ask: does Iran have nuclear weapons? Does Iran even want
nuclear weapons? It doesn’t matter. When the media is as prostituted as it
is now, the sole aim is …

Iran: America’s Choices – Linda Bridges – The Corner on National …
By (Linda Bridges)
It is simply taken for granted in the foreign-policy establishment that
Iran would never, ever pass along nuclear weapons or materials to a
terrorist group. This may or may not be true. All we can say with
confidence right now is that …

Obama Threatens Iran With “All Options” Again | Fog City Journal
By FCJ Editor
In his latest interview with CBS news, President Barack Obama refused to
rule out the possibility of a military strike against Iran.

Iran navy to hold eight-day drill in Gulf: TV |
By marketmaker
Iran’s navy will begin from Wednesday an eight-day drill in the Gulf, a top
commander told state-owned Al-Alam television.The exercises are to be held
less than two weeks after Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards held four days
of war …

Ahmadinejad’s Remarks Indicates Iran’s Isolation From The World …
White House Spokesman said the provocative remarks by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
Iranian President at the review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty indicates their isolation from the world.

Iran News – Iran’s Green Movement In The Doldrums? : Global News …
The events that have roiled Iran since the disputed June 12, 2009,
presidential election are unprecedented in the 31-year history of the
Islamic republic. Never before have citizens protested in such numbers to
demand their rights be …

Stabroek News – Iran: Punish US for ‘shameful’ nuclear threats
By Stabroek staff
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissed Ahmadinejad’s comments as
the “same tired, false and sometimes wild accusations” and urged
nations to focus on efforts to bring Iran to heel over its nuclear
programme. …

John Bolton: Get Ready for a Nuclear Iran –
John Bolton writes in The Wall Street Journal that unless a pre-emptive
military strike is launched Iran will soon have nuclear weapons.

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