Gulf Oil Spill may be 19 times larger than BP & Gov’t say

20 May, 2010 — The Real News Network

One month after explosion of Deepwater Horizon rig, journalists update situation

Jesse Freeston interviews journalists at McClatchy’s DC bureau to get the latest on the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Journalists believe that BP and the Government may be hiding information on the severity of the leak. Those who fish for a living in the Gulf of Mexico are after BP for compensation. The central question yet to be answered to help resolve the question of how the explosion happened. And, the Cuban government is concerned but not vocal, given it’s own aspirations for deep sea drilling. Produced by Jesse Freeston.

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20 May, 2010 — MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

Last week, the BBC reported Barack Obama’s request to Congress for $200 million in military aid to assist Israel’s construction of a short-range rocket defence system, Iron Dome. The funding will be in addition to the $3 billion in military aid the US annually sends to Israel. A BBC online article explained:

“The system is designed to shoot down mortars and rockets from Gaza or Southern Lebanon with guided missiles.” (

Details were provided:

“Iron Dome was conceived and developed in Israel following the Lebanon war of 2006, during which Hezbollah launched about 4,000 rockets into northern Israel. Southern Israel has also come under fire, with thousands of rockets and mortars fired by Palestinian militants.”

The BBC failed to mention that during the 2006 war Lebanon was subjected to 12,000 Israeli bombing raids, 2,500 navy shells, 100,000 army shells and 4.6 million cluster bombs. (Jane’s Defence Weekly, ‘The war in numbers,’ August 23, 2006 and

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 19 May, 2010

Giving the Finger to Iran
The Iran Nuclear Deal and the New Premier League of Global Powers
“A Bomb is a Bomb is a Bomb”
The Greek People are the Victims of an Extortion Racket
If Its Is Good For General Motors,
Is It Good For The Rest Of Us?
The Financial Crisis As A Game Of 3 Card Monte
Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Break Records
How The White House Learned To Love The Drone:
Iran dismisses U.N. sanctions draft:
Newspaper ad calls for Israel to bomb Iran:
BP told feds it could handle oil spill 60 times larger than Deepwater Horizon:

And much more…

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BLACK AGENDA REPORT 19 May, 2010: the journal of African American political thought and action

Study Shows Blacks Will NEVER Gain Wealth Parity With Whites Under the Current System • Freedom Rider: Elena Kagan is Obama’s Waterloo. And Ours • The Truth Shall Not be Spoken in Arizona •  Malcolm X and the “Pan-African Pantheon” • A Police State for Black and Brown New Yorkers • The African Liberation Struggle is a Grassroots Thing • Soldiers Defecting from Somalia’s U.S.-Backed Regime • Jena Justice: Drug Bust or Racist Revenge? • Taking Back Homes from the Banks: Exercising the Human Right to Housing • Extra Judicial Killings in Guyana: “Champion of the Earth” Presides Over Death Squad Regime • US Troops In Obama’s Afghan War Are Executing Prisoners: Seymour Hersh

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Who’s Who of Banned Visitors to Palestine

20 May, 2010 — The Only Democracy?

[Editor’s Note: Contrary to what The Only Democracy? reports, as the image below quite clearly states, these people have not been barred from entering Israel, it’s the Occupied Territories. See ‘Noam Chomsky Was Not Prevented From Entering Israel’. I visited their site to get them to correct their misleading title but found that Comments was closed.]


At this point, you could have quite the dinner party with the folks Israel leaves out! How do I get on that guest list?

UPDATE: Eitan Bronner has an article on the dustup inside Israel over whether it was such a great idea to ban Noam Chomsky, after doing likewise to Jewish American journalist Jared Maslin,  Falk, and Goldstone as well as my personal favorite, Spain’s most famous clown Ivan Prado. Maybe if Israel didn’t need to hide what it was doing to Palestinians, Elvis Costello wouldn’t need to stay away as well!

The decision Sunday to bar [Chomsky]from entering the West Bank to speak at Birzeit, a Palestinian university, ‘is a foolish act in a frequent series of recent follies,’ remarked Boaz Okun, the legal commentator of the newspaper Yediot Aharonot, in his Monday column.

Russia-America: Rediscovering realpolitik By Eric Walberg

20 May, 2010 — Eric Walberg

As Russia returns to its logical, regional, strategic roots, the US under Obama is slowly waking up after its neocon nightmare, argues Eric Walberg

The irony in current relations between Russia and America is that the US has been far more ideological, perversely so, in the past two decades than Soviet foreign policy ever was. Russia is now expanding its economic and political relations with its former comrades both in the “near abroad” and in the Middle East without any of the scheming subtexts of Washington’s manoeuvring in the recent past.

One of the many signs of this is the rapid realignment of Ukraine since the election of President Viktor Yanukovich. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin not long ago floated the idea of merging Ukraine’s national energy company Naftogaz Ukrainiy with the Russian gas giant Gazprom — a move, gasped critics, that would put Ukraine’s strategic network of gas pipelines effectively under Moscow’s control.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 19 May, 2010: 154,000 Palestinians of Jerusalem Isolated From The City

154.000 Palestinians OF Jerusalem Isolated From The City / Israel Obstructs Entry Of Medicine, Medical Equipment To Gaza / House okays $200m in Israel arms aid / Israeli settlers attack old Palestinian woman and her grandson / Gaza Cancer Patient Dies Due to the Siege / Persecution of Palestinian citizens recalls S. Africa apartheid repression

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