NATO Newslinks 3 May, 2010: The strategic significance of the Sevastopol basing agreement

Afghanistan suicide bomber targets Nato base in Khost
BBC News
At least one person has been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a Nato
base in Khost province in south-eastern Afghanistan, police say. …

NATO’s Balancing Act
Central Europe Digest
by MJ Williams MJ Williams writes on efforts to resolve internal divisions
within NATO in advance of the Lisbon Summit later this year. …

Insider View: Hungary’s New Government, An inverview with Zsolt Németh
Central Europe Digest
Regarding multilateral relations, it is essential that Hungary maintain its
NATO roles. In the European arena, Hungary’s 2011 EU presidency demands …

Czechs’ satisfaction with EU, NATO, UN slightly dropping
Prague Daily Monitor
Prague, April 30 (CTK) – Most Czechs are still satisfied with the European
Union, NATO and the UN but their satisfaction with membership in these …

Times Square bomb: Who are the Pakistani Taliban?
Their aims are to fight the Pakistani army, enforce Sharia law and unite
Islamist forces against Nato troops in Afghanistan. And their tactics
revolve …

EU, NATO warships destroy three mother ships of Somali pirates
VLADIVOSTOK, May 2 (Itar-Tass) — EU and NATO warships destroyed three
mother ships of Somali pirates and seized 25 suspected pirates on the first
two days …

Pentagon map belies Taliban’s sphere
Asia Times Online
The most significant revelation in the report, however, is that General
Stanley McChrystal and the United States-North Atlantic Treaty organization
(NATO) …

Western Balkans among key themes of Bulgarian FM’s US trip
Sofia Echo
Meeting Jones, Mladenov also discussed the challenges in Afghanistan and
Nato’s new strategic concept. In talks with Helen Tauscher, US
under-secretary of …

Smuggling racket using Nato name busted
The News International
The container was marked “Nato supplies for Afghanistan”, with the gang
also in possession of false documents classifying the cargo as beverages.

German troops face pitched battles in Afghanistan as insurgency spreads
Times Online
When German troops first deployed in Afghanistan in 2002 the north was seen
as the safest part of the country and Berlin has resisted Nato’s requests
to …

Pakistan and India: Get Real About the Enemy
American Spectator
Since then, with the Taliban’s ascent, the presence of the US and NATO
coalition in Afghanistan following 9/11, and the extensive terrorist
bombings …

Eight Norwegian soldiers injured
Straits Times
OSLO – EIGHT Norwegian soldiers serving with Nato’s International Security
Assistance Force were injured, two of them seriously, in an attack in
northern …

Slovenian Takes Charge of NATO HQ in Macedonia
STA – Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija (subscription)
Skopje, 3 May (STA) – A Slovenian officer will sit in the driver’s seat of
NATO command in Macedonia in a ceremony in Skopje on Monday. …

Ukraine Plays East West Balancing Act
Gov Monitor
This was a given, considering that Yanukovych is expected to formally
announce that Ukraine was no longer interested in a NATO Membership Action
Plan. …

AFGHANISTAN: War of words over Marjah displaced
NATO forces and the provincial authorities are trying to deliver aid and
services in Nad Ali District but the environment for aid distribution and

Kill the poppies
Calgary Herald
The UN, with NATO, should spray and kill these poppy fields, and support
the farmers with funds from all of the NATO countries, instead of the …

Spanish Navy Commissions Indra to Modernise Naval Bases
The modernisation is essential for the ports to maintain their decisive
role in NATO’s strategy in the Mediterranean Sea. It will place both ports
among …

Europe Lacks Plan on Nuclear Arms
New York Times
The reduction of tactical weapons has become a major issue for several
non-nuclear nations in the EU and NATO — including Poland, Sweden,
Germany, Norway, …

Meet Your New Ops Com for SOCOM 4 (blog)
By Owen Good This is Cullen Gray of NATO’s International Security Force.
He’s going to be the lead performer in the upcoming SOCOM sequel. …

Women and child latest victims in Afghanistan
Morning Star Online
Two women and a child became the latest innocent victims of Nato forces on
Friday after occupation troops sprayed their car with machine-gun fire, …

Germany – Completing the European security project
ISRIA (registration)
For example, a missile defence system operated jointly by NATO and Russia
could result in close cooperation and mutual benefits. …

Slovakia – Speech by M. Laj?ák at SAIS of Johns Hopkins University on “Central …
ISRIA (registration)
Why have the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – already
joined the EU and NATO, while Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova have not? …

An Amazing Confession by General Stanley McChrystal
TPM (blog)
Stanley A. McChrystal, who became the senior American and NATO commander in
Afghanistan last year. “However, to my knowledge, in the nine-plus months
I’ve …

Incident: Turkey-Syria Military Exercises Irk Israel
It gains access to the Israeli defense industry (but perhaps not for much
longer), and the relationship is good for Turkey’s image in the NATO
alliance. …

Militants write their answer in blood
Asia Times Online
The operation is seen to be directly linked with the fate of the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) upcoming battle in the southern
Afghan province …

Tito’s legacy
Times Online (blog)
Kate Hudson, chairman of CND and a member of the Communist Party of
Britain, wrote this awesome nonsense about “The Nato war on Yugoslavia” in
her book CND: …

Source: No ‘credible evidence’ of Taliban role in Times Square incident
CNN (blog)
… in the video that the attack was revenge for their leaders killed by
American forces, and for United States and NATO interference in that part
of the world.

Americans Know That Israel is Their Ally
History News Network
The Israeli military may not fight along side the American one as some NATO
members do but it has done much, if not more, than many NATO members to
enhance …

Did someone say ‘quit Afghanistan’?
And no-one expects another NATO force to come along and do the protecting.
The Dutch have to manoeuvre out of their own mess on this one. …

The payoff: Anti-corruption program successful
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
Anne MacDonald, NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan assistant commanding
general of police development, and US Embassy personnel about the Afghan
National …

Who Started the Fight?
New York Times
One example that many of the drafters had in mind was the NATO intervention
to prevent ethnic cleansing by Slobodan Milosevic’s forces in Kosovo. …

Car Bomb Hits Near NATO Base In Afghanistan | Humanitarian News
By AidNews
Car Bomb Hits Near NATO Base In Afghanistan. May 3, 2010 – 10:38. A suicide
car bomber struck outside a NATO base in Afghanistans southeastern province
of Khost today. […] “ AidNews articles; 61 reads; All articles ·
Original article …

Car bomb targets Afghan Nato base –
Car bomb targets Afghan Nato base – A suicide car bomber targets the same
base where seven CIA agents were killed in the Afghan province of Khost in

Car bomb targets Afghan Nato base | Inno Press | Up to date. Up to …
By BBC News
A suicide car bomber targets the same base where seven CIA agents were
killed in the Afghan province of Khost in 2009.

Car bomb targets Afghan Nato base | SPUCC
By admin
At least one person has been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a Nato
base in Khost province in south-eastern Afghanistan, police say.The bomb
targeted the same base where seven CIA agents were killed last year in one
of the worst …

Afghanistan suicide bomber targets Nato base in Khost – BBC News …
By Top Stories – Google News
Kansas City StarAfghanistan suicide bomber targets Nato base in KhostBBC
NewsAt least one person has been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a
Nato base in Khost province in south-eastern Afghanistan, police say.

“ Car bomb targets Afghan Nato base
By BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition
Car bomb targets Afghan Nato base, Live News.

Indra to Modernize Spanish Naval Bases | Navy News at DefenseTalk
By Editor
The network’s new capacities are essential to meet the complex needs of
NATO’s ships. The services cover from telephony or email to telediagnosis
of embarked systems. The automatic test benches of the naval stations will
analyse the …

By milnewsca
02 – At least 3 U.S-NATO soldiers were killed with another two terribly
wounded in a face-to-face fighting with the Mujahdieen of the Islamic
Emirate in the Marjah district of Helmand province, on Sunday morning
(March 02). …

Afghanistan: a phantom endgame | openDemocracy
By Paul Rogers
This emerged at a meeting of the twenty-eight Nato partners in Tallinn,
Estonia, on 23 April 2010 (see Robert Burns, “Clinton and NATO plan
West’s Afghan exit”, Associated Press, 24 April 2010). The summit
confirmed the intention to …

Nominations for March 2008 | News Blogg
By tbi
The West must be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to
halt the imminent spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction,
according to a radical manifesto for a new NATO by five of the West’s most
senior …

Though we have raised you for this moment of… 805 | clamdyer7888
By clamdyer7888
… I had pushed for the expansion of NATO and believed this historic step
would help both to unify Europe and to maintain the trans-Atlantic alliance
The next day we signed a partnership agreement with Ukraine, and I left for
stops in …

The strategic significance of the Sevastopol basing agreement …
By Dmitry Gorenburg
Russian experts believe that as long as the Black Sea Fleet remains in
Sevastopol, Ukraine’s accession to NATO is off the table, as the alliance
prohibits members from hosting bases of non-NATO states. In reality,
Ukrainian accession …

Militaries Posturing For War “ Here in Reality
By justinwrites
New Zealand has been brought back into the fold in part by providing NATO
with over 200 troops for the war in Afghanistan. Australia, with over 1500
soldiers assigned to the International Security Assistance Force in the
nation, …

Islamic Army in Afghanistan Khorasan (April 30 2010) “ The Actonal …
By Ammaar ibn Walid
Yet again fatal losses inflicted on U.S-NATO invaders in Helmand. An early
morning blast in the district of Marjah killed or wounded a 4 terrorists of
foreign coalition terrorists as it tore through a group their foot patrol
on Friday …

NATO – News: NATO Ministers launch Afghan First Policy, 23-Apr.-2010
The NATO Foreign Ministers´ meeting in Tallinn on 22 and 23 April marked
the launch of the NATO Afghan First Policy aimed at increasing NATO-ISAF´s
support …

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