Four Beaten and Arrested at Al-Walaje Sit-In by Mazin Qumsiyeh

8 May, 2010 — The Only Democracy?

Our ten hour ordeal with the occupation forces started at 8:30 AM as we gathered in the small village of Al-Walaje. A tiny store with an elderly women who insisted on making me coffee and not charging me. Idyllic setting except for the heavy bulldozers now carving the hills to separate the remaining people from their lands via an apartheid wall that is planned to completely ring the village. This village, that already lost much of its lands, is in the unfortunate position of being near the Green line sitting on rich agricultural lands and the Israelis want the land but do not want the people that come with the land. Israeli military has already demolished homes in the village (most were rebuilt) and fined others for building without permits (which are not issued in this village). The heroic villagers inspired so many including Internationals and Israelis to join them in their popular resistance. Today’s even started as we came through the woods and sat in front of the bulldozer.

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And the winner is? The Media By William Bowles

8 May, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation


I admit to being one of the many millions of people who didn’t watch any of the so-called Prime-Ministerial ‘debates’ that have swarmed over the television channels since the announcement of the date of the General Election on 6 May. Not that this meant that I escaped the media onslaught on what’s left of our political senses even if, after the first ‘debate’, viewing figures for ‘Debate No.2’ plummeted by over 50%.[1] If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.


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