Terrorist Attack in International Water: more than 10 massacred and dozens injured, including MEPs

31 May, 2010

Terrorist Attack in International Water:

More than 10 massacred and dozens injured, including MEPs.

Unarmed civilians on a humanitarian mission to bring aid to besieged Gaza were attacked by Israeli military units. The aid flotilla was 90 miles away from the pariah state Israel. Israeli navy is firing on Gaza beach.

Updates at: http://twitter.com/freegazaorg  http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23flotilla

There is censorship in Israel on the details of the murdered human rights defenders. The BBC complies and parrots the Israeli disinformation of the bloodshed on board. Even Israeli propaganda has not claimed they were fired on, but the dutiful BBC initiated to ask “no question that Israelis came under fire from the boat?” at 07:24 31 May. The BBC ME correspondence W. Davies replied “whether the activists tried to snatch weapons from the Israeli commandos”. 10 min later the news summary at at 07:33 stated that the commandos were fired upon. Regev can rest and leave the propaganda work in the safe hands of John Humphrey.

This massacre is the result of the appeasement policies towards Israel, in particular the recent acceptance into the OECD. The latest appeasement by the new British government was when “Hague: We will change universal jurisdiction” [dated May 28, 2010], a move to effectively secure Israeli war criminals are immune from even arrest for war crimes.  In less than 72 hours Israel committed this heinous crime.

So why Israel was so desperate to stop the unarmed human rights defenders? Because Israel does not want any obstacles in its plans for the final solution for Gaza. The siege won’t be lifted unless either the world stop its appeasement of this terrorist state [e.g. BDS] or the Palestinians in Gaza are genocided or forced into Sinai.

Yael Kahn
Chair of Islington Friends of Yibna [IFY]
07880 731 865

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