Watch: Academic David Miller Speaks Out Following Firing & Israel Lobby Smear Campaign

8 October 2021 — MintPress News

David Miller Watchdog Feature photo

The Watchdog

Ironically, Miller’s book, “Bad News for Labour: Anti-Semitism, the Party and Public Belief,” detailed how bogus charges of anti-Semitism were weaponized against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in order to defame and destroy him.

The Rebranding of Antisemitism after the Holocaust

12  October 2021 — Global Justice in the 21st Century

by Richard Falk

[Prefatory Note: there has been past influential writing taking critical aim at the Holocaust as a cover for unrelated wrongs, most notably Norman Finkelstein’s brave critique The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, 2000, updated 2015). This post is concerned with the legacy of the Holocaust as providing antisemitism as a policy tool exploited by Irsrael and Zionist activists to intensify Palestinian suffering and deflect attention from Israeli wrongdoing. Such exploitation dishonors and unduly complicates the justifiably hallowed memory of the Holocaust.]
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Iron Dome: Don’t be deceived – US aid to Israel is not about saving lives

6 October 2021 — Jonathan Cook

US funding for Israel’s missile interception system is part of its wider efforts to shore up a military system of global domination

Middle East Eye – 6 October 2021

Battles in the US Congress that erupted again this week, holding up an extra $1bn in military funding for Israel, underscored just how divorced from reality the conversation about US financial aid to Israel has become, even among many critics.

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Professor David Miller fired after Israel lobby smear campaign

1 October 2021 — The Electronic Intifada

Asa Winstanley

Professor David Miller (CAGE/YouTube)

The University of Bristol has fired Professor David Miller, a leading UK critic of Israel and its lobby.

After a years-long campaign of smears by that same lobby, the university said on Friday that, “Professor David Miller is no longer employed by the University of Bristol.”

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Spectacular defeat for Israel lobby at Labour Party conference

27 September 2021 — The Electronic Intifada

Ali Abunimah

Man in hat wears Palestinian headscarf and facemask in colors of Palestinian flagThe flag of Palestine is seen on T-shirts and face coverings of Labour Party delegates during the British opposition party’s annual conference in southern English resort city of Brighton, 27 September. Julie Edwards Avalon

In a spectacular defeat for the Israel lobby, delegates to Britain’s Labour Party conference overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Monday condemning the “ongoing Nakba in Palestine.”

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What a travesty! Iron Dome Subsidy

25 September 2021 — Global Justice in the 21st Century

by Richard Falk

For the United States to pay the bill for replenishing missiles in the Israel’s Iron Dome defense system used during the Gaza attack in May is a travesty of law and justice. And for such an initiative to gain support for such a measure by a vote of 420-9 in an otherwise hopelessly divided U.S. House of Representatives should be an embarrassment rather than the occasion for restoring this questionable Special Relationship no matter how adverse its unconditional maintenance is for the wellbeing of the people of the Middle East and the strategic rationality of American foreign policy.
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Israeli cities impose beach apartheid on Palestinians

13 August 2021 — The Electronic Intifada

Asa Winstanley

[The irony of this is that on New Year’s Day, 2000, I went through something similar on South Africa’s Wild Coast and wrote about it here, ‘Washed Up on the Wild Coast‘.  But in Israel, it’s even worse, as Palestinians are being denied access to the beaches, not just segregated from Israelis on the beaches. WB]

Women and children play on a beach in the seaPalestinians on Jaffa beach last month. The city is inaccessible to most Palestinians from the West Bank, but some managed to get permits or evade Israeli restrictions. Other Israeli cities are now closing beaches to Palestinians. – Oren Ziv ActiveStills

Three Israeli coastal cities are being slammed by a civil rights group for effectively banning Palestinians from their beaches.

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Not Forgetting Palestine

19 July 2021 — Craig Murray

Craig Murray

Once you have been active in politics for a few decades, you get used to the popular convulsions of support for Palestine every few years when Israel military action against Gaza becomes particularly intense. Then follows a ceasefire, the media move on and Israel resumes the daily routine of low level evictions, destruction of tree crops, imprisonments and murders that accomplishes the gradual extinction of the territories that the Western powers pretended to intend for a Palestinian state. Continue reading

International outrage at forced closure of office of Palestinian agricultural organization

11 July 2021 — Peoples Dispatch

During a crackdown against Palestinian activists across the West Bank, Israeli soldiers stormed the office of the Union of Agricultural Workers Committee and closed it under military order

by Peoples Dispatch

Members of UAWC in Gaza organized a protest against the closure of the organization’s office in the West Bank by Israeli authorities. Photo: UAWC

Organizations across the globe have condemned the latest Israeli attack on Palestinian activists and movements. On Wednesday July 7, Israeli forces launched a series of violent raids across the West Bank. According to reports, heavily armed Israeli soldiers raided the headquarters of the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (UAWC) in Al-Bireh, outside of Ramallah, breaking down the door, seizing computers and memory drives, and then sealed the entrance to the office and ordered its closure under military notice for six months.

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The Fight to Save Lifta, the Last Remaining Palestinian Village

11 July 2021 — MintPress News

Plan 6036

Lifta, the only town Israel did not demolish after the Nakba, stands as a symbol of the Palestinian right of return, but an Israeli government “development” plan may soon change that.

by Jessica Buxbaum

LIFTA, JERUSALEM — Yacoub Odeh is 81 years old but he can still remember his childhood in the Palestinian village of Lifta as if it were yesterday. Children playing together in the gardens, swimming in the pools and laying in the grass.

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