ColdType September 2010 Issue

10 September, 2010 — Coldtype

Download in pdf format at



COVER STORY – On The Beach: Photo-Essay on the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Disaster by Jess Hurd. Plus: We’re Heading To Intolerance (Michael I. Niman), Things That Won’t Go Away (William Blum), Bush’d Again (Greg Palast), A Speech For Endless War (Norman Solomon), Towering Lunacy (George Monbiot), Flying The Flag, Faking The News (John Pilger), A Perfect Storm For Propaganda (Jeff Nygaard), Spy Vs Spy (John Feffer), Reading Harry Potter At Guantanamo (Andy Worthington), The Generals Box In Obama On Afghanistan (Ray McGovern), The Secrets In Israel’s Archives (Jonathan Cook), Ground Zero: Ours And Theirs (Kathy Kelly), Red And Green (Uri Avnery), Why The Wars Can’t Be Won (John Kozy), The Strange World Of Steve Forbes (David Michael Green), Rebranding Iraq (Ramzy Baroud), Freedom And Illusion (Fred Reed), Who’s Talking About What Matters? (Danny Schechter), Ecocide In Paradise (Michael Meacher)



1. Heroin’s Trail of Destruction: Following The Flood Of Drugs From Afghanistan To Scotland, by David Pratt
2. Two Minutes to Midnight: Cutting Through The Media’s Bogus Bomb-Iran Debate, by Tony Karon
3. The War Mentality: Five Absurd Things That Simply Can’t Happen In Wartime Washington, by Tom Engelhardt
4. Honk If You Love Caviar: Understanding America’s Class System, by Joe Bageant
5. The Lessons Of Chile: An Excerpt From Her New Book, Sick And Sicker, by Susan Rosenthal

Enjoy! (and if you don’t, let us know why)

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