Protest in Silwan: It’s about the Settlement not the Archeology, 1/9/10

10 September, 2010

On September 1st, the settlers in Silwan had a conference on the archeology of what they call “The City of David”. A group from Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity ( came to protest and inform the participants of the political meanings of the event. The police did the work of the settlers and kicked them out.

Artists for Gaza is Jazza

10 September, 2010

jazza-sm.jpgPlease circulate this message as far as you can. We want to pack the Scala  with music lovers and people who care!!!

“For the musicians who support for the long suffering people of Palestine, silence is simply  not an option.” Robert Wyatt 2010

Jazza Music Festival 12th & 13th October 2010
The SCALA, 275 Pentonville Road
London, N1 9NL 
020 7833 2022

As a response to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Palestine, a group of artists have for some months been planning a festival that will bring together luminaries from all areas of music to raise awareness, support and funds for the people of Gaza. As with the devastation that besets Palestine, the JAZZA Festival will not be a one off event but will travel to international venues. Only with the final liberation of the people of Gaza will the JAZZA Music festival stage it’s final act, in Gaza itself. Please show your solidarity and solidarity by booking tickets for and spreading the word to friends and supporters.

Tickets £20 per night
TUES Oct 12th  7.30 *BOOK HERE*
WED Oct 13th  7.30 *BOOK HERE*

JAZZA Festival 2010 marks the official album launch of the much anticipated release of Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen’s album ‘For The Ghosts Within’ (Domino Records). The concerts on both evenings will feature acclaimed vocalist – Cleveland Watkiss, Ros Stephen & the Sigamos String Quartet and the Orient House Ensemble. Also appearing Northumbrian folk stars The Unthank sisters,  specially formed super-group the Jazza All-Stars featuring Seb RochfordPeter KingOren Marshall and Alex Garnett, virtuoso oud player Nizar Al-Issasinger-songwriters Rory McCloudSarah Gillespie feat’ Gilad Atzmon & Palestinian hip hop artist Shathayah (Ramallah Underground)

JAZZA Music Festival is organized in association with the Free Palestine Movement, leading advocates for the humanitarian rights of Palestinians and the right of free access throughout Palestine.

Tuesday 12th October 2010
Nizar Al-Issa
Sarah Gillespie Quartet
The Unthanks Sisters
Robert Wyatt/Atmon/Stephen Album launch ‘For The Ghosts Within’ with the    Orient House Ensembe , Sigamos Strings & Cleveland Watkiss – vocals.

Wednesday 13th October 2010
Shathayah (Ramallah Underground)
Rory McCloud
Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen Album launch ‘For The Ghosts Within’ with the Orient House Ensemble , Sigamos Strings & Cleveland Watkiss – vocals.

Jazza All-Stars featuring Peter King,  Seb Rochford, Alex Garnett, Oren Marshall & Gilad Atzmon