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16 January, 2011 — creative-i.info

Libya’s Gaddaffi pained by Tunisian revolt, blames WikiLeaks
Monsters and Critics.com
Cairo/Tripoli – Libyan President Moammar Gaddaffi said he was pained by
events in Tunisia surrounding the overthrow of former president Zine
al-Abedine ben …

Tunisia: Why the Jasmine Revolution won’t bloom
Friday’s coup in Tunisia sent shockwaves throughout the Arab world. But
don’t expect it to herald an era of democratic reform, says Richard Spencer
A …

Netanyahu: Tunisia events exemplify the instability of our region (Haaretz)
Speaking during weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister says hopes peace and
security will return to the region following the exit of long-time Tunisian


Weary Britons tell of Tunisia chaos
The Press Association
Thousands of weary Britons are spending their first day home after
returning from trouble-riven Tunisia. The vast majority enjoying winter sun
breaks in the …

Russia sends plane to evacuate Russian tourists from riot-hit Tunisia
RIA Novosti
MOSCOW, January 16 (RIA Novosti) – A passenger jet of Russian airline
Transaero flew on Sunday morning to Tunisia to evacuate Russian tourists
from the …

Turkey evacuates 333 citizens from Tunisia
The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the Boeing 777 plane to
evacuate Turkish people from Tunisia. A Turkish Airlines (THY) plane
brought 333 …

France announces no intervention on Tunisian crisis
15 (Xinhua) — France advocates two main principles concerning the Tunisian
political crisis, the government says. The first principle is no
intervention …

Holidaymakers flee Tunisia violence
The Press Association
Holidaymakers forced to flee crisis-stricken Tunisia have told of their
ordeal as they arrived back at Glasgow Airport. The tourists described
hearing …

Tunisia sees bloodiest day
BBC News
The capital of Tunisia remains under curfew a day after its president fled,
with troops trying to keep control following widespread looting, …

Tunisia riots: Guns, bombs and protests – British holidaymakers tell of fears
By Susie Boniface; Andy Chapman 16/01/2011 British holidaymakers told of
their terror last night after fleeing mobs armed with guns and clubs in
Tunisia. …

Native of Tunisia sees potential
Albany Times Union
By LEIGH HORNBECK Staff Writer H?i Jaouad, a French professor at Skidmore
College who was raised in Tunisia, discusses the changes in the North
African …

‘Tunisian Jews unaffected by upheaval’
Jerusalem Post
By GIL SHEFLER The AJC is in touch with the Jewish community in Tunisia,
which has lived in the country’s shores since ancient time. …

Tehran advises Tunisian officials to restore security
Tehran Times
TEHRAN — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has advised
the Tunisian political groups to wisely restore security in their country.


Congratulations to the Tunisian People!
We would like to congratulate will all our heart the people of Tunisia, who
have successfully taken back their country from the tyrant Ben Ali and his


Forty-two dead in Tunisia jail riot: report
TUNIS (Reuters) – Forty-two inmates were killed in a prison riot in the
Tunisian town of Monastir, the official TAP news agency quoted a hospital
official …

Tunisian diaspora voices fears amid unrest
While celebrating the downfall of their country’s long-time autocratic
leader, Tunisian communities across Europe have also been voicing concern
about the …

France says to block suspicious movement of Tunisian assets
PARIS Jan 15 (Reuters) – France called on Saturday for free elections as
soon as possible in Tunisia and said it had taken steps to block suspicious


Tunisia Riots After President Flees
by NPR Staff A state of emergency remains in force this morning in Tunisia.
Its president fled to Saudi Arabia Friday after a 23-year reign, and troops
have …

Canadians told to postpone ‘non-essential’ travel to Tunisia
By Yehonathan Tommer OTTAWA – Canadian citizens have been advised to
postpone “non-essential travel” to Tunisia because of spreading
insecurity throughout …

Merkel offers to help Tunisia as tourists flee
The Local.de
As hundreds of German tourists returned from crisis-wracked Tunisia late
into the night on Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered to help
the …

Tunisia tourists: ‘It was like the Blitz’
BBC News
Holiday-makers in Tunisia have had their vacations cut short following
Foreign Office advice against all but essential travel to the North African
country. …

Jordan stresses respect for Tunisian people’s will
People’s Daily Online
The Jordanian government on Saturday said it respects the will of the
Tunisian people and called on all Tunisian political powers to unite to
preserve the …

Chaos in Tunisia…Devastation in Brazil…GM expands recall
9&10 News
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — There’s chaos in Tunisia, after the longtime
president fled following a month of protests. Soldiers traded gunfire with
assailants in …

Slovenians advised to avoid unnecessary travel to Tunisia
Political unrest and increasing anti-government protests in many parts of
Tunisia have turned violent, the ministry said in a press release on
Friday. …

Midland tourists tell of Tunisia terror
Sunday Mercury
MIDLAND tourists returning from strife-torn Tunisia last night told of
their terror as violence swept the streets. After jetting in to Birmingham


Shalom: Concern rising on Tunisia moving towards extremism
Jerusalem Post
COM STAFF Vice Premier and Regional Development Minister Silvan Shalom on
Sunday said he feared that the toppling of the Tunisian government marks
the …

Social Media Didn’t Oust Tunisia’s President — The Tunisian People Did
By Jeff Neumann
Events in Tunisia are changing by the minute, but one thing is clear: This
is the first popular uprising to bring down a leader in the Arab world in
recent history. Who — or what — is responsible for it?

New US Reality in Tunisia “ Liveshots
By Greg Palkot
LONDON Tunisia is one of those good news/bad news stories for US foreign
policy. On the face of.

JURIST – Paper Chase: Tunisia constitutional council announces …
By Maureen Cosgrove
JURIST – Paper Chase: Tunisia constitutional council announces interim
president , new elections.

Balloon Juice “ Blog Archive “ Tunisia
By mistermix
If you are strongly committed to the idea that the only alternative to Arab
authoritarian regimes is Islamist radicalism, Tunisia creates a problem for
you. If you believe that Westerners’ actively promoting political reform in
the Arab …

On Tunisia “ zunguzungu
By zunguzungu
Lots of people on the internet are talking about whether what’s happening
in Tunisia is the result of social media, and if you’re interested in that
conversation, you could do worse than go here or here or here. …

Twelve hours that shook Tunisia, trapped in my hotel room at …
By Mok
While I was making hectic last minute preparations to travel to Tunisia as
part of an Amnesty International delegation looking into human rights
violations, in the context of the social unrest that has shaken the country
since late last …

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Tunisia
By midnight rider
(Reuters) – Gunmen fired at random from cars in Tunis on Saturday and
inmates staged a mass jailbreak while leaders tried to prevent Tunisia from
descending into chaos after the president was swept from power. …

Arab World: After Tunisia, Who’s Next? · Global Voices
By Jillian C. York
Egyptian journalist and blogger Mona Eltahawy, who has kept close watch on
the Twittersphere throughout the Tunisian uprising, penned a widely-read
column this morning entitled “More Tunisias, Please” in which she noted
that the Arab …

Who Organized Tunisia’s Revolution? | techPresident
By Micah L. Sifry
I am as thrilled as the next guy at the sweeping pace of change in Tunisia,
but so far nearly all the commentary about the revolution-in-progress there
is the view from afar. This afflicts almost all the coverage that I’ve seen
of the …

Twitter, Wikileaks and Tunisia – Blog – The Arabist
By Issandr El Amrani
There’s been a lot of speculation, notably in the US, over the role social
media played in the Tunisian revolution (it sure feels nice to say those
two words.) Wikileaks may have played a minor atmospheric rule in baring to
the whole …

Tunisia: Government of National Unity or Tanks in the Street …
By Juan
Tunisia’s Constitutional Council appears to have reviewed Prime Minister
Mohamed Ghannouchi’s claim to be president and rejected it. Ghannouchi made
the claim Friday on the grounds that president Ben Ali was ‘incapacitated’,
in which …

For Tunisia, many questions linger | FP Passport
By Blake Hounshell
Events are still moving quickly in Tunisia, where word has just come out
that 87 -year-old Fouad Mebaza, the speaker of the lower house of
parliament, is now the new interim president after someone (we don’t know
who) determined that …

Shadi Hamid: Tunisia: The First Arab Democratic Revolution?
By Shadi Hamid
Stability is often illusory. Autocracies are stable — until they’re not,
and then it’s too late. This will, or at least should, be one of the major
lessons of the Tunisian uprising.

Theo Spark: Tunisia
By Donald Douglas
Saturday, 15 January 2011. Tunisia. Lots of links and additional video
here: “ Tunisia’s Revolution.” Stumble Upon Toolbar · submit to reddit ·
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BBC News – Tunisia country profile
Provides overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles
along with current news.

Shooting on the streets as Tunisia tries to form coalition – Yahoo …
Gunmen fired at random from cars in Tunis on Saturday and inmates staged a
mass jailbreak while leaders tried to prevent Tunisia from descending into
chaos …

World Blog – Tunisia’s embattled president surrenders power
NBC News, msnbc.com staff and news services UPDATE: TUNIS, Tunisia — Prime
Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi said late Friday in a televised address that


Army patrolling streets in wake of Tunisian president’s departure …
Army tanks and armored personnel carriers patrolled the streets of Tunis
Saturday, a day after the prime minister announced that he is the interim
president …

Tunisia’s troubles: Sour young men | The Economist
But his struck a rare chord of dissonance with Tunisia’s carefully nurtured
image as a tranquil, orderly, mildly prosperous playground for tourists and


VOA | Tunisian Security Forces Clash With Youths in Fresh Protests …
Protesters defied a government-ordered curfew in the capital Tunis, and
police fired tear gas at rock-throwing demonstrators angered by high
unemployment …

Tunisia: New Leadership Promises Government Of Unity And Hopes …
Troops and tanks have been stationed in the centre of Tunis to prevent
further violence and looting as Tunisia’s new leadership seeks to create a
coalition …

TUNISIA: People Power Succeeds Without Western Backing – IPS …
These are scenes Western powers would have loved to see in Iran – thousands
of young people braving live bullets and forcing an autocratic ruler out of
the …

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