Tunisia Newslinks 16 January, 2011

16 January, 2011 — creative-i.info

Libya’s Gaddaffi pained by Tunisian revolt, blames WikiLeaks
Monsters and Critics.com
Cairo/Tripoli – Libyan President Moammar Gaddaffi said he was pained by
events in Tunisia surrounding the overthrow of former president Zine
al-Abedine ben …

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Laal, “My Heart, My Fellow Traveler”

16 January, 2011 — MRZine

Laal presents ‘Meray Dil, Meray Musafir’ dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The music video is a new interpretation of Faiz’s iconic poem ‘Dil e Man, Musafir e Man’ (My Heart, My Fellow Traveler). While Faiz wrote this poem about exile, this video explores Marx’s concept of alienation within the context of modern industrial capitalism.

None of the individuals within the video are actors. Comrade Irfan plays his and his family’s shared experiences. In fact, every single role is played by an individual who actually lives it. The video was shot in the industrial areas of Lahore (Greentown, Multan Road, Defence Road, Ilaqa Nawab Sahib). Laal’s music is about real people and real struggles.

Inqalab Zindabad!

In solidarity
Taimur Rahman

Music: Laal. Poem: Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Composition/Arrangement: Taimur Rahman. Mixing/Mastering: Jamal Rahman. Direction: Taimur Rahman and Mahvash Waqar. Acting: Comrades Irfan, Raheela, Natasha, Tehseen, Touseef.

Vera Macht Reports from Gaza

15 January, 2011 — Gilad Atzmon Writings

gaza-appeal-sm.jpgThe air is filled with the noise of the Israeli F-16s, which are flying so low that it’s almost like the air is trembling. You can positively feel the bombs before they fall, before they explode with a horrendous bang, that is unmistakable, with a pressure wave that breaks the windows of the houses in the whole surrounding area, and makes the walls shake miles away.

And even if you know rationally that you are not in an immediate danger, this bang triggers a primal fear, the feeling of vulnerability, of being absolutely exposed. ‘We people of Gaza die hundreds of times’, a young Palestinian woman said. ‘In our thoughts, we are buried every night under the rubble of our crumbling house, we are shot every morning by a sniper on a carelessly chosen path, we may starve to death every day, because no more food is coming in.’

This night four bombs fall, three in the middle area of Gaza Strip, one in Khan Younis. All places have been declared ‘terrorist targets’ in the official statement of the Israeli military, including a Navy police building.

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The Tunisian intifada: The way forward

15 January, 2011 — Afro-Middle East Centre

This issue of AMEC insights examines the ongoing protests in Tunisia – which have persisted for four weeks. It looks at the underlying reasons for the explosive protests, tracing them back to the implementation of structural adjustment programmes by the Tunisian state. It also discusses the uniqueness of the current protests as compared to previous Tunisian uprisings, examines the achievements of the uprisings upto this point in time, and considers what the future might hold for Tunisia in light of this uprising.

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