Tunisia Newslinks for 29 January, 2011

29 January, 2011 — creative-i.info

Tunisia’s revolution rap hits the big stage
TUNIS — Once banned from the airwaves under the Tunisian regime, rap artists are taking their revolutionary lyrics to the big stage for the first time on …

The wrong friends
Boston Globe
(Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters) In unprecedented protests inspired by the
revolt that brought down Tunisia’s president, thousands of Egyptians
clashed with …

Reign of Egypt’s Mubarak marked by poverty, corruption, despair
Seattle Times
Events in Tunisia may have inspired the largest street protests ever to
challenge Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30 years in power, but
the anger …

Pressure on Jordan’s king grows in third week of Friday protests
Boston Globe
The rallies marked the third consecutive Friday of protests after Muslim
prayers inspired by unrest in Tunisia and Egypt. Abdullah has promised
reforms in …

Davos tackles diplomacy in the digital world
By DAN PERRY The turmoil in Egypt and Tunisia provides a stark illustration
of how the digital revolution can empower individuals on a grand scale —
but …

Arab Pundits Cheer the Tunisia, Egypt Protests
Newsweek (blog)
Whether the unrest from Tunisia to Egypt will result in democracy is
unclear, but the Arab media are celebrating nonetheless—and taking away a
few key …

US eases Tunisia travel alert
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is easing its travel warning for
Tunisia as the unrest that led to the authoritarian president’s ouster has


Oil prices climb on unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen
Los Angeles Times
By Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times Oil prices surged Friday as concerns
mounted that anti-government protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen
could …

Tunisia: Hold Police Accountable for Shootings
Human Rights Watch (press release)
Things are moving fast in Tunisia, but finding out who opened fire on
demonstrators and why can’t wait. The units and commanders responsible for
these …

Egypt, learning from Tunisia, squelches electronic speech
Los Angeles Times
This must be the next logical step after the social-media-fueled uprising
in Tunisia: The Egyptian government cut off Internet access for customers
of …

Support Tunisian Canadians
Ottawa Citizen
This announcement could be an indirect message to endorse peace and
democracy in countries including Tunisia and Egypt. Simultaneously, such an
overseas …

Turkey supports Tunisian people
Turkey has been monitoring developments in Tunisia and supported Tunisian
people’s demand for a more democratic society, Turkish Foreign Ministry
said on …

A spark from Tunisia
Ottawa Citizen
Activists are heartened by the uprising in Tunisia and its spread to Egypt,
but such victories have been brief in the past, writes Shirin Ebadi. …

At a glance: Key info on Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Yemen
CNN International
Those demonstrations followed unrest in the nearby countries of Algeria,
Tunisia and Yemen. Here’s a look at key information about each of the
countries, …

Tunisian dictator’s family ‘not welcome’ in Canada
Montreal Gazette
Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday waded into the politically
charged debate over unrest in Africa, saying members of the deposed regime
in Tunisia …

Exiled leader of Tunisian Islamist party returning to role in ‘new era of …
Irish Times
AFTER MORE than two decades in exile in London, the leader of Tunisia’s
largest Islamist movement intends to return to his home country tomorrow to


Egypt, Jordan at risk of Tunisia contagion, says S&P
The ongoing unrest in Tunisia is likely to impact public spending
programmes in the region (AFP/Getty Images) Middle East sovereigns could be
at risk of …

After Tunisia: Mourid Barghouti on Palestine
The Guardian
This line from a poem I had written two decades ago jumped into my mind
when the youth of Tunisia turned their ruler from a mighty dictator into a


How digital media enabled the protests in Tunisia and Egypt
Reuters Blogs (blog)
The cascading impact of social protest in Tunisia and Egypt, triggered by
desperate citizens and enabled by digital media, needs a new kind of
response from …

EU invites new Tunisian FM to Brussels
Middle East Online
EU Chief diplomat will send expert team to Tunisia next week to help with
preparation, organisation of elections. BRUSSELS – European Union chief
diplomat …

Tunisia movement losing steam?
Times of India
TUNIS: The head of Tunisia’s main union body said PM Mohammed Ghannouchi
had agreed to meet critics demanding his removal amid signs that mass
protests were …

ITUC backs Tunisian people’s Revolution
Tunisia Online News
Mr. Jaap Wienen, deputy Secretary-General of the International Trade Union
Confederation (ITUC), underlined that his visit to Tunisia is aimed to
express …

Sudanese youth seek to follow Egypt and Tunisia with mass protests
Sudan Tribune
Echoing the uprising in Tunisia, which saw President Zine El Abidine Ben
Ali flee the country, tens of thousands of Egyptian’s in many of cities
went to the …

Tunisia, Egypt, Miami: The Importance of Internet Choke Points by Andrew Blum
The Atlantic (blog)
The news yesterday evening that Egypt had severed itself from the global
Internet came at the same time as an ostensibly far less inflammatory
announcement …

Ivory Coast, Tunisia and for whom the bell tolls
Ghana Dot
I guess the upheaval in Tunisia must have sent a message to some leaders in
Africa. Listening to them seems to indicate that they are aware of what is
at …

After Tunisia: Robin Yassin-Kassab on Syria
The Guardian
Certain developments illustrate why Hosni Mubarak’s regime will be harder
to dislodge than Ben Ali’s in Tunisia. Trade unionists have been at the
forefront …

Facebook Roundup: Prineville, Zynga, Android, Verizon, Egypt, Tunisia, Japan …
Inside Facebook
Facebook’s Tunisia Response – Ammar, the nickname in Tunisia for
government Internet censors, literally tried to steal everyone’s Facebook
password in that …

Russian TV journalists beaten in Tunisia
RIA Novosti
A group of journalists from Rusiya Al-Yaum, the Arabic-language arm of
satellite TV channel Russia Today, were beaten in Tunisia while covering
the …

Hints of Qatari fears from al-Jazeera
Financial Times
Yet, when the flame lit by Tunisia reached Egypt, a country with which
Qatar has only recently made up after a diplomatic row, and where events
are more …

Tunisia vs. Ethiopia: Can the Jasmine Revolution Be Replicated?
By Jawar S. Mohammed* After a sweeping nonviolent uprising forced Tunisia’s
despotic ruler out of office, Ethiopian activists and pundits are
speculating a …

Many Tunisians pleased at interim gov’t shake up
Ct Post
25, 2011 file photo of Tunisian Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane in Tunis.
Tunisia’s official news agency Thursday Jan. 27, 2011 is reporting that
foreign …

UPDATE 2-Egypt unrest slams Middle East investments in US
The street battles in Egypt followed weeks of protest in Tunisia that
brought down that country’s president. For many US investments it spurred a
flight to …

Egypt Protests, Tunisia Revolution: Arab Pundits Cheer – The Daily …
By Salameh Nematt
Whether the unrest from Tunisia to Egypt will result in democracy is
unclear, but the Arab media is celebrating nonetheless—and taking away a
few key lessons about entrenched regimes across the region.

Laila Lalami “ Blog Archive “ After Tunisia
By Laila Lalami
This is why, reading about the events in Tunisia earlier this month, it
seemed to me I was witnessing the first national uprising in the Arab world
since independence. You can read it all here. (Photo credit: AP/NYT) …

Tunisia: How We Got Here and the Task Ahead | Dissident Voice
By Ramzy Baroud
Hunger strikes. These were the last resort for Tunisian activists as they
fought against a brutal and highly oppressive regime. Prior to the ousting

Tunisia in Syria? “ P U L S E
By Robin Yassin-Kassab
A state-controlled Syrian newspaper blamed the Tunisian revolution on the
Bin Ali regime’s “political approach of relying on ‘friends’ to protect
them.” Tunisia’s status as Western client was only a minor motivator for
the uprising …

Harvard Kennedy School – No Clear Path for Tunisia, Experts Say
The uprising in Tunisia has drawn the world’s attention, including words of
support from President Obama in his State of the Union address. However,
two Harvard experts on the region say it is still unclear whether the
protests will …

Tunisia ridding itself of a dictator | Babalú Blog
By Alberto de la Cruz
The citizens of Tunisia continue taking steps to rid themselves, once and
for all, of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Tunisia announced Wednesday
that it is .

4 Crucial Differences Between Egypt And Tunisia | Listicles
By Emma Jones
Land of the Pharaohs has become a land of water cannons and rubber bullets
following the mass protests in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, this week. Spurred

Canada to throw out billionaire kin of Tunisia dictator
Canada to throw out billionaire kin of T…Billionaire businessman
Belhassen Trabelsi, who ha…Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence
Cannon …”He is not welcome. We are going to find – in…The minister said
Canada was taking …

Yesterday Tunisia, Today Egypt, Tomorrow Pakistan, Then India
When the common Indian citizen has just barely enough for one meal a day
for survival, billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of crores of
rupees have been siphoned off by the political leaders, ministers,
bureaucrats and others.

The Fall of the American Wall: Tunisia, Egypt, and Beyond “ ZERO …
By Maximilian Forte
When it was already too late to salvage its allied regime in Tunisia,
Hillary Clinton made the usual reformist sounds, but still with an emphasis
on order and , of course, reform (the staunch stance of the
counter-revolutionary, …

US eases Tunisia travel alert | The Daily Caller – Breaking News …
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is easing its travel warning for
Tunisia as the unrest that led to the authoritarian president’s ouster has

Tunisia, Egypt, California, America | CalWatchDog
By CalWatchdog
John Seiler: First Tunisia. Now Egypt. Next, California. Out-of-touch
ruling elites are tumbling everywhere. Tunisia and Egypt have been ruled by

Tunisia, Egypt And The Sword Of Facebook | http://www.bullfax.com
By marketmaker
Tunisia and Egypt collaborate on fighting terrorism and insurgency and the
Arab Interior Ministers Council is based in the Tunisian capital.Abul Gheit
said the visit was aimed at “buttressing the privileged fraternal ties,”
and a …

Tunisia spirit hits Kentucky
By Philip Weiss
Tunisia spirit hits Kentucky. by Philip Weiss on January 28, 2011 · 18
comments · Like 9 Retweet 1. Send to a Friend · del.icio.us · Digg ·
Furl. Everyone knows about this already, sorry, it came out yesterday: the
new senator from …

Police Launch New Crackdown on Tunisia Protesters — News from …
By Jason Ditz
Though most of the world’s attention seems to have moved on from Tunis and
are now watching the Tunisian style revolts emerging across North Africa
and the Middle East, but the situation hasn’t completely stabilized in
Tunisia yet, …

US Interference In Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, etc :
By Alex
Protests inspired by the revolt in Tunisia have dominoed along Egypt, Yemen
and Algeria. Some have drawn comparisons to the colour revolutions seen in
post- Soviet countries. To discuss this RT talks to William Engdahl –
author of the …

DownWithTyranny!: Spring Time of The Peoples— Tunisia, Egypt …
By DownWithTyranny
Spring Time of The Peoples— Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen… Is England Next? The
title refers to something that happened in 1848, even before McCain was
born. It can be described as series of political upheavals— or
revolutions— that began …

Supporters of Tunisian uprising target Montreal-based billionaire …
Transitional government issues international warrant for Belhassen Trabelsi
on charges of theft and gun-running.

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