Wikileaks Newslinks for 4 February, 2011

4 February, 2011 —

WikiLeaks’ Assange May Gain From Swedish `Haste’ in Extradition
By Erik Larson – Fri Feb 04 00:00:01 GMT 2011 Julian Assange, founder of
the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. Photographer: Carl Court/AFP/Getty
Images …

Britain faces wave of suicide attacks: WikiLeaks
Hindustan Times
… terror attacks by British-born “suicide operatives” who are not on the
intelligence services’ radar, secret US cables leaked by WikiLeaks have
revealed. …

Professors Differ On Ethics Of Using WikiLeaks Cables
by Jessica Deahl As raw documents from contemporary diplomats, the
classified dispatches released by WikiLeaks offer insight that no book or
article could. …

WikiLeaks: UN aid cash went to Islamist insurgents
The United Nations was paying one of the world’s most notorious terrorist
groups after getting “too close” to it, secret documents disclose. …

Julius Baer Data Used by WikiLeaks for Assault on Bank Secrecy
4 (Bloomberg) — A former Julius Baer Group Ltd. employee’s effort to
discredit the 121-year-old bank by handing stolen client data to WikiLeaks
has put …

WikiLeaks cables: FBI investigation into suspected 9/11 gang to be reviewed
The cable, obtained by the WikiLeaks website, said three Qatari men, Meshal
Alhajri, Fahad Abdulla and Ali Alfehaid, had become suspects when staff at
a …

WikiLeaks cables: Britain pledged millions to lawless Somali region linked to …
The documents obtained by WikiLeaks also offer an intriguing glimpse of the
complex financial networks that have emerged in East Africa to handle the

EU aware sanctions hurt ordinary people: Wikileaks
The Zimbabwe Guardian
WikiLeaks disclosures have also revealed how Washington actively supported
Tsvangirai — even though they had little faith in his party’s leadership

Leaked cable suggests ransom paid for Canadian diplomats held hostage in Niger
Winnipeg Free Press
The May 2009 cable released by online whistleblower WikiLeaks says a Libyan
official told the US ambassador in Tripoli that two Canadian officials were

WikiLeaks cables: US launched anti-extremist campaign to reverse UK radicalisation
Dispatches from the American embassy in London, obtained by the website
WikiLeaks, show that US officials were given a private tour of Finsbury
Park Mosque, …

WikiLeaks Cables Suggest US-China Space Weapons Race
The latest secret memo obtained by WikiLeaks was sent from the office of US
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in January 2010. …

WikiLeaks cable: US diplomat doubts Jordan reforms
The Associated Press
OSLO, Norway (AP) — A secret US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks
indicates that in 2009 the US ambassador to Jordan had little faith in King
Abdullah …

WikiLeaks: US pushed UK to sanction Iranian banks
Jerusalem Post
… to Teheran’s failure to disclose information on its nuclear activity
were detailed in secret US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks on
Wednesday. …

India hushed Pakistani incursions in 2008 for the sake of ties: WikiLeaks
India Today
… rise in infiltration from across the border and decided to treat them
as a “temporary aberration”, according to a secret US cable leaked by
WikiLeaks. …

WikiLeaks: Lula’s Dislike of Pesky Leftist Diplomats
Huffington Post (blog)
To WikiLeaks: my solidarity in disclosing these things and my protest on
behalf of free speech.” The Brazilian president added, “I don’t know if
they put up …

WikiLeaks fallout was exploited by spammers
By David Neal GLOBAL INTEREST in the Wikileaks revelations saw spammers
exploit its keywords to fool spam filters and other security measures
throughout …

Is WikiLeaks Hacking for Secrets?
By Michael Riley In April 2009 the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks
published a secret US military document detailing technological
capabilities of the US …

WikiLeaks: Prince Philip claims he owns part of Jerusalem
According to the Daily Telegraph, the WikiLeaks document says Prince Philip
claims rights to the building based on his family connection to Sergei. …

WikiLeaks Has Hedge Funds Worried About New Disclosure Rule
But some are beginning to express concerns, noting that, despite
regulators’ promises to keep the information confidential, the State
Department WikiLeaks …

Wikileaks cables reveal Acta negotiators avoided official scrutiny
… a “freestanding agreement” to avoid scrutiny from international
groupings such as the G-8 or OECD, according to diplomatic cables revealed
by Wikileaks. …

WikiLeaks: Tsvangirai in regime change talk on US State visit
The Zimbabwe Guardian
… state visit to the United States to find ways of ousting President
Mugabe, a confidential cable released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks
revealed. …

Hackers train sights on Yemen after Egypt
In December, members of Anonymous attacked the websites of Amazon, PayPal,
Mastercard, Visa and others for withdrawing their services to WikiLeaks,

WikiLeaks: British Muslims sending problem children ‘al-Qaeda’ schools
British Muslims are sending their “problem children” to Islamic schools
in Kashmir on the India-Pakistan border where they are at risk of being
recruited by …

Rössing WikiLeaks continue… US engaged allies’ help
WikiLeaks passed the cable on to the Aftenpossten newspaper in Norway. The
leaked document is one of several posted recently in which powerful
governments …

Wikileaks must be big enough to take criticism
by Voice of the Mirror 4/02/2011 SHOULD we laugh or cry when the Wikileaks
freedom of information campaign appears to threaten legal action over
what’s …

Al-Qaida close to nukes?
MSN Money
According to leaked US cables obtained by WikiLeaks, members of al-Qaida
and other terrorist groups are smuggling highly radioactive material.
(Where? …

Wikileaks: Ansip dazzled by his success
Baltic Business News
Several reports drawn up by US diplomats in Tallinn in the summer of 2007
quote Estonian politicians including some Reform Party members saying that
the …

WikiLeaks cables: Britain refused to shut down charity US claims is funding Hamas
British authorities refused to close down a charity, despite America
claiming it was allegedly funding terrorism in the Middle East. …

Two Indian cos tried to sell dual-use products to Syria: Wikileaks
Hindustan Times
The US had alerted India that Syria was trying to buy products from two
Indian firms that could have been used in making chemical and biological
weapons, …

WikiLeaked: Grabbing at straws in Cairo
Foreign Policy
WikiLeaks seems to have rediscovered the news cycle, releasing seven cables
from the US Embassy in Cairo as the Egyptian government crackdown on
protesters …

WikiLeaks 2.0: OpenLeaks debuts
Former spokesmen for WikiLeaks create a new service to send leaked
documents directly to intended government and news sources. …

Wikileaks Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize “ Hot Air
By Cassy Fiano
There’s also the complicity of Wikileaks in possible torture and death, but
who cares about that? Wikileaks callously released the names and
whereabouts of Afghan informants helping US troops drive out the Taliban
— a truly corrupt, …

WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
By Andrew Couts
Still under investigation for accusations of rape, Julian Assange, and his
whistle-blowing organization WikiLeaks, have been nominated for the 2011…

‘Hurt Locker’ Writer May Script Wikileaks Movie – Screen Rant
By Sandy Schaefer
Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) looks to pen a
script based on the controversial exploits of Wikileaks’ founder Julian

Six WikiLeaks Films Are In Production, So Here’s How To Spice Them …
By Terri Schwartz
Covering the world of movies with exclusive news, celebrity columns and

WikiLeaks Nobel Prize
By | #1 California Blog
WikiLeaks has always relied on donations for its income, so the recent ban
on the site’s payment processing by two prominent California companies,
VISA of San Francisco and PayPal of San Jose, appears to be politically
motivated. …

Kucinich: Suspected WikiLeaks leaker could be facing ‘cruel and …
By (Michael O’Brien)
The Army private accused of leaking classified U. S..

WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Prize
By ed
WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange, publishes papers alleging corporate
and supervision misconduct. (CNN) — A Norwegian politician pronounced he
has nominated WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace Prize, citing a website’s grant
to “ democracy …

Space Politics “ WikiLeaks cables on US-China ASAT testing
By Jeff Foust
The British newspaper The Telegraph has published a series of diplomatic
cables regarding the US, China, and ASAT tests obtained from WikiLeaks. The
cables cover US responses to China’s 2007 ASAT test and China’s reaction to
the US …

Joe. My. God.: Nobel Peace Prize Nom For WikiLeaks
By Joe
Nobel-watcher and Peace Research Institute Oslo Director Kristian Berg
Harpviken says he is not surprised WikiLeaks has been nominated and he
expects it will receive more than one vote. “WikiLeaks has been on top of
the international …

Wikileaks and Nobel Prize | Trends Updates
The WikiLeaks site was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, said a
Norwegian parliamentarian Snorre Valen, author of the proposal, a day after

Wikileaks is super, but Julian Assange is not the hero we need
By Noah Berman
In the months that have passed since “Cablegate” began, my stance on
Wikileaks has not…

WikiLeaks Reveals Lula’s Distaste for Pesky Leftist Diplomats …
By BuzzFlash
A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that Julian Assange might have found a
potential home in Brazil, where former president Luiz Inacio “Lula” da
Silva expressed support for whistle-blowing group WikiLeaks. Interrupting a
run-of-the -mill …

Wikileaks: CoIntelPro Psyop
By admin
Wikileaks has all of the power to spread the truth on the internet and all
of the secrecy that the Elite uses. When this site first came on the scene,
I’ll admit that I bought it hook line and sinker. A group of rich, …

Snorre Valen on WikiLeaks Nobel | Geekosystem
By Geekosystem Staff
Yesterday, we reported that Norwegian parliamentarian Snorre Valen had
nominated WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace Prize. Writing on his blog, Valen has
expounded in more detail on his reasons for nominating the whistleblower
site; …

The Confusion Of WikiLeaks and Cabelgate | Media Badger, Social …
By giles
The world was captivated with WikiLeaks release of diplomatic cables late
last year. Or was it? As we researched some of the sentiment and
commentary, we found most people didn’t really seem to care about the
diplomatic cables. …

WikiLeaks and Nobel Prize
By Adam
WikiLeaks and Nobel Prize – Love him or hate him, love his website or hate
it, there is one thing that cannot be argued about Julian Assange and

Professors Differ On Ethics Of Using WikiLeaks Cables | KOSU Radio
By KOSU News
At universities around the country, a new semester has begun, and
professors of international relations are entering it with a new teaching
tool at their disposal: the diplomatic cables released by the website
WikiLeaks. …

AP Interview:WikiLeaks seeking more media partners – Yahoo! News
LONDON – WikiLeaks hopes to enlist as many as 60 news organizations from
around the world in a bid to help speed the publication of its massive
trove of …

UK police arrest five ‘Anonymous’ WikiLeaks defenders – Computerworld
UK police arrested three teenagers and two other people on Thursday for
allegedly taking part in a series of denial-of-service attacks against
major …

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