Lester Young ‘Jamming the Blues’

26 February, 2011 — Jazz on the Tube

Lester Young tenor; Illinois Jacque, tenor; Harry Edison, trumpet; Barney Kessel; guitar; Marlowe Morris, piano; Red Callender, bass; Jo Jones and Sidney Catlett, drums

The movie was directed by Gjon Mili. Producer Gordon Hollingshead was nominated for an Academy Award for this footage in the category of Best Short Subject, One-reel. Recorded in 1944.

Libya Independent Media Newslinks for 25-26 February, 2011

26 February, 2011 Last updated: 20:28:14 — creative-i.info

26 February, 2011

25 February, 2011

Information Clearing House Newsletter 25 February, 2011: Chomsky : 'Stability, A Cold Code Word With US'

25 February, 2011 — Information Clearing House

How Gaddafi’s Words Get Lost In Translation
By Oliver Miles Former British ambassador to Libya
Oratory is out of fashion with us – no longer do our statesmen hold the House of Commons in thrall for eight hours at a go. But Mr Gaddafi is also a bad joke throughout the Arab world outside Libya. How can that be?

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Payback: The price of colonialism By Gaither Stewart

24 February, 2011 — The Greanville Post

Of all the uprisings in the Maghreb, the case of Libya is perhaps the most opaque. Is the country a locus of true spontaneous insurrection or simply the target of an opportunistic maneuver by the West?

gaither-01.jpg(Rome) Does colonialism pay off for anyone? In the long run, definitely not. There is always a payback. The events today in the North Africa reflect this story. The situation today is the living and the dying proof of the payback. An atrocious, insufferable payback. The English in Egypt, the French in Algeria, the Italians in Libya. But especially the occupied Arab peoples of Egypt, Algeria and Libya, have all paid and continue to pay the price of colonialism.

The history of Libya as an Italian colony started near 1910 and lasted until 1947 when Italy waged war on the wrong side and lost all its colonies. After initial failure, the then Kingdom of Italy and soon afterwards, Fascist Italy, took control of the Ottoman provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica. After uniting the two areas as one colonial province, Italy revived the classical name of ‘Libya’ as the official name of the colony.

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Congresswoman Waters opposes plot to control Haiti by Congresswoman Maxine Waters

21 January, 2011 — Bayview

Urges prosecution of Duvalier for human rights violations and new elections that respect the will of the Haitian people

baby-doc.jpgJean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier was taken from his luxury hotel for questioning on Jan. 18, the day after his arrival in Haiti for the first time since 1986. Though released the same day, he has been charged with corruption and embezzlement. The Wall Street Journal reports Jan. 20 that a Haitian judge has now barred him from leaving the country, adding, “In a separate legal challenge, four Haitians, including a prominent journalist, filed criminal suits against him on Wednesday alleging crimes against humanity.” – Photo: Ramon Espinosa, AP

The plot to control Haiti has gone from the absurd to the ridiculous. The return of Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier to Haiti in the midst of a flawed election is truly shocking. The Duvalier dictatorship was absolutely brutal, and there is extensive documentation of the human rights violations suffered by the Haitian people during his reign. I was pleased to hear that the authorities had taken him into custody, and I urge that he be tried for his crimes. Nevertheless, Duvalier’s return raises serious questions about who in Haiti facilitated his return and what his supporters expect to gain by bringing him back.

Duvalier’s return comes in the midst of a desperate attempt by President Rene Préval to maintain control of Haiti by ensuring the election of Jude Celestin, his chosen successor. President Préval did this by appointing a Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) that was biased in his favor, which refused to allow candidates from over a dozen political parties to participate in the elections. Among those excluded was Lavalas, Haiti’s largest political party and the party most popular among Haiti’s poor. The result was a deeply flawed election that generated widespread and sometimes violent protests among the Haitian people.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 25 February, 2011: Murdered Jerusalem man subjected to racism even in death

25 February, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Student Killed By Mercenaries In Libya
IMEMC – Saturday February 26, 2011 – 01:20, A Palestinian student studying in Libya was shot and killed on Thursday by a group of armed mercenaries in Misrata city, east of Tripoli in Libya, the Maan News Agency reported.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 20-25 February, 2011: Arab World / Pentagon / Japan / Separatism

25 February, 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Revolts in Arab world – who’s next?

25.02.2011 | 17:12 | SEDOV Dmitriy
The revolt in Libya makes us seriously revise our attitude to the events in the Arab East… Accumulation of serious social and economic contradictions when it reaches the point, after which an outbreak of social rage follows, is the real base of national protests… The Islamic world with its opposition to globalism is in search for a new self identification. Islam as a culture does not accept globalism as such…

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