Wikileaks Newslinks for 7 February, 2011

7 February, 2011 —

The age of the WikiLeaks-style vigilante geek is over
The Guardian
Now that the dust over the US embassy cables is beginning to settle, WikiLeaks finds itself at a crossroads. To effectively continue its war on government …

Egypt’s VP Suleiman demonised Muslim Brotherhood as “bogeyman”: Wikileaks
The whistleblower website ‘Wikileaks’ has claimed in its latest revelation that Egypt’s new Vice-President, Omar Suleiman, had long sought to demonise the …

Anonymous lashes out at security firm HBGary Federal over Wikileaks probe
… working to identify members of the group responsible for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on companies that suspended services to Wikileaks. …

Naval commander warned of Somalia’s ‘collusion’ with pirates: Wikileaks
Globe and Mail
The cable, released by WikiLeaks over the weekend, recounts what a Canadian frigate commander told diplomats in London after he worked at escorting food-aid …

State Dept. Spokesman Calls Report on Sharing UK Nuke Secrets ‘Bunk’
Fox News (blog)
The Telegraph reported Saturday that WikiLeaks cables showed the administration agreed to give Russia information about every Trident missile the US …

WikiLeaks Show Terrorists Working Toward a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups are working to produce chemical, biological or radioactive weapons to attack the West, according to WikiLeaks diplomatic …

Australia and US sign secret satellite spy deal
The Age
Cable reports obtained by WikiLeaks show how the spy game has been taken to the skies. AUSTRALIA and the United States have begun a partnership to share …

Wikileaks: AU chief privately critical of Sudan’s inaction on Darfur justice
Sudan Tribune
… justice for victims of alleged war crimes committed in Darfur, according to a classified US document obtained by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. …,37901

Spammers Leveraged WikiLeaks’ Name
eSecurity Planet
By eSecurityPlanet Staff According to Kaspersky Lab’s December 2010 spam report, spammers used WikiLeaks’ notoriety to persuade recipients to forward bogus …

UK ‘wary of army in terror war’
Daily Nation
A cable released by Wikileaks says getting “multi-agency buy-in” within
the Kenyan government is difficult and that the intelligence service has
primary …

Kotarski: Insurgency and the Internet
Calgary Herald
By Kris Kotarski, For the Calgary Herald February 6, 2011 Efforts by
governments to shut down the operations of Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks have
proven …

WikiLeaks: Waytha may seek legal redress
Free Malaysia Today
Details of his meeting with American officials from political and
intelligence units in the US Embassy in London were leaked via the London
WikiLeaks cables …

Tonight’s TV highlights
The Guardian
In Panorama, John Sweeney investigates claims that the zeal of Julian
Assange and WikiLeaks for transparency in governmental affairs does not
extend to its …

Totally Techy launches dotORG and its first campaign, ‘Save Wikileaks!’ (press release)
Totally Techy, the Computer Repair business based in Uxbridge, NW London,
UK has launched a not-for-profit spin off, dotORG (
#7505601). …—save-wikileaks-/s66/a542659/

Yemen president intervened in port bid: WikiLeaks
Lloyd’s List Daily Commercial News
… to operate the Port of Aden on a personal whim rather than through a
tender process, according to the latest diplomatic cables released by
WikiLeaks. …

WikiLeaks: Kuczynski is “influential government ally†for Peru-based …
Living in Peru
This is the first time that a undisclosed WikiLeaks cable mentions a member
of the Alejandro Toledo’s administration. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is
currenlty …

Pilger, Wilkie, Burnside to defend WikiLeaks
Green Left Weekly
In the tradition of courageous investigative journalism, WikiLeaks has
blown the whistles that alert us to these injustices and lies, serving a
basic …

The reality of virtual power
Korea Times
Some observers attribute the acceleration of the revolution to Twitter and
WikiLeaks. As the Obama administration formulates policy toward Egypt and
Yemen, …

‘Pakistani Ran Uranium Smuggling Ring Locally’
… operative based in Kenya has been behind uranium smuggling in the
region, a diplomatic cable released by the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks
reveals. …

Assange faces extradition hearing
Irish Times
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pictured leaving Belmarsh Magistrates’
Court in London last month. Photograph: Paul Hackett/Reuters WikiLeaks
founder …

How Wikileaks could Enhance Our Collective Awareness
By Joan Marques (about the author) Page 1 of 1 page(s) The recent
disclosures on Wikileaks about alleged pre 9/11 awareness from top
government officials …

Silenced soldiers
The Daily Princetonian
On July 25, the online organization WikiLeaks published over 75000 US
classified diplomatic cables in cooperation with The New York Times, the
Guardian and …

WikiLeaked: Karzai: Credible Afghan elections? Good luck with that
Foreign Policy
Over the weekend, WikiLeaks decided to drop what (if memory serves) is its
largest single release to date from its cache of US State Department
emails, …

Today’s media stories from the papers
The Guardian
P7 The Independent WikiLeaks founder threatens to sue Guardian for libel.
P2 David Blunkett was victim of phone-hacking. P6, 7 Consultant moving BBC
to …

Internet Is Easy Prey For Governments
… when push came to shove over WikiLeaks in the US the very same
government authority was used to cut off “enemies of the state” from access
and funding. …

Wallace: Alleged Nixon-era leaker lacks empathy for Assange
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
When Halperin comes to Sarasota tonight for a lecture, he said his message
will be clear: There is no merit in what WikiLeaks has done. …

WikiLeaks: Nigeria stymied corruption case
eTaiwan News
AP Diplomatic cables released by the WikiLeaks website claim Nigeria’s top
legal official tried to stymie an investigation into a powerful politician.

Anti-Berlusconi hackers block Italy government website
Reuters Africa
Computer hackers using the name Anonymous have acted in recent weeks on
behalf of WikiLeaks, which infuriated the United States by releasing US
military and …

Strategic vision, big stick and a bigger carrot will prevail – II
The News International
Whatever little was left of its leader’s prestige was ravaged by WikiLeaks
which exposed him courting the Americans, whom he so loves to hate
publicly, …

Seeing cracks in the empire
Socialist Worker Online
The event, organized by the International Socialist Organization, was
titled, “Wikileaks, the Palestine Papers and Revolt in the Arab World:
Cracks in the …

WikiLeaks’ Assange faces extradition hearing
San Diego Source (subscription)
By JILL LAWLESS, AP WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his entourage of
lawyers, supporters, protesters and journalists are headed back to a London
court …

Omar Suleiman ‘Demonized’ Muslim Brotherhood: WikiLeaks
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Egypt’s new vice president, Omar Suleiman, has long sought to demonize the
opposition Muslim Brotherhood in his contacts with skeptical U.S.
officials, leaked diplomatic cables show, raising questions whether he can
act as an honest …

Cambodia: Wikileaks and CambodiaLeaks · Global Voices
By Mong Palatino
Languages, English. Translations This post also available in: Español, ·
Camboya : Wikileaks y CambodiaLeaks · Cambodia. A blog called
CambodiaLeaks uploads documents and news reports about the Wikileaks cables
involving Cambodia. …

Former WikiLeaks Colleagues Forming New Web Site, OpenLeaks | www …
By marketmaker
Former WikiLeaks supporters at odds with founder Julian Assange will
shortly launch OpenLeaks, a rival project aiming to get secret documents
directly to media, one of them said Friday.”I can confirm that we will be
operating under the …

NewsDaily: WikiLeaks’ Assange fights extradition to Sweden
By Adrian Croft
LONDON, Feb. 6, 2011 (Reuters) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will
try to persuade a British judge Monday to block his extradition to Sweden
to face trial for sex crimes, arguing he could end up facing execution in
the United States …

WikiLeaks’ Assange faces extradition hearing in UK “ The Daily …
LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his entourage of
lawyers, supporters, protesters and journalists are headed back to a London
court for a showdown between the secret-spilling computer hacker and
Swedish authorities who …

Assange Of WikiLeaks Fights Extradition To Sweden “ Eurasia Review
Assange, who has released thousands of secret U.S. diplomatic cables on his
website, is wanted in Sweden where two WikiLeaks volunteers accuse him of
sexual misconduct. Assange denies the allegations. At a two-day hearing
starting at …

WikiLeaks’ Roundtable: Live People Conferences “ GREATER VOICE …
By Neeraj Bhushan
WikiLeaks is coming closer to you. The revolutionary website announced it
is now organising regular direct meetings with the public and the press.
During such conferences, it will be taking questions via twitter and email.

2011-02-06: WikiLeaks in today’s media: Cablegate coverage | WL …
By aguillonmata
Hot topics: Global WikiLeaks support rallies: Feb 4: Glasgow, The Hague |
Feb 5: Global, Adelaide, Alicante, Arlington, Barcelona, Copenhagen,
Madrid, Medellin, Minsk, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Santiago, Santos, The Hague,
Winnipeg | Feb 6: …

Wikileaks roundtable number one “ Antony Loewenstein
By Antony Loewenstein
0 Response to “Wikileaks roundtable number one”. Feed for this Entry
Trackback Address. No Comments. Leave a Reply. Cancel Reply. Name
(required). Mail (will not be published) (required). Website. “ Throwing
weapons into the bottom of …

Excerpt from ‘WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency’ by Micah …
By Yale University Press London
WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency is a timely, thought-provoking new
book from technology and politics analyst Micah Sifry. It tells the story
of WikiLeaks in the context of the growing movement for transparency in
politics and of …

Wikileaks: Germany describes Meles as economics illiterate | Ethiopia
A representative of Germany’s Foreign Affairs Ministry describes Meles
Zenawi as having poor understanding of economics. This was revealed in a
U.S. diplomatic cable that is released to Read full text of
the cable below. …

Contrary Brin: Nobel for Wikileaks? Transparency and Society …
By David Brin
“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may soon have a new accolade to add to
his resume — “Nobel Prize winner.” Reuters reports that a Norwegian
parliamentarian has nominated WikiLeaks for what is arguably the world’s
most prestigious …

WebBeat.TV 060 | WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Skin …
By Pelpina
Tweet WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize A politican from Norway
nominated WikiLeaks for the Nobel Peace Prize this week. The controversial
nomination is receiving criticism and praise online. Snorre Valen writes on
his blog: “It …

WikiLeaks: Turkey, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism | Middle East …
By Crethi Plethi
The Crethi and the Plethi | Middle East News, Analysis, Opinions and In
depth information. Read the Blog and download documents at

Julian Assange: The Man Behind WikiLeaks, Part II “ AstroDispatch …
By Real Astrologers
To start with, was registered on Oct. 4, 2006. This happened
at a time when Jupiter and Saturn were forming a square aspect in the sky;
the finance-political disaster that is currently holding the globe in its
grip was …

By Derek Wall
JOHN PILGER: What WikiLeaks has given us is truth, including rare and
precious insight into how and why so many innocent people have suffered in
reigns of terror disguised as wars, and executed in our name. READ MORE:

Wikileaks News-7 February 2011 “
By editor
WikiLeaks is continuing to affect international relations at the moment.
Some say it is one of the causes of the Great Arab Revolt of 2011. Day
after day – leak after leak – the media is saturated with one new
revelation after another.

Politician nominates WikiLeaks for Nobel Peace Prize – CNN
A Norwegian politician said he has nominated WikiLeaks for a Nobel Peace
Prize, citing the website’s contribution to “democracy and freedom of
speech” …

WikiLeaks, Whistleblowing and the Future of Journalism
As Julian Assange’s extradition hearing nears, questions about his fate are
shadowed by another issue: Have WikiLeaks and its ilk forever altered
modern …

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