Bradley Manning Newslinks for 10 February, 2011

10 February, 2011 —

Complaints rise over ‘inhuman’ treatment of soldier suspected of aiding WikiLeaks
Globe and Mail
Private Bradley Manning, the young US soldier suspected – but not charged – with passing a trove of embarrassing and classifieds documents to WikiLeaks, …

Congressman Kucinich Seeks Meeting with Bradley Manning
Passport Magazine (blog)
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has requested a meeting with US soldier Bradley Manning in hopes to find out more about his imprisonment at the Marine …

NATIONAL ROUNDUP: HRC video, Sarah Palin and more
Windy City Times
by Andrew Davis An investigation has revealed that the US Army ignored warnings not to send out gay PFC Bradley Manning—accused to sending military …

‘Let us dedicate ourselves to the future’: US Attorney General addresses UM …
Montana Kaimin
A group of about five UM students and community members gathered on the Oval before Holder’s lecture to protest of the imprisonment Pfc. Bradley Manning, …

Data intelligence firms proposed a systematic attack against WikiLeaks
The Tech Herald
Greenwald, previously a constitutional law and civil rights litigator in New York, has been a vocal supporter of Bradley Manning, who is alleged to have …

Morning Newsdome: The US will have to go back to phone-tapping illegally
Creative Loafing Atlanta
(Reuters) The Department of Justice hasn’t been able to find evidence proving Julian Assange pressured Army private Bradley Manning into leaking private …

From suppression to expression: Egypt, WikiLeaks and the nascent power of free …
Windy City Times
… chain of events in Tunisia-Egypt-Jordan—is 23-year-old gay US Army soldier Bradley Manning, and tragically, he has not been set free by the truth. …

ACLU, EFF Release Details on Motions Related to Their Fight Against a DOJ …
… as “subscriber account information” for Bradley Manning, who has been
charged with leaking classified information, and WikiLeaks leader Julian
Assange. …

Bradley judgeship proves close call; smooth sailing for Leibensperger
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (blog)
Councilors Charles O. Cipollini, Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney, Mary-Ellen
Manning and Jennie L. Caissie opposed Bradley’s nomination. The remaining
councilors …

AMERICAN LEFT HISTORY: The Latest From The Private Bradley Manning …
By Markin
Click on the headline to link to the Private Bradley Manning Support
Network for the latest news in his case. Markin comment: This apparently is
the day for easy political slogans. Some days are tough ones for such work.

By Ann Wilson
Private Bradley Manning, the young U.S. soldier suspected – but not
charged – with passing a trove of embarrassing and classifieds documents
to WikiLeaks, has spent more than 6000 hours in “inhumane,
personality-erasing, soul-destroying …

The Government’s Case Against Julian Assange Is Falling Apart …
By admin
If you spend any time at all reading about Bradley Manning, the young U.S.
Army private who stands accused of providing WikiLeaks with massive amounts
of intelligence pulled from the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
used by the …

Suburban Guerrilla “ Blog Archive “ Attack on WikiLeaks
By susie
Greenwald became a household name in December when he reported on the
“inhumane conditions” of Bradley Manning’s confinement at the Marine
brig in Quantico, Virginia. Since that report, Greenwald has reported on
WikiLeaks and Manning …

Micah Sifry: WikiLeaks, Assange, and Why There’s No Turning Back …
By Micah Sifry
It is probably not a coincidence that right around this time, at the end of
May, Private Bradley Manning was arrested at his U.S. Army base east of
Baghdad, on suspicion of having given classified military documents and
videos, …

Five–Five!–New Books About WikiLeaks – The Progressive Reader
By Julian Brookes
Not since Bradley Manning hit “Send” has such a volume of information moved
so quickly.

FBI doesn’t manage to find facts against Assange |
Furious officials and congressmen have called for Mr. Assange to be tried
for inducing the disclosure of diplomatic cables by Bradley Manning, a US

Continued US Investigation of Assange Comes Up Empty — News from …
By Jason Ditz
Indeed, nearly three weeks ago the administration was forced to admit they
had “ no evidence” of any links between Pfc Bradley Manning, the
presumptive leaker of the WikiLeaks cables, and Assange, the WikiLeaks
founder who many US …

David Rothscum Reports: Why most of your activism is ineffective …
By D.R.
Bradley Manning is the prime example of how you are supposed to operate to
improve the world. I can not think of anything more effective than what
Bradley Manning has done. However, you don’t necessarily need to send your
documents to …

WikiLeaks Bank Of America Documents Could Be A Snore, Founder Suggests
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The documents that have been released these past months on the wars, were
sent to wikileak by Bradley Manning. Assange is just a messenger. Bradley
Manning is the hero whisleblower. PoliticalRockChick: You know that Assange
did not hack …

Try As It Might, The U.S. Can’t Find a Way to Prosecute Julian …
By Nitasha Tiku
… charge the DOJ used to be much more willing to throw around — The
Wall Street Journal says investigators haven’t been able to find evidence
that Assange directly encouraged Army private Bradley Manning to leak
government documents. …

U.S. Investigators Fail To Make Case Against Julian Assange
By Mihai-Silviu Chirila
Bradley Manning ( As WikiLeaks editor-in-chief
Julian Assange is struggling to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is
expected to face charges of sexual assault, the American investigators into
the case of …

WikiLeaks: ACLU challenges subpoena for Twitter records | McClatchy
… of Iceland’s parliament whose Twitter records were among those sought,
apparently as part of a criminal investigation into how secret U.S.
documents allegedly downloaded by Army Pfc. Bradley Manning found their way
to WikiLeaks. …

2011-02-09 Motions on Twitter Order Unsealed & the February 15 …
By kgosztola
… and US computer programmer and known WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob
Appelbaum as well as “subscriber account information” for Bradley
Manning, who has been charged with leaking classified information, and
WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange . …

Finally, tea party takes up a good cause | Cynthia Tucker
By ctucker
Just as Bush should have been impeached for ordering the open-ended
detention of an American citizen with no trial or even charges – Jose
Padilla – Obama wreaks havoc on the Bill of Rights by having Bradley
Manning held for months on …

Kucinich Requests to See Bradley Manning, Soldier in Solitary …
Last May, the military arrested Private First Class Bradley Manning, a
military intelligence officer who had served overseas in Iraq, over charges
that he …

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